Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Glamour offers these "weird" things that are very normal about gossip:

  • 90% of women like gossiping about other women more than about men 
  • 57% of women say they feel kind of bad about blabbing 
  • 36% of women have tired to quit or cut back on gossiping 
  • 54% of women in one survey said they are more likely to betray a confidence when they've been drinking 
  • 26% of women shared the last piece of gossip they heard with three or more people 
  • 27% of gossip is about purely positive stuff 
  • 39% of women say false gossip has been spread about them having sex or doing something in bed that they did not do 
  • 91% of women say they have never revealed dirt about someone online not even one tweet

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