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Monday, March 27, 2017


On this date in 1512, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon saw Florida for the very first time.
From the ship, it appeared that someone on shore was sending them signals using flashes of light. It turns out, it was just a senior who had left their blinker on.
He never did find it, but he did make some interesting discoveries in the small town of Botox, Florida.
Even though he didn't find it, he was willing to settle for catching the last couple of games of March Madness.

In 1794, George Washington created the U.S. Navy, having absolutely no idea what eventually the Village People had in mind.

On this date in 1855, Abraham Gesner received a patent for kerosene. Which really ticked off his Irish neighbor, Kerr O'Sene. Yes, finally people had something to burn in their kerosene lamps.

In 1860, M.L. Byrn of New York received a patent for his invention: the corkscrew. And why isn't this a national holiday?

On this date in 1866, Andrew Rankin received a patent for the urinal.
Proving you can have your cake and pee on it, too.
To celebrate, someone gave him a urinal cake.
In honor of the occasion today, we're offering all of our in-studio guests some urinal cake.

On this date in 1884, the very first long-distance phone call was made between Boston and New York. It was a brief conversation: one person said, "Is this Boston?" and the other voice said, "Yankees suck!" and hung up.

In 1912, a whole bunch of Japanese Cherry Trees were planted in Washington, DC. They wanted to make sure that George "Crazy man with an ax" Washington was long gone.

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