Tuesday, April 18, 2017


  • An engaged couple was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight over the weekend, on their way to their wedding in Costa Rica. Another week, another rough start for United. 
  • Britain's Prince Harry says he was on the verge of a breakdown in the years following the death of his mom, Princess Diana. He said he saw a psychiatrist and took up boxing to help him through it. 
  • The Navy is banning e-cigarettes from ships and aircraft because of reports of exploding batteries. 
  • Experts say children as young as 13 are being treated for addiction to smartphones. 
  • U.S. Olympic swimmer Dana Vollmer is competing while six months pregnant. 
  • Delta Airlines says customers can get up to nearly $10,000 to give up a seat on an overbooked flight. 
  • 31% of credit card holders are not redeeming their rewards. 
  • Tennessee is making college free for "older adults." 
  • An 8-month-old baby in India has doctors baffled because he's already 84-pounds. 
  • Nevada has introduced syringe vending machines to fight the heroin crisis there. 
  • Uber says its bookings doubled in 2016... but it lost $2.8 billion. 
  • The last person born in the 19th century has died at age 117 in Italy saying she attributed her old age to eating three raw eggs a day and staying single. 
  • A 3-year-old Missouri girl asked her parents for a poop-themed birthday party. 
  • The CEO of McDonald's was paid $15.4 million last year which included perks like contributions to a retirement plan. 
  • Sylvester Stallone is suing Warner Brothers for allegedly cheating him out of profits from his 1993 movie "Demolition Man." 
  • The Chick-fil-A in Folsom, California, is asking that whoever stole their cow costume last week to please return it. 
  • Gary Sinise is getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I'm surprised he didn't have one already. 
  • After outing his friend and fellow contestant Zeke Smith as being transgender on last week's episode of CBS' "Survivor: Game Changers," Jeff Varner was fired from his job as a real estate agent the following day. 
  • Bruce Langhorne, a session guitarist who often collaborated with Bob Dylan and inspired his song "Mr. Tambourine Man," died last week at the age of 78. 
  • Retired NFL player Todd Heap accidently hit and killed his 3-year-old daughter while moving his truck in the driveway. 
  • The crime problem in Chicago continues, where 29 people were shot in less than 18 hours over the weekend. 
  • Police are searching for a 17-year-old Idaho boy who went missing after his high school prom on Saturday night. So far, they've only found one of his shoes, a tuxedo jacket and a broken cellphone near the missing boy's vehicle. 
  • They say that Brad Pitt has been hearing from a lot of his exes since his split with Angelina, including Kate Hudson, Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate, Thandie Newton and Gwyneth Paltrow. 
  • A Montana State University professor is suing Walmart for libel after he says an employee at the Bozeman store listed his occupation on a fishing license as a "toilet cleaner." 
  • Cracker Barrel is getting ready to open their first West Coast store just south of Portland, Oregon. 
  • David Geffen's $300 million 454-foot superyacht Rising Sun was in French Polynesia on Friday. Among the guests on board: Oprah, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, their spouses and Barack and Michelle Obama. 

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