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Thursday, February 9, 2017


It was on this date back in 1825 that John Quincy Adams was elected President by the U.S. House of Representatives after no candidate received a majority of electoral votes. So, it CAN happen.

On this date in 1863, the fire extinguisher was patented by Alanson Crane.
  • Think of all those kitchens he burned down with the earlier models that didn't work.
  • It was much faster than just blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.
  • Only 5000 years after the invention of fire.
  • Up until that time, all they could do was let 'em burn.
  • He made Popsicle sticks and was tired of having Boy Scouts come by and start rubbing them together.

In 1877 The National Weather Service was founded. Creating the second department of government that was wrong all the time, besides congress.

John Carter was born on this date in 1883. He was the inventor of miniature golf. His best friend, John Tooty, was the first one to play on his mini-golf course. Yes, on that big day, he thought he saw a Tooty putt.

On this date in 1942, the United States started "Daylight Savings War Time"... charging the clock an hour now... and retreating the clock an hour in the fall.

In 1949, Robert Mitchum was arrested for possession of marijuana. Since he hadn't won any gold medals, he served jail time.

On this date in 1964, G.I. Joe was introduced... and Ken finally had a rival for Barbie's affection. Although tempted by a man in uniform, Barbie decided to stay with Ken.

Also in 1964 -- The Beatles make their first live appearance on American television on CBS-TV's "Ed Sullivan Show." An estimated 73 million tuned in to watch the Beatles perform "All My Loving," "Till There Was You," "She Loves You," "I Saw Her Standing There" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

On this date in 1988, actress Robin Givens and boxer Mike Tyson were married. NBC's Brian Williams says he was lucky to survive.

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