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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


On this date in 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. The French described her as a "rare woman." The English described her as "medium-rare." Joan wasn't asked how she liked her stake, but in typical English style, she was over-cooked.

In 1539, De Soto landed in Florida after his ship broke down.

On this date in 1821, the rubber fire hose was invented by James Boyd. Finally, we were able to deal with rubber fires. Until that time, we had no way to end the statement, "Up your nose..."

In 1848, the ice cream freezer was invented. It proved to be much more popular than the ice cream oven. Yes, William G. Young patented the first ice cream freezer in 1848. Tell me again why this isn't a holiday?

On this date in 1914, California's Mount Lassen volcano erupted. Yeah, it was pretty mad.

The Compact Disc standard is officially adopted in 1981, thus the CD was born


Let's hear it for the 4-day work week!

Cee-Lo turns 43-O today. No relation to J-Lo. For years, I always thought he was some kind of artificial sweetener.

Idina Menzel, or however John Travolta says it, turns 46 today. I know, I know... let it go... let it go...

Trey Parker, who gave us South Park, is 48, going on 8th grade. Almost time to grow up. Almost.

Wynonna Judd turns 53 today. For years, she toured with her mom. Can you imagine? She's twice the singer her sister Ashley is... actually, she's twice what Ashley is, in lots of ways.

Marie Fredriksson turns 59 today. She was half of "Roxette." Don't know if she was the "rocks" or the "et." Actually, she was the female voice in Roxette... not to be confused with the Steve Martin movie "Roxanne" or the dancers known as "The Rockettes." Does anyone remember what I was talking about?

Water a Flower Day -- This time of year, our flower gardens should be in full bloom. Be sure to keep them hydrated. Not just one, but all of them. In a recent poll, Women's Health found the Average Woman:

75% of Americans resolved to be "greener" this year
70% of "average women" think pollution and global warming are bigger threats than terrorists.
56% of "average men" think pollution and global warming are bigger threats than terrorists.
70% of women have "eco-guilt" which is feeling bad about harming the planet.
The "Enviro-sin" the "average woman" would miss most is coloring her hair.
The "Enviro-sin" the "average woman" would miss next is long showers and bubble baths.
The percentage of earth's water the "average woman" think is safe for humans to drink is 5% or more.
The percentage of earth's water that is safe for humans to drink is less than 1 percent.
The "average woman's" preferred method of water conservation is showering with her honey.
25% of women dry their sheets on a clothesline.
87% also hang their undies in the backyard.

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