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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Plan on southbound I-17 weekend restrictions at Seventh Avenue

Consider alternate routes due to bridge repairs in December

Southbound Interstate 17 will be restricted near Seventh Avenue south of the downtown area over the next three weekends while the Arizona Department of Transportation completes freeway bridge repairs.

Seventh Avenue also will be closed in both directions at I-17 while the weekend work is underway. Drivers should consider alternate routes while the following restrictions are in place this weekend:

Southbound I-17 narrowed to two lanes near Seventh Avenue from 9 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday (Dec. 4) for bridge repairs. Seventh Avenue closed in both directions at I-17. I-17 traffic exiting at Seventh Avenue will not be able to make left turns. Alternate routes include Seventh Street or Central Avenue. Drivers also should consider using eastbound I-10 in the downtown area as an alternate freeway route.

Similar restrictions also are planned over the weekends of Dec. 8-11 and Dec. 16-17 to allow crews to complete the repair work.

The I-17 bridge over northbound Seventh Avenue was damaged in October when it was struck by a piece of heavy equipment being hauled on a trailer. One of the bridge girders was heavily damaged. ADOT has since removed the damaged beam so that crews can install a new girder this weekend before completing repairs over the following two weekends.

Drivers who normally would use northbound Seventh Avenue to travel toward Saturday night’s APS Electric Light Parade should consider alternate routes, including Seventh Street or Central and 19th avenues.

SR 67 to North Rim of Grand Canyon will close for winter Tuesday, Dec. 5

Highway reopens in the spring, usually around mid-May

PHOENIX ‒ State Route 67 between Jacob Lake (US 89A) and the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is scheduled to close for the winter season on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

ADOT doesn’t clear snow from SR 67 during the winter since North Rim visitor accommodations are closed. The highway reopens each spring, usually around mid-May. US 89A remains open during the winter.

ADOT reminds motorists heading into snow country to drive with caution and follow this advice:
Don’t let GPS and navigation apps replace common sense. When a highway is closed, a suggested alternate route involving an unpaved, unplowed road can lead you into danger.
Pack an emergency kit, a fully charged cellphone, extra clothing, water and snacks.
Slow down. Drive defensively. Be patient and allow additional time for your trip. Never pass a snowplow.
Leave sufficient space between your vehicle and those ahead of you. Give yourself plenty of room and time to stop or to avoid hazards.
Make sure your vehicle has plenty of fuel.
Check weather and road conditions before you travel. Let someone know your route.
Bring a small bag of sand (or cat litter) for wheel traction.

Additional information on winter driving is available at

Before heading out on the roads, drivers can call 511 or visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Center at tp get the latest highway conditions around the state. The website features camera images along state highways that give drivers a glimpse of weather conditions in various regions.

When a freeway closure or other major traffic event occurs, our free app available at will send critical information directly to app users in affected areas – where possible, in advance of alternate routes.

Restrictions scheduled on Interstate 17, Seventh Avenue in Phoenix as bridge repair continues

Plan for full closure of Seventh Avenue at I-17 this weekend

The Arizona Department of Transportation is continuing a critical bridge repair project at Interstate 17 and Seventh Avenue in Phoenix. Crews are scheduled to work this weekend – and for the next two weekends – to complete necessary repairs as safely and efficiently as possible.

The following restrictions are scheduled to be in place from 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 1, through 5 a.m. Monday, Dec. 4, while crews install a new support beam, also known as a girder, and pour a new section of the deck on the I-17 bridge:

Southbound I-17 will be narrowed to two lanes at Seventh Avenue (right lane closed). Drivers should slow down and use caution in the work zone.
North- and southbound Seventh Avenue will be closed at I-17.
Detours: For northbound Seventh Avenue, use the southbound I-17 frontage road to northbound Central Avenue to the northbound I-17 frontage road. For southbound Seventh Avenue, use the northbound I-17 frontage road to southbound 11th Avenue to the southbound I-17 frontage road.
Drivers south of I-17 who are traveling north to the APS Electric Light Parade should consider using Seventh Street or Central Avenue.

Additional repair work is scheduled to occur the weekend of Dec. 8-11 and on Saturday, Dec. 16 and Sunday, Dec. 17. ADOT will provide information about related restrictions and closures.

An over-height vehicle hauling heavy equipment up Seventh Avenue struck the bridge in October, causing damage to one of the girders. ADOT bridge engineers inspected the site and determined the bridge is safe for drivers on I-17. The girder replacement is necessary to prevent debris from falling onto Seventh Avenue. For more information,

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving.


The ideal amount of sleep is at least six hours and no more than eight hours. The consequences of sleeping less or more than this can be dire -- especially for middle-aged adults. Regularly sleeping less than six hours or more than eight hours is linked to a decline in brain function, according to British researchers at the University College London Medical School. HealthDay News reports that the magnitude of this sleep-induced mental decline is equal to being four to seven years older than your real age. The study found:
  • Women who slept seven hours a night had the highest score on every cognitive measure, followed by women who had six hours of sleep. 
  • Men who slept six, seven or eight hours had similar cognitive function. 
  • Men and women who slept less than six hours or more than eight hours had far lower cognitive scores than those who slept around seven hours. 
Many biological processes take place while we sleep. Researchers told HealthDay News, "Sleep provides the body with its daily need for physiological restitution and recovery. While seven hours a night appears to be optimal for the majority of human beings, many people can function perfectly well on regular sleep of less or more hours."


If you were pregnant, would you want to find out the baby's gender before giving birth? Expectant mothers who choose to find out the baby's sex may be giving subtle clues about their views on proper gender roles, according to researchers from The Ohio State University in Columbus. Moms-to-be who want to know the baby's gender in advance are more likely to be have a need for perfection when it comes to parenting, while those who want the baby's gender to be a surprise are more open to new experiences and view men and women as being equal. Translation: Women who want to know the baby's gender before his or her birth are more likely to want to have the proper clothes, toys and colors that match traditional gender expectations. That is, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. The study found:

  • Mothers who knew the sex of their child tended to be less educated, have lower household incomes and were less likely to be married than women who did not know. 
  • Women who scored high in "openness to experience" -- suggesting they were curious and independent -- were also less inclined to learn their baby's sex. 
  • Expectant mothers who scored high in parenting perfectionism -- meaning they set unrealistically high standards -- were slightly more likely to find out the sex early. More than other expectant mothers, they may think knowing the child's sex will relieve them of some anxiety during the uncertain pregnancy process.


You don't have to be a yoga girl to quiet your mind during the day -- but it doesn't hurt to take some advice from someone who is. Rachel Brathen, an Aruba-based yoga instructor, has amassed more than a million followers on Instagram with her inspirational (and enviable) images of pretty poses and Caribbean calm. Here are five tips from Brathen to lessen that midday stress -- no mat required.

1. Take a quick "breath break."

"If it's one minute of deep breathing or if it's five or 10 minutes of meditation, whatever [kind of break] you can sneak into your day actually makes you more centered and focused and more productive overall," says Brathen of simply "closing your eyes, centering yourself and focusing on inhales and exhales."

