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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


    On this date in 1846, Sarah Bagley became the first female telegrapher. When asked how she felt, Sarah replied "Dot-dash-dot-dot-dash-dot."

    Author Mary Shelly was born way back in 1851. She wrote "Frankenstein," but sadly, he never wrote back.

    On this date in 1858, the very first electric burglar alarm was installed in Boston, MA. 
  • However, it never did catch an electric burglar.
  • Sadly, it was stolen several days later during a blackout.
  • Never once did an electric burglar break-in.
  • It worked great... until it was stolen.
  • They had a few bugs to work out. For example, the early models came with a snooze button.
    In 1866, Lucy Hobbs became the first woman in America to graduate from a dental school. Up until then, the only thing they were allowed to do was be on the drill team.

    On this date in 1878, the very first phone book was published. Up until that time, all telemarketers could do was sit around and randomly dial numbers.

    In 1887, Oregon became the first U.S. state to make Labor Day a holiday.
  • Yes, let's honor work by not doing it. To me, that's a daily celebration.
  • Ironically, it took a lot of work to get that day off.
  • Yes, the campaign was led by the "We desperately need a day off in September" committee.
  • How could anyone think a 3-day weekend in September would be a bad idea?

On this date in 1947, Edwin Land invented his Polaroid Instant Camera, that took pictures that developed within 60-seconds. He was also the author of the book, "The 1-minute selfie."

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