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Monday, February 13, 2017

Other Stuff......

A study says music and sex stimulate the same part of the brain. That must explain why after (your favorite song here), I feel like a cigarette!

Wells Fargo says it is likely to deny any 2016 bonuses to its top executives. One of the execs was quoted as saying, "Well, yeah, that's OK, we already skimmed... I mean, uh, that's too bad."

I'm imagining a "50 Shades" movie starring secret agent 007: "I'm Bondage. James Bondage."

By the way, over the weekend, "Lego Batman" beat "50 Shades Darker". But, truth be told, "50 Shades" asked for it.

Heard over the weekend: "Yeah, if you add up three of these bottles, this wine gets 90 points!"

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