2. Spruce up your workspace.

"If there's clutter all around and papers and piles of things, it's very hard to find that peace of mind," says Brathen, who suggests replacing a stack of files with a vase of flowers. "Try anything to make your own space yours and your experience a little bit more pleasant than just a computer and stress."

3. Go for a "green tea run."

Swap a coffee break with a green tea break, suggests Brathen, for an energy boost that "keeps you feeling fresher and lighter than that heavy feeling of coffee." For an even bigger boost, actually walk outside for a cup. "Getting to see the sky and breathe the fresh air makes a huge difference," she says.

4. Stay hydrated.

Brathen recommends keeping a little bottle of rosewater at your desk to "use as a hydrating mist or refreshing toner." Whether she's on the go or logging in office time, she finds that "it's a nice contrast for the screen that's in your face. It hydrates your skin, but in a very natural, organic, yogi kind of way."

5. Stretch out that tension.

"We tend to shrug the shoulders up and we stick our chin out when we are working on the computer, so several poses help to really release and counterbalance that," says Brathen, who suggests trying the upper-body part of the eagle arms pose -- which involves wrapping the arms in front of you and stacking the elbows for a stretch. For more ways to say om, kick off your shoes and check out her in-office sequence.


(Men's Health) John Grogan, author of Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, submits this list. Don't let anybody - especially yourself - talk you out of it.
  • A dog never asks why you're late, where you've been, why you didn't call. Even when you act badly, he will greet you with unbridled enthusiasm. 
  • Two guys are walking through a park. One is alone. One is with a dog. Beautiful women approaches. Guess which guy she stops to talk to. 
  • He many eat the remote control but will never challenge your authority over it. 
  • Ready for Frisbee, any day, any time. 
  • Will remind you every hour of every day that it is your life and you should live it for yourself, even if that means occasionally telling your boss to go hump a skunk. 
  • When the worst that can happen happens, he will always have your back.


Women's Health) Sometimes, you're going to get overwhelmed. The magazine talked to Paula Davis-Laack, the author of "Addicted to Busy" to find out how; what you do next makes the difference between coping and losing your mind. When all you want to do is:

Escape to the bathroom to ugly-cry
Do this instead-Take 15 minutes to do something creative even if it's just doodling at your desk. Artistic outlets reduce stress and affect the body in ways that are similar to meditation.

Down a few glasses of wine when you dropped the ball on a project
Do this instead-Set up a weekly or monthly meeting with your boss. Instead of speculating about potential criticisms, you'll get concrete steps to improve your performance.

Put a curse on the painfully slow driver who made you late for work
Do this instead - Make your computer password motivating, like Stay underscore Positive 3. Incorporating upbeat attitudes into your morning routine can brighten your day.

Stay in bed to hide from your to-do list.
Do this instead-Write a different list: an "energy audit" tracking how you spend each hour, so you can identify and nix insignificant tasks like aimlessly scrolling Netflix that suck up energy.


(Yoga Journal) Blogger Beth Terry has spent the past several years eliminating plastic from her life. Let her help you cut back, too.

1. Take the plastic challenge
Get help tallying your plastic waste for one week to identify where you can cut back, at

2. Don't just rely on recycling
A lot of plastic we assume is recyclable ends up in a landfill, warns Terry. Buy in bulk whenever possible, and keep Mason jars on hand for storage.

3. Find and avoid the hidden sources
Milk, juice, and ice-cream cartons are often lined with plastic, so look for alternative packaging where you can. Many reusable grocery bags are made with polypropylene; opt for cloth bags instead.

4. Don't just buy those reusable containers
Keep bags and mugs in your car, bike bag, or wherever you keep your wallet and keys. So throw a few reusable utensils in your purse or backpack.

5. Seek out alternative packaging
Find yoga mats made with natural rubber or hemp. Grab sunscreen in an aluminum bottle-Avasol makes on-or lip balm in a cardboard tube, like Organic Essence

You can learn how you can help ban plastic bags in your town and follow other cities campaigns at


According to psychologist and color experts, the hues you come in contact with during the day from your red nail polish to the earthy tones at Starbucks have an impact on your state of mind. It has to do both with associations you from as a kid and with wavelengths, explains Dewey Sadka, founder of Dewey Color System at Each color shoots off a unique variation and may be processed differently in your brain. These colors are proven to work their magic as soon as you lay eyes on them:

If you want to be focused during a big presentation try wearing red. This bold hue makes you pay more attention to details, according to a study by the University of British Columbia. Red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum, people might need to look longer to process it, so all eyes are on you.

If you want to chill the heck out. Most of us associate green with the ahh-inducing vibe of nature a University of Georgia study found that people think of trees and plants when they see it and end up feeling more relaxed as a result.

Come up with a cool idea for your guy's Valentine's day present. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that people who eye ball the color blue were better at using their imagination. Before you brainstorm, stare at the sky for a minute your creative juices will start flowing.

Start your day with a burst of energy. There's something about this color that makes you feel perkier. A recent study on spatial color found that people who hung out in a yellow room were more active and energetic than those in other rooms.

Motivate yourself to work out more. Orange is having a fashion moment right now, and it also makes you feel more stimulated, according to a Pantone Color Institute study.

Be carefree, laugh, and goof off. A University of Georgia study found that most people associate purple with children and giggling, so if you are feeling stressed, take a look at something purple. It will help you loosen up.

Feel really comfy on a crappy day. Whether it is the decor in a coffee shop or the coffee itself, brown rules java joints, making them the perfect place to kick back when it is yucky outside. Color association studies from Pantone Color Institute found that people feel cozy when they see brown.

Get over a breakup. The University of Georgia study found that the color white makes us feel hopeful about the future. Where do you miss your ex most? Probably snuggling in your bed, so changing your lines to white can have a major impact in turning over a new leaf in your love life.

Be totally desired. You already know you feel sexy in a 'little black dress,' but the hue can also make you feel more empowered and sophisticated, according to color association studies conducted by the Pantone Color Institute. And the vibe is super seductive.


When you use the words "weekend," "voicemail," "driving," "okay" or a four-letter word that rhymes with "hit" in your work e-mails, chances are you're sending that message to your boss -- or even higher up the org chart. There are certain words and phrases we use in work e-mails that are actually reliable indicators of whether that correspondence is going to someone higher or lower in the corporate hierarchy, according to a study by Georgia Tech researchers. Led by Eric Gilbert, and after an exhaustive analysis, Gilbert was able to identify the top 100 words that reliably predicted whether e-mails traveled up or down the corporate ladder.

The top 5 upward predictors:
the ability to
I took
are available
thought you would

Other words and phrases of note that are upward predictors include: Europe, a decision, tigers, please change, a discussion, the calendar, excellent, sounds good and February. The top 5 downward predictors:
have you been
you gave
we are in
need in

Other words and phrases of note that are downward predictors include: Funny, I hope you, this week and, problem with, forgot to, can you help, let's talk and please send.


