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Thursday, March 9, 2017


First comes love, then comes marriage -- but many will say "I do" without an engagement ring. 66 percent of U.S. adults think an expensive diamond engagement ring is one wedding tradition that should be abandoned, according to a Harris Poll that assessed our attitudes toward wedding customs and rituals.

We say "I do!" to these wedding traditions:
The father of the bride should "give her away": 84 percent agree
Women should be the only guests at bridal showers; men should not be included: 74 percent
The bride and groom should spend the night apart on the night before their wedding: 71 percent agree
Before the groom proposes, he should ask the bride's father for permission to marry his daughter: 70 percent agree
The groom's family should pay for the rehearsal dinner: 65 percent agree

We say "Maybe" to these wedding traditions:
The bride should wear white: 54 percent agree and 46 percent disagree
The bride's family should pay all the expenses of the wedding: 53 percent agree and 47 percent disagree
The bride and groom should wait until the wedding night to have sex for the first time: 51 percent agree and 49 percent disagree

We say "No way!" to these wedding traditions:
The groom should buy the bride an expensive diamond engagement ring: 66 percent disagree
Spending money on a lavish wedding is a waste: 83 percent agree
A wedding ceremony should take place in a house of religious worship: 46 percent agree
Destination weddings put an unfair financial burden on guests: 88 percent agree

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