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Friday, June 2, 2017


In their book, "How to Succeed With Women," dating coaches Ron Louis and David Copeland offer what they call a "30-Day Program for Getting Over Fear of Rejection." Here's what they suggest.
  • Say "hi" to attractive women in public six times a day for the next month. This creates opportunities for lots of brief interactions without putting your ego on the line. 
  • Practice talking to women all the time, without worrying about the outcome. It doesn't matter if the interactions go well or go poorly, if the women are pretty or if they are ugly, practicing is what is important. 
  • Get your validation from your life, not from women. If you want success with women, it makes sense to have long-term goals for your life that inspire you. If you have a rewarding life, you won't care so much whether a given woman says yes or no when you go after her. 

Here are Dr. Barbara Biggs' four hints how a guy can become irresistible to women from
  • Do your best to read signals and choose a woman who's more likely to be attracted to you in the first place. (Duh!) 
  • Display your best assets to her. If you have a good sense of humor, show it. If you're good at a sport, let her see you playing. 
  • Women are turned on by a man's energy and vigor, so talk about things you're enthusiastic about, whether it's the New York Yankees, your new job or the new Radiohead CD. 
  • If you tune in to her and give her positive feedback, she'll feel more attracted in return. Pay attention to what kinds of movies she likes, what she likes to eat and what things are important to her. It shows you're listening, and really listening to someone is very sexy. (Huh?) 

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