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Friday, June 2, 2017


Who wants to think about calories when you're sipping a margarita from a wide glass rimmed with salt or enjoying a tall, refreshing mojito on a warm summer night? Here's the disturbing reality: Some cocktails have as many calories as a doughnut! Details magazine calculated the calorie content for some of the most popular cocktails. This might make you think before you drink!

The calorie count of a dozen popular cocktails:
Mai Tai: 219 calories
Long Island Iced Tea: 213 calories
Sidecar: 207 calories
Gin Martini: 200 calories
White Russian: 195 calories
Negroni: 195 calories
Margarita: 192 calories
Gin and Tonic: 190 calories
Manhattan: 187 calories
Bloody Mary: 168 calories
Daiquiri: 163 calories
Mojito: 161 calories

Contrary to conventional wisdom, drinking alcohol isn't enough to make you fat or even gain weight, as long you drink in moderation. Nutrition Reviews reports that a team of researchers examined 31 different studies on the topic and concluded that moderate drinking doesn't have a strong association with weight gain or a high body mass index (BMI). The authors say that weight gain is only likely if you consume two or three drinks daily. In addition, they found that those who drank spirits were more likely to gain weight than those who drank wine as cocktails have more sugar.

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