Between 10 percent and 12 percent of the world population is left-handed, and scientists have no idea why! It could be genetic. It could due to damage in utero. It could be an edge for winning fistfights. And while there are no obvious differences between those who are right-handed and those who are left-handed, we do know that lefties tend to excel at visual and spatial tasks and seem to be overrepresented among geniuses, reports What makes southpaws special? Here are ten facts:

1. Just as humans favor one hand over the other, animals also favor one paw over another. But unlike humans, which paw is favored is split about 50-50.

2. Although there is likely a genetic component involved in handedness, environment is also important. For example, researchers have found that identical twins often have different dominant hands.

3. Studies have found that southpaws have higher rates of dyslexia, schizophrenia and autoimmune diseases, such as allergies and lupus.

4. Males are overrepresented among lefties, so some scientists theorize that exposure to testosterone in the womb may affect handedness.

5. Many geniuses and leaders are lefties. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin were all southpaws, as well as eight U.S. presidents: James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Fully 25 percent of the Apollo astronauts were left-handed.

6. Lefties tend to excel in fields that require excellent visual-spatial abilities, including architecture and graphic design, but are underrepresented in math and science.

7. Being left-handed can be an advantage in a fistfight when a surprise left hook can be a decided benefit. As many as 45 percent of expert fencers and tennis champions are lefties.

8. Lefties may have a more balanced view of their bodies. Right-handed people are more sensitive to their right side; for example, their right arm is typically stronger and larger. Left-handed people don't have a similar bias; for example, their arms are equally strong.

9. Mothers who are over 40 at the time of a child's birth are 128 percent more likely to have a left-handed baby than a woman in her 20s.

10. August 13 was Left-Handers Day, which celebrates left-handedness and raises awareness of the difficulties and frustrations lefties endure in a right-handed world.


Top Baby Names

Did you name a new baby this year? Well let's see how you stack up. BabyCenter released its list of the 100 most popular baby names of 2017 yesterday, and while Sophia and Jackson took the top spots for the eighth and fifth years in row respectively, a few more unique names made big jumps. BabyCenter's list of popular names comes from more than 500,000 babies born to parents registered on its website, unlike the official list from the Social Security Administration, which comes from birth certificates. Here are BabyCenter's top 10 names for boys and girls born in 2017:




Behave Yourself People!

You know when you go abroad you can't act like the dumb American you are over here. The State Department continually cautions US travelers to understand foreign laws before you visit-a warning that one San Diego couple apparently failed to heed before arriving in Thailand, where a "butt selfie" has landed them in prison. A photo posted to Instagram and Twitter showed Joseph and Travis Dasilva, both 38, posing at Bangkok's Wat Arun temple with their backsides bared, in violation of laws demanding respect of the Buddhist religion. The men were put on a watch list after the photo was spotted by authorities and they were then detained Tuesday as they tried to leave the country from Bangkok's Don Mueang airport. The rep says the men will be charged with public nudity, which carries a fine of up to $153 each. But they could also face more serious charges. A city commissioner in San Diego says the pair are in contact, adding, "I am talking to US government officials to see what assistance we can give them." (BBC)

Lady Bird Must Be One Heck of a Movie

The early reviews of the movie Lady Bird were fantastic, and that track record is holding up in unprecedented fashion. The movie written and directed by Greta Gerwig has just notched a record on Rotten Tomatoes. It had 170 reviews as of Tuesday afternoon and yet still maintained a 100% positive rating from critics. Audiences have been a little less kind, at 87%. There are a few other movies with a 100% rating, but none with so many reviews. Now in second place is Toy Story 2, which has 163 reviews. Gerwig said, "This is completely amazing and so incredibly appreciated by the entire team that made Lady Bird. We are all on cloud nine and using our tomato emoji more than we ever thought possible." (Rotten Tomatoes)

When Doctors Screw You

Want to know how ridiculous our healthcare system is? Talk to Margaret O'Neill, whose 5-year-old was scheduled for an outpatient procedure at Children's Hospital Colorado that involved snipping a band of tissue under her tongue. The surgeon suggested that, as a treat, the girl's ears be pierced while she was under. O'Neill agreed, expecting it to be a sweet freebie. Then came the bill: $1,877.86 for "operating room services" tied to the piercing. She fought the bill, which insurance wouldn't cover, and ultimately she won. The best part of all- one hole was askew so it had to be re-pierced at the mall-for $30! (ProPublica)

Bone Treats For Your Dog? Maybe Not!

You know those big rawhide bones your dog loves so much? Yeah, you might want to check the Food and Drug Administration's latest announcement. They could be a health hazard for our four-legged friends. This is based on reports submitted to the FDA that indicate about 90 dogs have been sickened, with at least 15 deaths, after gnawing on these commercially prepared items, which the agency didn't ID by brand. The reports, sent in by both pet owners and veterinarians, said some of the medical issues have included digestive blockages, choking, diarrhea, vomiting, and cuts and other injuries in the mouth. Seven reports focused on product issues: treats that splintered upon being chewed as well as "moldy-appearing bones." The FDA warning says it's also important to keep pups away from chicken bones and other bones you may have cooked with, as they can cause injury as well. (FDA)

You Just Had to Post on Instagram Didn't You!

In Russia, a dentist just ditched her husband after she went on Instagram and saw something very familiar on another woman's account-the view from her own bedroom! Yulia Agranovych saw the picture with the caption "City Lights" on an account belonging to Vlada Abramovich. Naturally her interest was piqued so she continued looking through the account, discovering pictures of her husband, Nazar Grynko. So she commented under the photo writing: "beautiful view from my husband's bedroom!" She then confronted her husband, who denied adultery, telling Yulia that he had invited friends round for drinks before going to the cinema while she was away. He told her that the woman was in fact his friend's girlfriend. But Yulia's research unearthed other women who had been with her husband and now she's getting a divorce. She later said, "Many women supported me, posting that they were proud of my bravery, that I openly discussed it with irony and sarcasm, so now they are ready to get rid of their unfaithful men too." (Metro)

What the What?

Restorers of an 18th century wooden statue of Jesus Christ have reportedly found a secret note that a priest hid in... well... the Messiah's rear end! The note dates back to 1777 and is signed by Joaquin Minguez, priest of the cathedral of Burgo de Osma at the time. The document names the statue's sculptor and includes information about local practices such as farming and community affairs as well as common diseases, popular children's games and even the names of successful bullfighters of the time. Da Vinci Restauro said the references indicate its author intended for the note to act as a time capsule for future generation. And what better place to hide in than in Jesus' tushy! (Daily Mail)


  • 15% of people have taken a selfie an average of seven times before they are satisfied with the photo and pose. 
  • 27% of men have broken something when they're having a bad day. 
  • It's estimated that about 3000 people working in New York City make a living selling hot dogs. 
  • People who have to drive over 45 minutes to work everyday have a much higher risk for divorce. 
  • Only 10 percent of us say we're able to wake up without an alarm clock on a daily basis.


