Wednesday, May 17, 2017


(Cosmopolitan) Topknot, what? It is a good thing we do not do our hair for guys. One man decodes your "do":

The Topknot
Are you into karate? Try not to be confused when we ask what color belt you are or if we get your nunchucks for your birthday.

A Ponytail
When your hair is up, we marvel at your facility with what we think is a scrunchie. Don't girls still use those?

The Pixie Cut
Reminds us of Peter Pan not Mia Farrow, as you may have hoped. We still think you are cute though.

Tousled Waves
Tousled will never enter our lexicon . We assume you have just gotten out of bed, and that is kind of hot.

Milkmaid Braids
We would consider a summer trip to Bavaria just so we can see you in a dirndl and to eat pretzels.

The physics of bangs have mystified even the most mathematical of us, which is why we just simply admire them.

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