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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


  • President Trump is donating his first quarter's salary as president, or $78,333, to the National Park Service. 
  • Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is reportedly hanging up his helmet and going into the broadcast booth. Sports Business Journal says Romo will join CBS as a replacement for the network's top NFL broadcast analyst, Phil Simms. 
  • Harrison Ford will not lose his license or be fined for that botched landing at an airport earlier this year. 
  • James Corden is taking his "Late Late Show" to London this summer for three shows. 
  • Panera Bread stock is on the rise, as rumors continue that it's about to be bought. 
  • Goodbye, AOL Mail and Yahoo Finance. Hello, Oath Mail and Oath Finance? Yes, the new name is Oath. 
  • Mel B is accusing her soon-to-be ex-husband of brutally abusing her. 
  • Here comes Kroger Marketplace. Basically, it's a Target or Wal-Mart type store. 
  • After saying he'd rather "slit his wrists than make another Bond movie," it appears that Daniel Craig will be back for at least one more 007 film. 
  • How about a contact lens that can tell when your blood sugar is getting too low, or if there's something wrong with one of your organs? By leveraging the power of ultra-thin transistor technology, researchers from Oregon State University have taken us a step closer to actually creating one. 
  • The state of Arkansas is preparing to execute 8 men in 11 days. 
  • It appears that Staples may be up for sale. 
  • The University of South Dakota has installed condom dispensers on campus because of a recent spike in STDs.

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