Tuesday, February 14, 2017


(Men's Fitness) Get lost last year's Food Hall of Shame:

Rainbow food
Tie-dyed bagels and psychedelic tortillas? What are you a third grader?

Cheetos in and on everything
Leave poor Cheetos alone. Savor them in small amounts, unadorned, with an icy beer.

Deep-fried cheese curds
Eat cheese and deep-fry things. But don't deep-fry cheese. Ever.

Girl Scout S'mores Cookies
If you picked this new cookie instead of a Samoa, frankly you deserved what was coming.

Pumpkin spice
Give pumpkin pies a bad name, pumpkin-spice lattes and the like don't actually contain any pumpkin.

We're all for Hawaiian food, but this "canned precooked meat product" isn't coming anywhere near our shopping list, "comeback" or not.

Bacon in everything
Bacon is like that annoying Fox News pundit who can't help but to shout everyone else down: It dominates the conversation, and you're absolutely sick of it by the end.

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