  • Microsoft is planning to knock down and rebuild their main campus so that it can offer buildings of the future to 8,000 more employees than work there now. 
  • The same day that Matt Lauer was fired by NBC for sexual allegations, "A Prairie Home Companion" host Garrison Keiller was fired by Minnesota Public Radio over accusations. 
  • Seattle school bus drivers held a one-day strike yesterday, which sent parents scrambling. 
  • LeBron James was ejected from Tuesday night's game against the Miami Heat, the first time that has ever happened. 
  • The only "Supermoon" of 2017 is this Sunday night. 
  • Nearly 50% of U.S. broadband households use a personal assistant through an application or dedicated device. 
  • A couple who once ate at Olive Garden nearly every day for seven weeks is now planning to name their daughter Olivia Garton. 
  • Starting tomorrow, Hawaii will begin monthly tests of their alarm system that will go off in the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea. 
  • Bitcoin has passed the $11,000 mark. It was going for 6-cents back in 2010. 
  • Stephen Colbert's Late Show is growing, while Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show is slipping, having lost 21% of its audience over the past year. 
  • Johnny Galecki will rejoin the gang for the Roseanne reboot coming to ABC in 2018. Now, everyone from the original cast is back. 
  • California is considering decriminalizing magic mushrooms. 
  • A study claims that men appear less masculine when their wife keeps her maiden name. 
  • A California woman is suing Sephora cosmetics, claiming a lipstick sample gave her herpes. 
  • ESPN president John Skipper announced in a memo to employees Wednesday that the company is laying off approximately 150 employees. 
  • Rihanna is selling her New York City penthouse. Yours for just $16.95 million.


Author Jonathan Swift was born on this date in 1667. He had success with the book, "Gulliver's Travels" and thanked all the little people who made it possible. 

On this date in 1782, the U.S. and Britain signed preliminary peace articles in Paris, officially ending the Revolutionary War. Almost immediately, red coats were so 1781. And the first series of Time-Life books was born.

In 1804, the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice to be impeached, Samuel Chase, went on trial.
  • He was acquitted, but because of his questionable behavior, they named a bank after him. 
  • He was acquitted and went on to lead a Chase and decent life. 
  • He was acquitted so I guess that makes me feel better about my money being in his bank. 
  • When you think about it, that kind of explains where we are today. 

Good day for authors: Samuel Clements, alias "Mark Twain," was born on this date in 1835. He kept writing one great book after the other: "Tom Sawyer," "Huckleberry Finn," "The Prince and the Pauper"... readers all across America couldn't wait to catch the next Twain.

On this date in 1922, Japan launched the world's first aircraft carrier. If you were too nervous to fly you could just climb on a plane parked on the ship and still get there.

In 1936, London's famous Crystal Palace burned in a fire... which makes me wonder, how does crystal catch on fire?

On this date in 1949, Chinese communists captured Chungking... guaranteeing frozen food for everyone.

In 1954, Elizabeth Hodges was sitting in her Sylacauga, Alabama, home when an 8-1/2 pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her house. Wasn't that how the movie "The Blob" started. By the way, anyone seen Elizabeth or know what that giant blob heading our way is?

On this date in 1956, Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore in the fifth round. So, Floyd had to buy his own drinks in the sixth round.

In 1957, Honolulu had record wind gusts of 82mph and beaches on Kauai reported 35-foot waves. The winds were so strong, surfers reported being able to ride the same wave four times.

On this date in 1981, the motion picture "Gandhi" premieres in New Delhi. The audience was told "thank you, come again"!

In 1982, Michael Jackson's sixth studio album, Thriller, hit record stores. 35 years ago today... wow. Just in time for Christmas.

On this day in 1986, President Reagan called Oliver North "a national hero." However, the Contras in Nicaragua admired him most for his arms.


We're out of November. Where did that month go?

Model Chrissy Teigen turns 32 today. Her husband, you know, is a Legend.

Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco turns 32 and her hair has grown back from last season. The girl knows how to party.

Elisha Cuthbert -- better known as Jack Bauer's daughter, Kim in "24" -- turns 35 today. Or did she star on "35" and it's the other way around? No matter.

Clay Aiken, one of the original American Idol runners-up, turns 39 today. He was the first American Idol contestant to "come out," paving the way for Adam Lambert... as if Adam needed any paving.

Sandra Oh of "Greys Anatomy" turns 47 today. Still don't know what the Oh stands for.

In the midnight hour, Billy Idol turns 62 today and, for the record, that was a really hard 62.

Perpetual Youth Day or the late Dick Clark's birthday -- 

Small changes in the way you live will improve your looks. Being beautiful isn't all about makeup, hair dye, and the right clothes. It's also about good health. The healthier you are, the better you will look. Change your lifestyle and you'll be prettier. Here are some tried and true tips for looking your best: 

Smoking ruins your skin and hair -- The primary reason to not smoke -- or stop if you do -- is to prevent potentially fatal diseases, including cancer and stroke. But did you know smoking damages the microcirculation to the skin and hair, reports the BBC News Online. When this happens, both are dull, gray, and lifeless. Smoking also leads to early wrinkles, especially around the mouth.
Booze packs on the pounds -- What you drink and how much you drink affect the size of your waistline. The type of alcohol that's consumed seems to contribute differently to the accumulation of abdominal fat, HealthCentral says wine drinkers have the least abdominal fat, while liquor drinkers have the highest.
Vitamins make your skin glow -- If you want a complexion that glows, take your vitamins. Sometimes that means popping a vitamin pill and other times it means eating the right food. A healthy diet can be a fountain of youth for thr skin. Eat well and your skin will be moist, clear, and glowing. Eat poorly and it will be dry, pale, scaly, or oily.
Work up a sweat -- Exercising regularly will not only keep you in shape, but also give you poise and make your skin glow. If you walk briskly for 30 minutes a day, you may never gain another pound, according to researchers from Duke University.
Be sun smart -- Cover up with clothing or sun screen. The sun's ultraviolet rays break down the skin's collagen, which makes the skin thinner and allows wrinkles to form.
Get more shuteye -- Sleep is not a luxury. It's necessary for body repairs. So make sure you get enough, which is at least seven to eight hours a night. If you don't get enough shut-eye, you could also have problems with memory and concentration, according to researchers at Stanford University.
Get over it -- Stress can show on your face and in your posture. Learn how to deal with the big and little stresses you face in your life. But do know this: You are not alone. Stress is the most common health problem reported by women.
Smile and say cheese -- Take care of your teeth. Brush, floss, and see the dentist every six months for a check-up. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry offers this advice to keep your teeth white: Avoid drinking too much coffee or red wine and use toothpaste that has hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.

Music Calendar...

In 1940 Charlie Parker records "I've Found A New Baby" with the Jay McShann Band at KFBI in Wichita, KS.

In 1943 Nat "King" Cole and his trio record "Straighten Up and Fly Right."

In 1944 "The Trolley Song" by Judy Garland debuts on the charts.

In 1965 Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs appear on TV's "Where The Action Is."

In 1968 "Son-Of-A Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield and "Everyday People" by Sly & the Family Stone both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1968 "Love Child" by Diana Ross & The Supremes hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.

In 1969 Simon & Garfunkel's first TV special airs.

In 1969 Neil Diamond performs on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

In 1972 The BBC bans "Hi, Hi, Hi" by Wings for a supposedly subliminal drug message.

