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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Have you ever had that heart-thumping moment when you realized you left something on the plane? If so, you're not alone. Two-thirds of air travelers have left something on the plane -- from books and sunglasses to high-value items, such as iPads and cameras. That's the word from Skyscanner, which surveyed more than 700 travelers to find out what they've forgotten in their haste to deplane. while most items can be recovered or replaced easily enough, some things are irreplaceable, regardless of the cost. A wedding band or a child's favorite toy can cause much regret and angst.

The top 10 most unusual items left on a plane: 

  1. Wedding ring 
  2. Stuffed mouse 
  3. Trombone 
  4. Underwear 
  5. Top hat 
  6. False teeth 
  7. Canvas painting 
  8. Clock 
  9. Refrigerator 
  10. A child's dental brace 
The top 10 items most commonly left on a plane:

  1. Book: 18 percent 
  2. Mobile phone: 9 percent 
  3. Magazine or newspaper: 8 percent 
  4. Clothes: 8 percent 
  5. Glasses or sunglasses: 8 percent 
  6. Headphones: 6 percent 
  7. Passport or identity documents: 5 percent 
  8. Camera: 3 percent 
  9. iPad: 3 percent 
  10. Food: 3 percent

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