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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


(Women's Health) How do women really feel about their bodies in 2017? To find out, the magazine polled over 2,700 women in the U.S., plus thousands more around the globe.

U.S. women were asked, "Which body type deserves more prominence in Media and Social Media?"
68 percent-said, "In-between size bodies, say sizes 8 to 12."
38 percent-said, "Post-baby bodies."
33 percent-said, "Petite, below 5 foot, 4 inches."
33 percent-said, "Athletic with super-toned muscles."
33 percent-said, "Differently abled."
30 percent-said, "Small-breasted and Plus-size."
27 percent-said, "Busty and Plus-size."
25 percent-said, "Post-weight loss."
24 percent-said, "Tall over 5 foot, 10 inches, but not model-thin."

U.S. women were asked; "When a female celebrity who isn't model-size poses for a racy or nude photo shoot, how do you feel when people say it's brave?"
57 percent-said, "I disagree. That's insulting."
43 percent-said, "I agree. We all know certain body types get more criticism."

U.S. women were asked, "Do you look better... "
65 percent-said, "Dressed."
30 percent-said, "I look good both ways."
5 percent-said, "Naked."

U.S. women said; "I'd feel more confident naked if... "
73 percent-said, "I were more toned."
48 percent-said, "I lost weight."
33 percent-said, "I weren't naturally self-conscious."
12 percent-said, "My romantic partner complimented me more."
8 percent-said, "I'm totally confident."

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