In 1973 John Lennon's album "Mind Games" is certified gold.

In 1974 "Best of My Love" by the Eagles and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" by Elton John both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1976 Barbra Streisand's single "Evergreen (Theme From A Star Is Born)"is released.

In 1976 "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)" by Rod Stewart is certified gold.

In 1976 Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson get married.

In 1977 David Bowie appears on a Bing Crosby Christmas special and the two sing "The Little Drummer Boy" together.

In 1978 Linda Ronstadt, Steve Martin and Gilda Radner appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In 1982 The Kendalls' album "Heaven's Just A Sin Away" is certified gold.

In 1983 Boy George appears on NBC-TV's "The Tonight Show" with guest host Joan Rivers.

In 1983 The Jackson family and promoter Don King announce plans for the "Victory" tour.

In 1984 "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan is certified gold.

In 1985 Bruce Springsteen's single "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is released.

In 1985 "Separate Lives" by Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1988 L.L. Cool J headlines the first rap concert held in Africa.

In 1991 Milli-Vanilli singer Rob Pilatus, 27, attempts suicide.

In 1993 AC/DC's album "High Voltage" is certified double platinum.

In 1994 Tupac Shakur is shot five times while being robbed outside a Manhattan recording studio.

In 1994 Breeders guitarist Kelley Deal is arrested for receiving a package of heroin.

In 1995 TLC make their TV acting debut on "Living Single."

In 1996 "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" singer Tiny Tim dies of a heart attack at age 73.

In 1999 Jomato Records releases an early collection of Shania Twain's work, recorded when she was known as Eilleen Shania Twain.

In 1999 Third Eye Blind's album "Blue" and Neil Diamond's album "The Neil Diamond Collection" are both released.

In 2000 Creed is the big winner (with four awards) at the first My VH1 Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Today In History...

In 1782 The U.S. and Britain sign preliminary peace articles in Paris, ending the Revolutionary War.

In 1803 Spain completes the process of ceding Louisiana to France.

In 1804 The first U.S. Supreme Court justice to be impeached, Samuel Chase, goes on trial. (He was acquitted.)

In 1900 Irish author Oscar Wilde dies in Paris, France.

In 1922 Japan launches the Hosho, the first aircraft carrier.

In 1936 London's famed Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire.

In 1939 The Russo-Finnish War begins as Soviet troops invades Finland over a border dispute.

In 1949 Chinese communists capture Chungking.

In 1954 Elizabeth Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, is injured when an 8 1/2 pound meteorite crashed through the roof of her house.

In 1957 Honolulu has record wind gusts of 82mph and beaches on Kauai report 35-foot waves.

In 1958 The first guided missile destroyer is launched, at Bath, Maine.

In 1962 U Thant of Burma is elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, succeeding the late Dag Hammarskjold.

In 1964 The Soviet Union launches Zond 2 towards Mars.

In 1966 Barbados gains independence from Britain.

In 1967 Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower announce their engagement.

In 1981 The U.S. and the Soviet Union begin negotiations in Geneva aimed at reducing nuclear weapons in Europe.

In 1981 President Reagan arrives in Brasilia, Brazil, to begin a 4-nation tour of Latin America.

In 1981 The motion picture "Gandhi" premieres in New Delhi.

In 1983 Kidnapped brewery businessman Alfred H. Heineken is set free.

In 1983 Robert Sullivan, convicted of the 1973 robbery and murder of restaurant manager Donald Schmidt, is executed by the state of Florida despite an appeal from Pope John Paul II to spare him.

In 1984 West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl visits President Reagan at the White House to discuss arms control issues.

In 1987 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledges that his country was engaged in "Star Wars"-related research.

In 1987 Author James Baldwin dies in St. Paul de Vence, France, at age 63.

In 1986 President Reagan calls Oliver North "a national hero."

In 1987 Author James Baldwin dies in France at age 63.

In 1988 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. acquires RJR Nabisco Inc. for $24.53 billion.

In 1989 President Bush leaves Washington for his first summit with Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, aboard ships off the Mediterranean island of Malta.

In 1989 Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of West Germany's largest bank, is killed in a bombing in Bad Homburg.

In 1990 President Bush names outgoing Florida Governor Bob Martinez to head the nation's war on drugs.

In 1990 Author Norman Cousins dies in Los Angeles at age 75.

In 1992 The U.S. Supreme Court sustains women's basic right to abortion, voting 6-3 against reviving a 1990 Guam law that would prohibited nearly all such procedures.

In 1992 The U.S. Supreme Court sustains a woman's basic right to abortion, voting, 6-3, against reviving a 1990 Guam law that would have prohibited nearly all such procedures.

In 1993 President Clinton signs into law the Brady bill, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks of prospective buyers.

In 1993 Authorities in California arrest Richard Allen Davis, who confessed to abducting and slaying 12-year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.

In 1994 Two passengers die and nearly 1,000 others and crew members flee the cruise ship Achille Lauro when it catches fire off the coast of Somalia. It sinks two days later.

In 1995 President Clinton becomes the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.

In 1996 Some 150,000 people fill the streets of Belgrade to protest against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.

In 1997 Czech Premier Vaclav Klaus formally hands in his government's resignation in the wake of a campaign financing scandal.

In 1997 In Tajikistan, French hostage Karine Mane is killed with five suspected kidnappers when a grenade exploded during a failed rescue operation.

In 1998 Quebec's separatist premier, Lucien Bouchard, is returned to power, but with only 43 percent of the vote, setting back the Parti Quebecois' goal of seeking independence from Canada.

In 1999 The opening of a 135-nation trade gathering in Seattle is disrupted by at least 40,000 demonstrators, some of whom clashed with police.

In 2002 A nightclub fire in Caracas, Venezuela, kills 50 people.

In 2003 Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel, dies in Wyckoff, NJ, at age 98.

In 2004 Ken Jennings ends his 74-game winning streak on "Jeopardy!" as he lost to real estate agent Nancy Zerg.

In 2007 Hard-living motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel, whosebone-breaking, rocket-powered jumps and stunts made him an icon, dies at age 69.

Born On This Day...

