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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


  • Production of ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" has been suspended amid allegations of misconduct. That's as much as they're telling us. 
  • On Sunday, in a non-binding election, Puerto Rico voted in favor of becoming the 51st state of the United States. 
  • After five months of living apart, Melania and Barron Trump have joined President Trump in living in the White House. Barron is the first boy to live in the White House since John Kennedy Jr. in 1963. 
  • Oliver Stone is interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin on Showtime this week, an hour per night, through Thursday. 
  • Seth MacFarlane tweeted out some nice words about Adam West, who was the mayor on "Family Guy." 
  • A just-married couple in New Jersey got quite a surprise at their wedding reception Saturday when the owner of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, stopped by to congratulate them. Yes, the president. 
  • President Trump has delayed his trip to the U.K., at least for now. 
  • A police report says Tiger Woods had taken Xanax the night he was arrested for DUI in Florida. 
  • A report says 301 species of animals are at risk of extinction because of hunting. 
  • There was one, solo winner for that $447.8-million Powerball jackpot over the weekend. The winning ticket was sold in Southern California. 
  • A Montana golfer beat 2 Billion to 1 odds in making two holes-in-one in a 3-hole stretch. 
  • Britney Spears' Instagram account was reportedly used by Russian hackers to make posts to control malware. 
  • Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Aztec ball court in the heart of Mexico City. 
  • Major League Baseball is reportedly open to start using a pitching clock in 2018. 
  • Boeing is researching the pilot-less plane. Would you get on board? 
  • For what it's worth, bookmakers in the UK are lowering the chances of Donald Trump being impeached. 
  • Norway is banning the full-face Muslim veils in all of their schools. 
  • Jennifer Lawrence had a terrifying moment when her private plane made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, Saturday after two engines failed. 
  • According to a new study, around 2.2 billion people-30 per cent of the total global population-were found to be too fat. Around 4-million people died in 2015 because of too much weight.

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