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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Parents, here's a pop quiz. When your 16-year-old daughter texts her boyfriend CU46, do you know what it means? How about KPC or NIFOC? Sit down for this. The CU46 means "See You For Sex." KPC means "Keeping Parents Clueless," and NIFOC means "Naked In Front Of Computer." Time magazine recently reported that by the time they are 18 most teens have engaged in "sexting" -- sending nude or partially nude photos via a cell phone text message. And a big part of that involves what can appear to be a secret code to communicate a laundry list of sexual desires and plans. has decoded popular text acronyms that every parent should know:

  • CD9: Short for "Code 9," which means parents are around. 
  • KPC: Keeping Parents Clueless 
  • MOS: Mom Over Shoulder 
  • P911: Parent Alert 
  • PAL: Parents Are Listening 
  • PAW: Parents Are Watching 
  • PIR: Parent In Room 
  • POS: Parent Over Shoulder 
  • Your kid's personal information or safety is at risk 
  • ASL: Age/Sex/Location 
  • F2F: Face to Face. Asking for a meeting or video chat 
  • LMIRL: Let's Meet In Real Life 
  • NAZ: Name/Address/ZIP 
  • MOOS: Member of the Opposite Sex 
  • MOSS: Member of the Same Sex 
  • MORF or RUMORF: Male or Female, or Are Your Male or Female? 
  • RU/18: Are You Over 18? 
  • WUF: Where You From? 
  • WYCM: Will You Call Me? 
  • WYRN: What's Your Real Name? 

Your kid shouldn't be involved in this: 

  • 143, 459 or ILU: I love you 
  • 1174: Invited to a wild party 
  • 420: Marijuana 
  • GNOC: Get Naked On Cam 
  • GYPO: Get Your Pants Off 
  • AMEZRU: I Am Easy, Are You? 
  • IWSN: I Want Sex Now 
  • KFY or K4Y: Kiss For You 
  • KOTL: Kiss On The Lips 
  • NIFOC: Nude In Front Of The Computer 
  • RUH: Are You Horny? 
  • TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me 

Not every acronym is bad: 

  • BRB: Be Right Back 
  • CWYL: Chat With You Later 
  • CYT: See You Tomorrow 
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion 
  • IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion 
  • L8R: Later 
  • LMK: Let Me Know 
  • NM: Never Mind 
  • ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing 
  • SOHF: Sense Of Humor Failure 

What can parents do if they suspect their children are sexting? Talk to your kids! Choose a relaxed time and setting. Ask your teen about sexting and express how you feel in a conversational, non-confrontational way. "A two-way dialog can go a long way toward helping your kids understand how to minimize legal, social and reputation risks," says If your child has already sent a nude photo, advises parents to do the following: Tell your child to stop immediately. Explain the legal risk of being charged with producing and distributing child pornography. Find out why your child sent the nude photo. Was it impulsive? Was it part of a teen romance? Or was it a form of harassment?

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