In 1427 King Casimir IV of Poland (1447-92)

In 1554 English poet, Philip Sidney (Arcadia)

In 1667 Author/poet, Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels, A Modest Proposal)

In 1809 Publisher, Mark Lemon (founded Punch magazine)

In 1810 Rifle maker, Oliver Fisher Winchester

In 1817 German historian, Theodor Mommsen (Nobel-1902)

In 1835 Writer, Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain] (Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn)

In 1874 British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill (1940-45, 1951-55)

In 1892 Financier, Cyrus West Field (laid first Atlantic Telegraph cable)

In 1898 Football Hall-of-Famer, Roy "Link" Lyman (Bears)

In 1913 TV host/editor, John K.M. McCaffery (American Mecury) [d: 10-3-83]

In 1915 Singer/guitarist, Brownie McGhee (Brownie & Sonny) [d: 2-16-15]

In 1916 Actor, Michael Gwynn (Dunkirk, Barabbas, Cleopatra) [d: 1-29-76]

In 1920 Actress, Virginia Mayo (Out of the Blue, White Heat) [d: 1-17-05]

In 1923 Actor, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (77 Sunset Strip, The FBI) [d: 5-3-14]

In 1924 Shirley Chisholm (first black woman elected to U.S. House) [d: 1-1-05]

In 1924 Comedian, Allan Sherman (Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh) [d: 11-20-73]

In 1926 Actor, Richard Crenna (Real McCoys, First Blood, Rambo) [d: 1-17-03]

In 1926 Saxophonist, Jimmy McGary (Miles Davis, Buddy Rich) [d: 4-15-93]

In 1927 Actor, Robert Guillaume (Benson-Soap, Benson, Sports Night) [d: 10-24-17]

In 1928 Actor, Rex Reason (This Island Earth) [d: 11-19-15]

In 1929 TV host/producer, Dick Clark (American Bandstand) [d: 4-18-12]

In 1929 Producer/director, Joan Ganz Cooney (developed Sesame Street) (88)

In 1930 U.S. boxer, James Felton Boyd (Olympic-Gold-1956) [d: 1-25-97]

In 1930 Radio talk show host, G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate) (87)

In 1931 Actor, Jack Ging (Winds Of War, Ted-Riptide, A Team) (86)

In 1931 Football coach, Bill Walsh (49'ers) [d: 7-30-07]

In 1931 Country singer, Teddy Wilburn (Wilburn Brothers) [d: 11-24-03]

In 1936 Political activist/author, Abbie Hoffman (Yippies) [d: 4-12-89]

In 1937 Director, Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, 1492) (80)

In 1943 Bassist, Leo Lyons (Ten Years After) (74)

In 1944 Bassist/singer, Rob Grill (Grass Roots) [d: 7-11-11]

In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Luther Ingram (If Loving You Is Wrong) [d: 3-19-07]

In 1944 TV model, Dian Parkinson (Miss USA 1965, The Price Is Right) (73)

In 1945 Bassist, Roger Glover (Deep Purple, Rainbow) (72)

In 1947 American playwright, David Mamet (Speed The Plow, Glengarry GlenRoss) (70)

In 1950 Basketball player/coach, Paul Westphal (Celtics, Suns) (67)

In 1950 Actress, Kathryn Witt (Lenny, Pam-Flying High) (67)

In 1951 Actress, Sherilyn Wolter (BJ & the Bear, General Hospital) (66)

In 1952 Actor, Mandy Patinkin (Alien Nation, Chicago Hope, Homeland) (65)

In 1954 Bassist, George McArdle (Little River Band) (63)

In 1954 Singer, June Pointer (Pointer Sisters) [d: 4-11-06]

In 1955 Actor, Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series, Tour Of Duty) (62)

In 1955 Singer, Billy Idol (White Wedding, Rebel Yell, Mony Mony) (62)

In 1957 Guitarist, John Ashton (Psychedelic Furs) (60)

In 1957 Comedian, Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) (60)

In 1958 Singer/actress, Stacey Q (Two Of Hearts, Facts Of Life) (59)

In 1959 Tennis player, Sylvia Hanika (58)

In 1962 Baseball/football player, Vincent 'Bo' Jackson (55)

In 1965 Actor/comedian, Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents, Starsky & Hutch) (52)

In 1965 Drummer, Paul Wheeler (Icehouse) (52)

In 1966 Actor, Justin Lazard (Gil-Central Park West, Species II) (51)

In 1968 Singer/producer, Des'ree (49)

In 1969 Playmate, Carrie Jean Yazel (May-1991) (48)

In 1970 Actor, Walter Jones (Zack-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) (47)

In 1970 Actress, Sandra Oh (Sideways, Grey's Anatomy) (47)

In 1971 Actress, Jessalyn Gilsig (Boston Public) (46)

In 1971 Baseball player, Ivan Rodriguez (46)

In 1975 Country singer, Mindy McCready [d: 2-17-13]

In 1977 Actor, Sheldon Turnipseed (Jamal-Ghostwriters) (40)

In 1978 Singer, Clay Aiken (American Idol) (39)

In 1981 Singer, Beau Bokan (Blessthefall) (36)

In 1982 Actress, Elisha Cuthbert (24, The Girl Next Door) (35)

In 1985 Actress, Kaley Cuoco (Bridget-The Big Bang Theory) (32)

In 1985 Model, Chrissy Teigen (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue) (32)

In 1987 Actress, Christel Khalil (Lily Winters-Young and the Restless) (30)

In 1989 Singer, Carnell Breeding (B5) (28)

In 1994 Actor, Dylan Cash (Michael Quartermaine-General Hospital) (23)

In 1995 Dancer, Kaelynn Gobert-Harris (The X Factor, The Voice, Glee) (22)

In 1997 Rap singer, Trill Sammy ("Trappin'", "Wholesale") (20)

In 1999 Singer, Jason Smith (To Be One) (18)

In 2000 Singer, Trinity Sailor (WeRCharm) (17)

In 2002 Actress, Emily Skinner (Sam & Cat, Andi Mack) (15)

In 2003 Actor, Jahi Di'Allo Winston (Broadway's The Lion King) (14)


Million Dollar Listing's Fredrik Eklund Welcomes Twins. Fredrik Eklund finally has his happily ever after! The Million Dollar Listing star announced that he and husband Derek Kaplan welcomed twins, a boy and girl they named Fredrik Jr. and Milla, on social media Tuesday. Dressed in a pair of hospital scrubs and holding their bundles of joy close, Fredrik captioned the precious snapshot, "Happiest moment of my life. Welcome Fredrick and Milla to the world." The accomplished real estate mogul first revealed they were expecting via surrogate in August, two years after their previous surrogate suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. "We've been blessed two times over - we're six months pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl!" he captioned a celebratory photo of the couple kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. "It was important for us to take the time to keep the news for ourselves, but now we are ready to celebrate all the love." And over the Thanksgiving holiday, Eklund reflected on their future in a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to their twins and surrogate. He wrote, "The last photo before the twins arrive in just a few days. So thankful... most of all to our surrogate, she's become family through this." The proud papa continued, "At night I put my hand on her stomach and feel Milla and Fredrick kicking & we can't wait to finally welcome them home.... It's hard to explain but Derek and I've both been so giggly all the time lately. It's like entering another dimension this thing, if you've had kids perhaps you can relate? I think my heart is going to explode when I finally hold them. We're so appreciative of all the well-wishes and love. Happy Thanksgiving from us!" Throughout their journey to becoming first-time dads, Fredrik has shared just how much they've prepared for the babies' arrivals. Fredrik and Derek decorated the nursery like a castle, and decked the entire room out with toys, books and clothes. Four years after tying the knot, it's obvious this celebrity pair will be the most doting of dads to little Fredrik and Milla! Congratulations, you two! (Eonline)

