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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


James Van Der Beek turns 40 today. Not necessarily the greatest actor ever. In fact, in one TV series, he played James Van Der Beek... and I wasn't convinced.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. turns 41 today. Probably best known as Fred in the "Scooby-Doo" movies. That, or being married to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Aidan Quinn did a lot in his career, but you see him these days hanging on "Elementary." He's 58 today.

Singer Gary Numan turns 59 today. He had a hit years ago called, "Cars" and then went on to only have a hit called, "Cars."

Mickey Dolenz turns 72 today. His bio was recently updated to include the term, "a surviving Monkee."

Former Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton turns 78. Jim rocked the baseball world by writing the first "tell-all" book about baseball, "Ball Four." In it, we learned all kinds of things -- for example, whenever a player wanted a game to last longer, all he had to do was think about sex.

Be Nasty Day -- Nasty is synonymous to being not nice, and that's the reason why most people would be happy if you don't celebrate that day. If you do, please remember that there's a huge difference between being not that nice and being cruel. Not being nice on Be Nasty Day might be possible by switching salt and sugar for someone's coffee.

Discover What Your Name Means Day -- There are many sources, online and otherwise, about names and naming. To discover the (traditional/conventional) meaning of names, possibly yours, check out

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