Monday, February 20, 2017


(Women's Health) Even gym bunnies have moments when the last thing they want to do is exercise. But new research shows that those precise times offer unique perks. Three surprising occasions to get moving:

After a hair-pulling day
Exercising for 15 minutes post-stressful workday may help you eat 125 fewer calories than if you were to veg out. Study authors think the sweat session could distract you and nudge you to make healthier choices.

During a lazy weekend
Just a small effort to help shed fat: Research in the Journal of Obesity found that adding 20 minutes of activity on Saturday or Sunday leads to 1.6 percent less body fat over a year. The researchers say we consume more calories on the weekend, which exercise helps offset, and even minor movement usually leads to more.

During a few nights of drinking
Getting in your 150 minutes of weekly exercise could negate the risk for death by cancer that moderate drinking presents, found a new study. Working out helps repair physical damage in the long term. Short term, it'll get your endorphins pumping, kicking grogginess on its ass.

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