Nicole Kidman on Building a Better Future for ''Our Daughters:'' Big Change Is Happening. Nicole Kidman is looking toward the future. The Big Little Lies star was honored at the 2017 Gotham Awards, where E! News caught up with her about more and more women making their voices heard about injustice in the entertainment industry. "There's big change happening right now and we can feel it," Kidman shared. "Hopefully the people that are following us will be the recipients of that change. But it's still only in the beginning process of it happening. In terms of our industry and women, statistically it's still crazy how it's not balanced at all." She also noted that the apparent shift taking place not only benefits one gender, but everyone. Nicole continued, "As much as we say it's for our daughters, everyone prospers when there's equality. We take care of each other." When asked about her and Keith Urban's two daughters, 6-year-old Faith and 9-year-old Sunday, Nicole told us she'd much rather watch them pursue their own interests than follow in her acting footsteps. "I want to see them be what they want, what they're passionate about," she shared. "I came from a father who was a psychologist and a biochemist and a mother who was a nurse educator, so they were like, 'Actor? What are you talking about?' They were thrown by that, but at the same time they never devalued it. They let me follow my path, which was very self-motivating." Nicole's close pal and co-star Reese Witherspoon reflected on that path in an emotional speech at the Gotham Awards. Calling Kidman "unwaveringly passionate," Reese touched on her unique ability to captivate audiences on and off screen. "She stands up for what she believes in and she pushes the envelope with every single role she takes," Witherspoon said onstage with tears in her eyes, adding, "She's a magician, she's magic and she's one of the greatest actresses I've ever known and it is a privilege to get to watch her work..." (Eonline)

Meghan Markle's Dog Mystery Sparks Social Media Frenzy. Only one of Meghan Markle's dogs has made it to London. On Monday it was revealed that Markle is engaged to Prince Harry after one and a half years of dating. The former Suits star is now in the U.K., but in Monday's BBC interview with her fiance, she shared only one of her dogs was currently with her in London. "Well I have two dogs that I've had for quite a long time, both my rescue pups," Markle said. "And one is now staying with very close friends and my other little guy is - yes he's in the UK, he's been here for a while." Markle's Beagle, Guy, is said to be in London with her, but her dog Bogart is staying with a friend, as she stated in the interview. Markle didn't reveal the reason as to why Bogart wasn't with her. In response to the news, people are leaving comments on Instagram pictures of Markle's dogs. "@meghanmarkle why did you leave one of your dogs behind ??? How sad for that dog to not only lose his mumma but best friend too," one comment reads. "Praying Bogart gets to join you in London. It will break his heart to be left behind," another Instagram user wrote. A third comment pleads with Markle, "Please take them with you should you move to London. Do not leave them behind, remember men come and go, animals don't!!!" What do you think about this royal dog mystery? The couple is set to tie the knot this May at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. (Eonline)

Harry Styles kissed Lorde twice at the ARIAs and Twitter can't cope. He may have lost out on a Grammy nomination, but Harry Styles won big at the ARIAs in Australia Tuesday. The former One Direction star picked up Best International Artist following the release of his eponymous debut solo album earlier this year. On his way to accept the award, Harry kissed fellow nominee Lorde TWICE, and Twitter officially lost it. We're 99% sure it was just a friendly moment between two competing artists, but who doesn't love the idea that these two could be BFFs? They're definitely two of the coolest names in pop, so could collaboration be on the cards? We'll wait. (British Glamour)

Home is where the heart is. And for Ben Affleck, that's with girlfriend of seven months Lindsay Shookus. The pair were spotted looking at L.A. homes together in October and are now "fully living together," reveals a source. But their new pad isn't on the West Coast. The source reveals NYC-based Saturday Night Live producer Shookus, 37, and the 45-year-old Justice League star "recently" snapped up an apartment in the city's Upper West Side neighborhood. Whenever Affleck is in town, explains the source, "he'll be living there with Lindsay." But his kids keep him firmly rooted in L.A. The actor and ex-wife Jennifer Garner are amicable, and he even spent Thanksgiving Day at her California spread with their children Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5, and other family members. "My mom's coming out, and my brother will come over," he said to E! News of fellow actor Casey ahead of the holiday. In September, the star, who has been open about his ongoing struggles with alcohol addiction, turned to Garner when he felt old demons coming back to haunt him. With her support, he briefly checked himself into rehab. Though he checked himself out after five days, he is now participating in outpatient programs. "Friends and family have never seen Ben so proactive and serious about wanting to get better," reveals a source. "He has learned that dealing with his addiction is an ongoing battle," the insider adds. And as he fights, "He will do what it takes to be the best dad." And a solid boyfriend. Despite their bicoastal status, says the insider, he and Shookus "are happy and going strong." (US Weekly)

Aaron Carter Leaves Rehab After 2 Months. After spending two months in rehab, Aaron Carter has left the treatment facility, E! News can confirm. The "I Want Candy" singer checked into rehab back in September. Carter's rep Steve Honig told E! News the child star entered the facility to "improve his health and work on his overall wellness." Cater also addressed his fans directly via Twitter. "My loved ones, I would like to tell all of you that I will be disappearing for a while to work on myself," he tweeted at the time. "I would also like to announce that I am releasing a gift to you on Oct. 27. In time for Halloween, a new version of 'I Want Candy.' 4 weeks later, I will be releasing my first single from my new album, LOVE. I'll see you soon looking amazing and ready to play all my new songs LIVE. Most importantly, my stressors haven't subsided with family and this year has been crazy and I need some time off from all of it." Carter left the treatment facility in early October to address "several legal and personal matters," per Honig. However, the rep did not disclose details regarding these matters at the time. Still, the "Aaron's Party" singer returned to finish his treatment later that month. Carter continued to document his journey to wellness -- posting before-and-after pictures of his 30-pound and then 45-pound weight gain. "This is my before and after pics. I went from 115 to 160 pounds in two months I feel amazing," he captioned the photo showing his 45-pound weight gain. "2018 I'm ready for you!! My new Music is on its way!" He's also recently spent some time helping others. Last week, the "That's How I Beat Shaq" singer volunteered at Project Angel Food with Charo. It seems like the musician is doing well. Yesterday, he posted a picture of him standing in front of a pair of wings. He captioned the photo, "I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday." Carter continued to tease new music throughout his journey. He even posted a picture of himself "back in the lab" (a.k.a his recording studio) last week. However, fans might get to hear the new music sooner than they think. E! News had learned that the singer is releasing new music in early 2018. (Eonline)

