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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Ever thought of giving up Facebook? Just think of how much time you would save. You may have the best intentions of breaking up with Facebook, but it's hard to do, according to researchers from Cornell University. They have identified four reasons why your relationship with Facebook is complicated.

1. Perceived addiction
Those who think Facebook is addictive or habitual are more likely to return -- even after swearing they are giving it up forever. It's what you do when you get online.

2. Privacy and surveillance
People who use Facebook largely to manage how other people think of them are more likely to log back in, while those who believe their Facebook activity is being monitored are less likely to revert.

3. Subjective mood
Are you in a good mood? You're less likely to renege on your pledge to stay off Facebook.

4. Other social media
Facebook users are less likely to log back in if they have other social media outlets, such as Twitter, that can occupy their time.

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