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Friday, May 12, 2017


(Men's Health) A loud shirt is no way to announce yourself. Try using a pocket square to inject some flair, says Clinton Kelly. "It's a nice opportunity to subtly add a pattern or print to a look without going overboard," he says. Here's what three different pocket square folds say about you:

Three point
This is for a man who's bolder than most. It's elegant and precise, but you never want to look like you've spent a lot of time on it. Always wear this formal and conservative style with a tie.

Rounded puff
It's a stylish way to wear a pocket square, but more carefree than the three point look. This is more casual than other folds, so add this to a sport jacket.

Square or TV fold
The classic midcentury pocket square. Think "Mad Men." You can add this to everything from a sharp, well tailored suit to a tuxedo.

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