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Monday, March 20, 2017


(Men's Health) From a woman's point of view, what you put in your apartment either adds to your allure or damages your image. Where do you stand? Grab a pencil and do the math. (Score zero next to items you don't have.) Your place has... points: 

Original art +10
Self-portrait -6
Wineglasses +7
Shot glasses from 50 states -10
Nice area rug +6
Wall-to-wall carpet -10
Family pictures +12
Celebrity posters -15
Books stacked on your bedroom floor +8
Magazines stacked on your bathroom floor -8
High-powered laptop +9
3-year-old PC -8
Halogen lamp -10
Down comforter +10
Empty fridge -4
Quality pots and pans +8
Fireplace +9
Milk crates as furniture -10
Dog +10
Cat +10
Two cats +25

Your score:

60+ You dazzled.
30 to 59. You made a good impression.
0 to 29. Neutral.
0 to -29. We forgive you if you're otherwise great.
-30 to -59. We describe your bad taste to our friends and will likely call off our next date.
-60 to -110. Um, gotta go.

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