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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


On this date in 1632, England granted the second Lord Baltimore settlement rights to an area surrounding Chesapeake Bay, most of which would later become the state of Maryland. His response: "That's SO Ravens!" On this date in 1782, Congress approved the great Seal of the United States. In appreciation, it balanced a ball on its nose. They even gave it extra fish that night for dinner.

On this date in 1837, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne of England, guaranteeing that over 170 years later, Cate Blanchett would always have work.

In 1867, President Andrew Johnson announced that the United States had purchased Alaska, after sitting through an incredibly long time-share presentation. Did Juneau? Yes, President Johnson said it was a good deal as along as the check cleared and there were Fairbanks.

On this date in 1893, a jury found Lizzie Borden innocent of killing her parents with an ax. But the poem remains. The attorney's argument made sense: "Can't blame the acts if you don't have facts."

In 1909, Roger and Eleanor Burnham became the first couple ever to get married and then spend their entire honeymoon in a hot air balloon.

On this date in 1945, Abbott and Costello's bit, "Who's on first?" was seen in a movie for the very first time. What? Oh, he's on second. Where? Oh, he's the first base coach.

In 1948, Ed Sullivan's variety show, "Toast of the Town," debuted on television. For our younger listeners, Ed Sullivan is the man who became famous when David Letterman's show was moved to his theater.

On this date in 1973, the very first edition of Playgirl magazine was published. Couldn't tell you what was in it. Never looked.


Nicole Kidman celebrates the big 5-0 today, which is 157 in actress years.
  • It's like her life is on cruise mode. Well, OK, former Mrs. Cruise mode. 
  • Being married to Keith Urban, I don't know if any gifts are really necessary. 
  • She seems very happy with Keith and we understand. She tries to never look down on Tom Cruise, except when in heels. 

John Goodman celebrates his 65th birthday today. He's lost a few pounds recently, but at one time he was so big, they held a John Goodman 5K run around him. As a kid, he was big, too. During the hot summer months, he made money by selling shade.

Lionel Ritchie turns 68 today. For our younger listeners, that's Nicole's dad.
Happy birthday, say you? Say me.
It's just a matter of time before Viagra or Cialus to start using his song, "All Night Long."

Tim Taylor's arch rival Bob Vila turns 71 today. He could be the host of "This Old... Everything!"

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys turns 75 today. He was around when sand was invented. These days, any vibration is a good vibration.

It's Ice Cream Soda Day, a great drink to beat the heat today!

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