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Monday, February 20, 2017


Pope Gregory XIII outlined his calendar reforms for the Gregorian calendar on February, 24, way back in 1582. The calendar is a reformed version of the Julian calendar, and is the calendar most commonly used in the world today -- Bet you didn't know this, but your calendar tells more than the day and date. It also speaks volumes about the kind of person you are -- and the kind of person you're destined to be. So says psychologist Dr. Richard Rodmund, author of the forthcoming "Weeks, Months and Daylight: How Your Calendar Reveals Your Destiny."


Choosing an unadorned calendar without pictures or extraneous graphics marks you as a no-nonsense, goal-oriented person. You march to your own drum. The year ahead will move you closer to your financial objectives and you'll live more comfortably. But be sure to set aside special time for the ones you love.


If you picked a calendar with pictures of wild animals in outdoor settings this year, you have a hunger to be free of some limitation in your life. You could be heading for a new job or less stifling relationship in 2005. But think major changes through carefully.


If your calendar contains photos of sexy movie stars or rock singers, you may feel unappreciated. You yearn for acceptance in some are of life. You'll make a big breakthrough this year. People who've been ignoring you will sit up and take notice.


If your calendar is full of cartoons or jokes, you're headed for good things. Research shows people who value their sense of humor have a perspective on life that their more serious counterparts don't. Chances are good you'll be learning a new skill or taking up a challenging new sport this year.

Cute animals or babies

Adorable animal or baby pictures on your calendar indicate a desire to protect or care for another person -- or yourself. This is the year when you will joyously meet a responsibility you've been unintentionally ignoring. The year's end will find your self-esteem soaring because of the action you take.

Contact sports

Football, boxing or soccer calendars mark you as someone who's ready to face opposition this year, and the opponent is likely to be some aspect of yourself. Don't be surprised if you quit smoking, stop overeating or give up some other undesirable habit.

Non-contact sports

Picking a running, gymnastics or figure skating calendar indicates that this will be a year in which you'll declare your independence from people or situations that have been holding you back. You may ruffle some feathers, but you'll be far better off by 2005.

Wise Quotations

Choosing a calendar containing Bible passages or quotes from great thinkers shows you're open-minded and hungry to expand your knowledge of the world. You could be going back to school this year, or embarking on a challenging new career. Travel is a very real possibility.

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