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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


  • There's talk of Illinois becoming the first state ever to declare bankruptcy. 
  • Bill Dana, who brought his character Jose Jimenez (ho-SAY hee-MEN-ez) to the Ed Sullivan Show, died yesterday at the age of 92. 
  • There warnings that during the current heatwave in Los Angeles that air pollution could get even worse. 
  • Actor, Stephen Furst ("Animal House," "Babylon 5," "St. Elsewhere) has died at age 62. 
  • Otto Warmbier has died just days after he was released from captivity in North Korea. he was 22. 
  • Carrie Fisher had cocaine, methadone, heroin and ecstasy in her system when she died in December, according to an autopsy report released Monday. 
  • Michael Phelps is set to race a great white shark on the Discovery Channel. 
  • A 132-year-old lobster that has been kept in a tank at a restaurant for decades is being set free. 
  • A study says a few walnuts a day can act to suppress hunger. 
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis said they made a last minute change in their son's name from "Walt" to "Demitri." 
  • Katy Perry has become the first person with a Twitter account to have 100 million followers. 
  • Blue Ivy became a big sister over the weekend as Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed twins into their family. 
  • Jay-Z also announced that his new "4:44" album will come out July 30th. 
  • Kevin Durant said President Obama sent him a text to congratulate him on winning his first championship this week. 
  • Major league baseball has announced that they will allow players to wear nicknames on their jerseys for one weekend this season. 
  • Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo are hanging out in Nice, France, this week. 
  • Tim Hague, the former UFC fighter known as "The Thrashing Machine," died Sunday, two days after being critically injured when he was knocked out in a boxing match against former Edmonton Eskimos defensive end Adam Braidwood. He was 33. 
  • Tiger Woods' arraignment for DUI has been rescheduled for August 9th. 
  • Vladimir Putin has offered political asylum to James Comey. 

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