Monday, March 13, 2017


Most of us have had to endure a horrible boss at one time or another -- and if you haven't, just wait. Stay in the workforce long enough, and it's bound to happen. Hochwater interviewed more than 400 mid-level employees from a variety of industries about their views on the changing face of work. Their responses revealed some strongly negative opinions. If one or more of these describes your manager, you have a horrible boss.

  • 42% of employees reported that their boss was concerned more with saving his or her own job than with developing and assisting employees to be productive. 
  • 42% said they failed to receive things that were promised more than once over the past year. More than 25% said they failed to receive things more than five times in the same time period. 
  • More than 40% of workers said they would not acknowledge their boss if they ran into him or her on the street. 
  • 40% agreed with the statement that "the only fun thing about work is leaving." 
  • 34% reported that their boss is "two-faced," in that he or she is nice in person but speaks negatively behind the employee's back. 
  • 32% indicated that they work for a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." 
  • 29% felt that their boss would "throw them under the bus" if it meant saving the boss's own job. 
  • 24% caught their supervisor in a direct lie but never received an apology or explanation. 
  • 20% have heard a supervisor tell a co-worker that he or she could "get them fired if they wanted to."

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