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Monday, May 8, 2017


If Disney CEO is President, Does America Become the Happiest Place on Earth?

Here's one name we can add to the early mix of potential 2020 candidates: Disney CEO Bob Iger. Back in March The Hollywood Reporter noted that Iger was seriously considering supporters' requests that he run for the Democratic nomination, and now a post at Axios augments that. An unnamed source said, "He's hearing quite a bit of: You should run -- you'd be a great president. He's hearing that quite a bit from prominent fundraisers and Democratic insiders." Reportedly the 66-year-old Iger is interested enough that he's been talking it over among friends, though he hasn't taken any formal steps. One potential problem - his Disney contract runs through July 2019, which narrows his campaigning window. President Trump's win seems to have shown wealthy businesspeople that a direct route to the White House is possible, sans political experience. Similar rumors have surfaced about Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg. Iger topped the Hollywood Reporter's 2016 list of the most powerful people in entertainment. (Hollywood Reporter)

Girl Scouts Rule

A "powerful" photo is going viral - that of a 16-year-old Girl Scout confronting an angry neo-Nazi in the Czech Republic. Some 150 neo-Nazis had gathered for a May Day rally in Brno last Monday when they were met with 300 counter-protesters, including Girl Scout Lucie Myslíková. Amateur photographer Vladimir Cicmanec, who was part of the counter demonstration, tells CNN he took notice of Lucie as she stood face-to-face with a neo-Nazi sporting a shaved head and listened as the pair debated "the concept of nations and nation-states, immigration, and refugees." Cicmanec said, "She's 16 years old and she stood proud and made some profound arguments." Reportedly Lucie "tried to explain to him that nationalism makes no sense because we are all people and should not be treated differently based on some arbitrary distinctions." According to the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the teen was one of several Scouts who joined the rally "to express their support for values of diversity, peace, and understanding." They are "creating a better world," the group says. (USA Today)

Woman Killed for Puncturing Kid's Ball

Over in Leicester, England, 34-year-old Kelly Machin had long complained about the noise made by neighbor Natalie Bollen's children and about their balls constantly landing in her garden. After it happened again, she apparently had enough and burst the kid's soccer ball with a knife before throwing it back on Aug. 23 last year. That didn't sit well with Bollen and her father, William Jelly, who allegedly pushed their way into her home and literally beat her to death. Prosecutors say Bollen punched Machin several times before Jelly pushed her over a coffee table, which fractured five ribs and caused internal injuries that led to her death almost two weeks later. Prosecutor William Harbage told Leicester Crown Court "When she was on the floor, the defendants then left her curled up on the floor crying, and holding her ribs." As the local hospital didn't consider her injuries severe enough to require emergency treatment, she died after the fractures caused blood to slowly accumulate around her heart. Though the 28-year-old Bollen and Jelly denied responsibility for the death, the jury found them guilty of manslaughter and they will be sentenced next month. Jelly, 48, was hospitalized after collapsing in court before the verdict was read. (BBC)

Rub This!

NYPD Detective Jennifer Rosario was on the job, keeping an eye out for crime while riding a Harlem-bound subway in Manhattan. It probably never dawned on her that she might be a victim herself. But the plainclothes officer felt something repeatedly touch her thigh while riding the Lexington Avenue line around 4:15pm and looked down to see a man's exposed private parts rubbing up against her. Osa Ayanru, 38, who police say was carrying a stun gun, was swiftly arrested and charged with forcible touching, sexual abuse, and possession of a weapon. (New York Daily News)

Trayvon Martin Getting College Degree

If Trayvon Martin were alive today, he would be 22 and potentially preparing this month for his college graduation ceremony. One Florida school hasn't forgotten and is giving his parents the honor of accepting a degree for him. Florida Memorial University will bestow a posthumous bachelor's degree in aeronautical science as a nod to Trayvon's "obvious love of flying," per a university spokeswoman. His parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton - an FMU grad herself - will be in attendance at the school's May 13 graduation ceremony to accept their son's degree. Per a Facebook post, the degree will feature a concentration in flight education, "in honor of the steps [Travyon] took during his young life toward becoming a pilot." Trayvon had taken a few aviation classes while in high school. FMU also praised Martin and Fulton, noting Trayvon's dad has "committed his life to transforming tragedy into change" since his son was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in 2012, while Fulton "epitomizes strength and dignity as she uplifts other victims of violence while effecting change for a more equal and just society." Fulton returned the kind message, offering her thanks to her alma mater on Twitter. (CNN)

Scientology Finally Starts to Fall Apart

A series of Scientology rehabilitation facilities have been permanently closed in Cannon County, Tennessee, and three suspects charged in the case. A statement from the Sheriff's office read: "The Cannon County Sheriff's Department would like to make the general public of this county aware that the Scientology facilities are closed and not operating in Cannon County." However, attorney David Veile, representing some of the individuals involved in the case, said the facilities were not operated by the Church of Scientology. Two of the three suspects, Dennis Flamond and Hans Snyder Lytle, entered guilty pleas in General Sessions Court on two counts of false imprisonment. The third suspect, Marc Vallieres, was charged with two felony charges of facilitation to kidnapping. A 911 emergency phone call provided the Sheriff's Office with the opportunity to go inside the facility which they described as a double-wide trailer with several tiny cabins located behind it. A man being held there told the officers he was being held against his will and is given unknown medications. He explains that he is there to have rehab and get cleansed though Scientology. He said he had been there for nine months and is being mistreated and falsely imprisoned and all he wants is to go home. As the search continued, more people were found being held. (Cannon Courier)

What the What?

Here's a wedding nobody will forget. A video is going viral showing a female minister throwing up in the middle of the ceremony - just as the bride and groom say their vows! The video shows the female minister bending her head to the side to vomit and has been viewed over 400,000 times. The footage begins with touching scenes as the beautiful bride promises to be her husband's "best friend and biggest advocate." But in the background, the minister's complexion begins to turn pale and sickly, as she shuffles awkwardly from side-to-side. Next, her expression turns to one of panic and desperation before her cheeks begin to bulge and she turns her head and lets it all out. The visibly shaken bride continues her vows, promising to love her husband as the minister lies on the floor. The video ends as guests hurry to the minister's aid. (Metro)

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