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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Tom Hiddleston turns 36 today. What he's best known as is a tie between Thor and Taylor Swift's most recent ex... well, as of the last hour...

Country singer Travis Tritt is 54 today. Three marriages, three kids, three T's in his last name.

Retired baseball player John Kruk turns 56 today. As a special treat, Randy Johnson is going to throw a birthday cake over his head.

Judith Light, who played Angela on "Who's The Boss?" turns 68 today. They never did answer the question, who the boss was. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

Mia Farrow -- Woody Allen's ex-wife and mother-in-law -- turns 72 today.

Joe Pesci is 74. A little too old to be breaking into Kevin's house anymore, but after what Macaulay Culkin did to him, he's happy to make it this far. He also warned us all about the drive-through window.

Carole King turns 75 today. She was famous for her hit, "It's Too Late." If it wasn't too late baby before, it is now.

Toothache Day -- Take this opportunity to change your toothbrush -- or if you have an electronic toothbrush, swap out the head -- every three to four months, advises the American Dental Association. That's when bristles start to wear down and aren't as effective at removing cavity-causing plaque. It's also a good idea to toss your toothbrush earlier than that if you've been sick, if you're more susceptible to infection or if the bristles become frayed.

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