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Monday, February 13, 2017

Born On This Day...

In 1559 Pope Alexander VII (1655-67)

In 1862 Painter, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

In 1805 Attorney, David Dudley Field (advocated law codification)

In 1849 English politician, Randolph Churchill (father of Winston)

In 1885 Bess Truman, wife of U.S. president Harry Truman

In 1892 American Gothic painter, Grant Wood

In 1903 Mystery noveilist, Georges Simenon [d: 9-4-89]

In 1908 TV hostess/journalist, Pauline Frederick II [d: 5-9-90]

In 1910 Scientist/inventor, William B. Shockley (transistors) [d: 8-12-89]

In 1911 Actress, Jean Muir (Lone Wolf Meets A Lady) [d: 7-23-96]

In 1912 Saxophonist, Arthur Rollini (Benny Goodman) [d: 12-20-93]

In 1918 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Patty Berg (57 career pro wins) [d: 9-10-06]

In 1918 Stage producer/designer, Oliver Smith (Guys & Dolls) [d: 1-23-94]

In 1919 Singer/songwriter, Tennessee Ernie Ford (Sixteen Tons) [d: 10-17-91]

In 1920 Songwriter, Boudleaux Bryant (Everly Brothers hits) [d: 6-25-87]

In 1920 Opera singer, Eileen Farrell [d: 3-23-02]

In 1923 Test pilot, Chuck Yeager (first to break the sound barrier) (94)

In 1927 Bluegrass singer, Jim McReynolds (Jim & Jesse) [d: 12-31-02]

In 1930 Singer, Dorothy McGuire (McGuire Sisters) [d: 9-13-01]

In 1933 Actress, Kim Novak (Vertigo, Kit Marlowe-Falcon Crest) (84)

In 1933 Fashion designer, Emanuel Ungaro (84)

In 1934 Actor, George Segal (Fun With Dick & Jane, Carbon Copy, Goldbergs) (83)

In 1936 U.S. relay runner, Leamon King (Olympic-Gold-1956) [d: 5-22-01]

In 1937 First German space traveler, Sigmund Jahn (Soyuz 31) (80)

In 1937 Actress, Susan Oliver (Peyton Place, Days of our Lives) [d: 5-10-90]

In 1938 Actor, Oliver Reed (Tommy, Big Sleep, The Sting II) [d: 5-2-99]

In 1939 Cosmonaut, Valeri I. Rozhdestvensky (Soyuz 23) [d: 8-31-11]

In 1941 Actor, Bo Svenson (Delta Force, North Dallas Forty) (76)

In 1942 Actress, Carol Lynley (Twin Peaks, Fantasy Island, Immortal) (75)

In 1942 Singer/keyboardist, Peter Tork (The Monkees) (75)

In 1942 Astronaut, Donald E. Williams (STS-51D, 34) [d: 2-23-16]

In 1944 Former baseball player, Sal Bando (Milwaukee, Oakland) (73)

In 1944 Actress, Stockard Channing (Grease, Six Degrees, West Wing) (73)

In 1944 Talk show host, Jerry Springer (Jerry Springer Show) (73)

In 1945 Singer/songwriter, King Floyd (Groove Me) [d: 3-6-06]

In 1950 Singer/musician, Peter Gabriel (Shock The Monkey) (67)

In 1951 Actor/singer, David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London) (66)

In 1952 Bassist, Edward John "Ed" Gagliardi (Foreigner) [d: 5-11-14]

In 1953 Actress, Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany-General Hospital) (64)

In 1956 Actor, Richard Eden (Santa Barbara, Robocop) (61)

In 1956 Bassist, Peter Hook (New Order) (61)

In 1957 Bassist, Tony Butler (Big Country) (60)

In 1960 U.S. diver, Kelly McCormick (Olympic-Silver-1984) (57)

In 1960 Actor, Matt Salinger (Fortunes of War, Captain America) (57)

In 1961 Actor, Henry Rollins (Heat, Johnny Mnemonic, The Chase) (56)

In 1961 Drummer, Les Warner (The Cult) (56)

In 1963 Playmate/actress, Roberta Vasquez (November-1984) (54)

In 1966 Rap singer, Freedom Williams (C+C Music Factory, Black Knights) (51)

In 1966 Actor, Neal McDonough (Boomtown, Band of Brothers) (51)

In 1967 Guitarist, Arik Marshall (Red Hot Chili Peppers) (50)

In 1968 Actress, Kelly Hu (Sunset Beach, Martial Law, Scorpion King) (49)

In 1971 Actor, Galen Gering (Passions, Days of Our Lives) (46)

In 1972 Bassist, Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down) (45)

In 1974 Singer, Robbie Williams (Take That) (43)

In 1977 Former football player, Randy Moss (Vikings, Patroits) (40)

In 1979 Singer, Natalie Stewart (Floetry) (38)

In 1979 Actress, Mena Suvari (American Pie, American Beauty) (38)

In 1983 Actor, Luke Barnett (Grounded For Life, Funny Or Die) (34)

In 1985 Actor, Cole Bradsen (Timecop) (32)

In 1997 Oldest son of Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson (20)

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