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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Variety of Ways To Listen To Desert Radio AZ!

You can now listen to Desert Radio AZ on the myTuner App. This app is also available for the New APPLE TV. Just load the myTuner app and go to search in the menu to bring up  Desert Radio AZ. Mark us as your fav! 

You can chat with your friends in our Desert Radio AZ Chatroom too!

Listen to Desert Radio AZ on Your Apple TV & iTunes

The Internet Radio Directory can be found:
iTunes desktop for Mac: Click View > More > Internet Radio.
iTunes desktop for Windows: Click icon in upper left of iTunes Window > More > Internet Radio.

Desert Radio AZ is under the Adult Contemporary Listing

Older Apple Tv Owners you can listen to Desert Radio AZ by clicking on the internet radio Icon

Desert Radio AZ is under the Adult Contemporary Listing

A Variety of Media Players are available to listen to Desert Radio AZ!

iTunes users click on the play button A bigger Play button appears and just below and you'll see other media players that can be used to listen. Click on the iTunes button and it will download the stream to your iTunes Player.

Ubuntu Users & Windows Media Player Users put this link in your URL and link to Desert Radio AZ

Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Realplayer Quicktime

Desert Radio AZ stream is NOW ACTIVE on TUNEIN APP

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