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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


  • Harrison Ford, who famously crash-landed his small plane on a Santa Monica-area golf course in 2015, is under investigation for mistakenly landing on a taxiway instead of a runway at John Wayne Airport on Monday.
  • Sunday night's Grammy Awards on CBS drew in approximately 26 million viewers, Nielsen reports. The ceremony brought in 25 million viewers in 2016 and 25.3 million in 2015.
  • The Burger Kings in Israel were offering a Valentine's Day 'Adult Meal' for 18+ customers that included two Whoppers, two packets of fries, two beers, and a "romantic adult toy." (a sex toy)
  • After hosting "America's Got Talent" for 8 seasons, Nick Cannon has resigned. Cannon had a contract with the network that states he can't speak about NBC without running it by them first and a joke he told on the NBC show "Wild 'n Out" made execs believe he was disparaging the organization.
  • A second student at Santa Monica High School has died of a mystery illness. At first, they thought it might be Norovirus, but now they've ruled that out.
  • They say the average person spends $85 on Valentine's Day. How'd you do?
  • Rachel Lindsay is going to be America's first African American bachelorette.
  • The possibility for the feds to raise interest rates again rolls around next month.
  • The Penn State nightmare is back as Pennsylvania police announced that Jerry Sandusky's son, Jeffrey, has been accused of child abuse hauntingly similar to that conducted by his father.
  • Tom Brady is going to charge up to $1200 per autograph at an upcoming show.
  • Disney has dropped Swedish YouTube star Felix Kjellberg -- also known as PewDiePie -- from its roster Monday after he published videos with anti-semitic jokes.
  • A fire broke out in Disneyland's main parking structure on Monday that burned eight cars and caused seven people to be treated for smoke inhalation.
  • Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather may have come to terms to have that long-rumored fight together.
  • Two female assassins with poisoned needles killed the half-brother of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un inside a Malaysian airport.
  • The New York Times on Monday reprimanded an unidentified reporter who had called Melania Trump "a hooker" at a New York Fashion Week event.
  • Nordstrom's stock went up after President Trump attacked them on Twitter for dropping Ivanka's clothing line.

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