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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Father of Five Killed by Single Punch!

Luis Campos was just waiting in line to enter a downtown Las Vegas bar with his brother around 1:30am on April 30 when two men approached. According to Campos' brother, Drake Garibay, "The taller guy walked right up to my brother's face and said something like, 'What are you looking at?' And he just struck my brother once! He didn't even get a chance to say anything," One single punch in the face and Garibay says the entire encounter lasted all of four seconds. Campos, who was visiting from California for another brother's bachelor party, was knocked out and never regained consciousness. A few days later, the 45-year-old father of five was pronounced dead! Both suspects fled after Campos collapsed but they were caught on surveillance video. Police have arrested 27-year-old James Beach and he faces a charge of open murder. Police say he's the one who threw the fatal punch. The other suspect has been identified and interviewed by police. Campos' family says the incident caused fatal bleeding in his brain; per the police department. His mother says the last text she got from him, he was telling her how much fun he was having with his brothers. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

How Great Thou Art: Special Pineapple Edition

Suck on this snooty art lovers. In Aberdeen, UK, student Tracey Emin left a pineapple at an art exhibition as a prank. The staff apparently thought it was a piece of art and put it on display in a glass case in the center of the exhibition at Robert Gordon University. The prank worked so flawlessly that the piece of fruit was apparently on display for six days before it was taken down with the rest of the exhibition. Ruairi Gray, 22, who actually bought the pineapple said our goal was to see how long it would remain there before being removed. They had placed the pineapple on the empty display stand and returned four days later to find it had been put in a glass display box. He said, "We were shocked and in disbelief. We didn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes." Curators eventually realized their mistake. The art exhibition called "Look Again" challenged visitors to 'look at the places and spaces around us through fresh eyes. Sally Reaper, the Look Again Festival Director said, "It was very clear to us it was a prank but we have decided to leave it there because it's in keeping with the playful spirit of our festival." (Metro)

When It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Hennessey's Tavern, a bar in Dana Point, California is feeling the wrath of the internet over a Cinco de Mayo promotion. They apparently invited customers to climb an inflatable "border wall" in exchange for a free drink. Those who made it "over the wall" got free drink "green cards." Critics on social media don't see any humor and are calling out the promotion as racist and offensive, but owner Paul Hennessey defended the ploy in a statement on Facebook. After thanking everyone for their comments, he writes, "Our intentions were to create a dialogue and show how ridiculous that it is to spend tens of millions of dollars to build a wall and even infer that Mexico foot some or the entire bill and have their citizens build it." Hennessey adds that many have misunderstood his intent, and that he hopes people will spend equal time writing to Washington about President Trump's proposed border wall as they do criticizing him on social media, ending with, "let's stop this wall from being built." But an employee who asked to remain anonymous said the tone of the event wasn't quite as politically reflective as Hennessey would have us believe, claiming the bar handed out mustaches while some customers yelled "build the wall." (CBS News)

Hey! Give the Cyclists a Break!

Chris Froome will be aiming for his fourth Tour de France victory - and his third in a row - when the famous race kicks off in July. But the British cyclist was almost sidelined for the race after he says an impatient motorist deliberately struck him as he was riding his bike in southern France! Froome says he was "rammed on purpose" by the driver who followed him in Beausoleil, then fled the scene. Froome, the three-time winner of the Criterium du Dauphine race for which he was training, says he was unhurt but his bike was totaled. His team tells the Guardian the 31-year-old grabbed a spare bike and continued training after the crash, which will be reported to police. (BBC)

Well, You Gotta Have the Paperwork!

A priceless and "irreplaceable" collection of pressed flowers from France have been lost forever thanks to some overzealous customs agents. The flowers encountered biosecurity officials in Australia recently and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris is not happy about what happened next. The box of rare daisies collected in the 1850s was being shipped to the Queensland Herbarium for research purposes. However, quarantine officials who said the paperwork had been filled out incorrectly, decided then and there to incinerate the flowers! Michelle Waycott, chair of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, says the French museum is upset about the destruction of the collection, which may have come from a habitat that no longer exists. She adds the New Zealand facility has now banned sending specimens to Australia and she expects Paris to do the same. Australian biosecurity officials admit the specimens shouldn't have been destroyed and say they're looking into the incidents. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

There Will Be No Saudi Ivankas!

Apparently "Ivanka" is not an acceptable baby name in Saudi Arabia! A new father found out the hard way after trying to give his newborn daughter the same name as President Trump's first daughter. Salem al-Anzi said, "The civil status department informed me that the name could not be approved because it was foreign. I pleaded with them to accept the name, but they said that the law did not permit it." He says he chose the name because he liked it, though he told reporters last week that he was naming his daughter after Trump's daughter and he wanted to challenge government regulations forbidding foreign names. al-Anzi said, "I admire the leadership of her father," praising Trump for bombing a Syrian airbase in revenge for "innocent children" and for his decision to visit Saudi Arabia later this month. He says his daughter will still be known as "Ivanka" within the family, though her legal name will now be "Luma," an Arabic name meaning "female with beautiful lips." (Gulf News)

What the What?

On a trail in Sedalia, Colorado, a 37-year-old woman and the horse she was riding were both killed by a bizarre lightning strike. The woman was riding with another 15-year-old girl when the incident happened at 3:24pm Sunday. They were on their way to meet the woman's mother. She and her horse were pronounced dead at the scene. The girl was taken in serious condition to a nearby hospital. Local officials have not released the names of the woman or the girl. Both were reportedly residents of the neighborhood and experienced horseback riders. (Newser)

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