Naya Rivera's Friends and Family Are ''Very Concerned For Her Well-Being'' After Arrest. It's been dramatic week for Naya Rivera following her arrest for misdemeanor domestic battery after allegedly assaulting husband Ryan Dorsey in West Virginia on Saturday. Days later, a source tells E! News that the former Glee actress' friends and family are worried about her welfare after the unsettling event. A source tells E! News, "Naya's friends and family are very concerned for her well-being." Kanawha County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Brian Humphreys told E! News that a police deputy responded to a call about a domestic violence complaint at a residence in Chesapeake, West Virginia on Saturday and talked to Dorsey, who said Rivera struck him in the head and face. Hours after the alleged incident, her teary arraignment was caught by cameras and the whole world got a glimpse at the aftermath of the duo's troubled relationship. The source also claims, "This is not the first time that their relationship has been violent, and the fact that she hit her husband and lashed out like that, is very scary to everyone around her." On the heels of the drama, Ryan tweeted a statement to fans on Tuesday, writing, "This is a difficult time for everyone in the family especially for Naya and I. This isn't some reality show, this is our life, and I ask that everyone especially 'the media' please respect our privacy and treat us/this situation how you would want a loved one to be treated. Perhaps with kindness, respect, without judgment, and as negative a situation this is, with positivity and love. Thanks." Meanwhile, Naya has yet to comment on the situation or the arrest. After the arraignment, Naya was released on bond and picked up by her father-in-law. The source adds, "Ryan's family has been trying to console both of them but are very disappointed." As for Naya's side, the insider says, "Many people close to Naya are urging her to seek immediate help for the sake of her son and herself." The source also adds that the on-again/off-again couple, "have had a toxic relationship for a while now, and although they tried to make it work again, source thinks that a divorce will be a conversation very soon. Everyone wants what is best for Josey and thinks that a permanent separation is needed." Naya and Ryan welcomed a child, a son named Josey Hollis Dorsey, in September 2015. The two have had a long their fair share of relationship issues over the years. Three months after her break up with Big Sean, Ryan and Naya got married in a secret wedding ceremony in Mexico in July 2014. The two had previously dated before her relationship to the rapper. In November 2016, Naya filed for divorce. "After much consideration, we have made the decision to end our marriage," the two stars said in a joint statement on Nov. 21, 2016. "Our priority is and always will be our beautiful son that we share together. We will continue to be great co-parenting partners for him. We ask for respect and privacy for our family during this difficult time." Last month, E! News confirmed the 30-year-old was no longer moving forward with her divorce from Dorsey. She filed a request for dismissal of the divorce paperwork, which she originally filed in November of 2016. "She is back together with Ryan Dorsey," a source told us at the time of the reconciliation. "They want to make it work for the sake of their son." E! News has reached out to her rep for comment. (Eonline)

Matt Lauer Fired From NBC News Over Inappropriate Sexual Behavior. Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC News, Savannah Guthrie announced on Today Wednesday. On Monday night, NBC News chairman Andy Lack received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace on Lauer's behalf. As a result, the organization decided to terminate his employment. Hoda Kotb joined Guthrie to announce his firing, "because this is a sad moment here at Today and NBC News," Guthrie said. Guthrie then read the e-mail Lack sent NBC News staffers moments before: "Dear colleagues, on Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer. It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. As a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he's been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. Our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected, and to ensure that any actions run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who the offender. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events but we will face it together as a news organization -- and do it in as transparent a manner as we can." An emotional Guthrie remained professional as she delivered the news. "We just learned this moments ago, just this morning. As I'm sure you can imagine, we are devastated, and we are still processing all of this," she said. "And I will tell you right now, we do not know more than I just shared with you, but we will be covering this story as reporters as journalists. I'm sure we will be learning more details in the hours and days to come, and we promise we will share that with you. And Hoda, for the moment, all we can say is we are heartbroken. I'm heartbroken for Matt. He is my dear, dear friend and my partner and he is beloved by many people here. And I'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story, and any other women who have their own stories to tell. We are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced these last few weeks: How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly? And I don't know the answer to that. But I do know that this reckoning that so many organizations have been going through his important, it's long overdue, and it must result in workplaces where all women -- all people -- feel safe and respected. As painful as it is, this moment in our culture and this change had to happen." "Yeah, it did," Kotb said in agreement. "This is a very tough morning for both of us. I've known Matt for 15 years and I've loved him as a friend and a colleague. And again, just like you were saying, Savannah, it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know, who walks in this building every single day. We were both woken up with the news kind of pre-dawn. We're trying to process it and trying to make sense of it, and it'll take some time for that." "We're processing it with all of you at home," Guthrie told viewers, "and we promise to be transparent and be straightforward and continue this important conversation." Lauer has not commented on his termination. (Eonline)

Katie Couric straight-up said Matt Lauer pinched her on the ass a lot during their 9-year run on the "Today" show. Katie appeared on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" back in 2012, and during a segment -- Plead the Fifth -- Andy asked about Matt's most annoying habit. What's interesting ... Katie's answer came and went ... it was hardly picked up by the media. It's interesting ... NBC said no one has complained until this week, yet their longtime co-anchor talked about ass-pinching in 2012 and NBC apparently didn't bat an eye. As we reported ... Matt was fired for "inappropriate sexual behavior" in a stunning announcement Wednesday. We're told the investigation has been going on for weeks and the New York Times and other media outlets were working on a story about Lauer. (TMZ)

Kathie Lee Gifford wants to forgive Matt Lauer. The "Today" star, alongside co-host Hoda Kotb, addressed Lauer's prompt firing after an employee raised allegations of sexual harassment against him. "I'm grappling with, should I even share something? But I guess I really should," Gifford, 64, said during the 10 a.m. hour of "Kathie Lee & Hoda." "I don't feel that Matt has betrayed us in any way at all but when I found out that my husband [Frank Gifford] had betrayed me, you question your own judgment. You say, 'Was everything a lie?' And I think we have to very much fight against that, that the man we know and adored was the man we loved and adored and continue to." Gifford said she reached out to Lauer, 59, Wednesday morning and told him, "I adore you." She described the day as a "very, very sad one" at NBC. She continued, "No person is perfect in this world. ... And what we need now is forgiveness and mercy for one another." Page Six exclusively reported Wednesday that the star "Today" show anchor allegedly sexually assaulted a female NBC staffer during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. (Page Six)

Michelle Williams is breaking her silence about former costar Kevin Spacey -- and about sexual harassment in Hollywood. Earlier this month, the House of Cards actor was accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen people. In wake of the scandal, director Ridley Scott decided to replace Spacey in the upcoming drama All the Money in the World, casting Christopher Plummer to reshoot Spacey's scenes, portraying billionaire J. Paul Getty. Williams, who also stars in the possible Oscar-contending movie, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Spacey's exit in the magazine's new issue. "This doesn't do anything to ease the suffering of people who were all too personally affected by Kevin Spacey, but it is our little act of trying to right a wrong," said the actress, 37, who was stunned by the allegations against Spacey, 58. "And it sends a message to predators -- you can't get away with this anymore. Something will be done." "I'm so very proud to be a part of this -- we're all here for Ridley," Williams added. "When this idea was hatched I immediately started to feel better." The actress, who worked on acclaimed movies including Blue Valentine and My Week with Marilyn for Harvey Weinstein's Weinstein Company, hadn't previously addressed the sexual harassment scandals roiling Hollywood. In October, Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance toward him in 1986, when he was just 14 years old. The same day, Spacey issued a statement in which he apologized to Rapp (though he said he didn't remember the incident) and came out publicly as gay. In the weeks that followed, several more men came forward to accuse Spacey of sexual harassment or assault. A rep for Spacey has since said the actor is seeking "evaluation and treatment." Director Scott announced on Nov. 8 he would reshoot all of Spacey's All the Money in the World scenes with Plummer instead, a costly decision that required the crew and cast -- including Williams and costar Mark Wahlberg -- to travel to London and Rome over Thanksgiving to finalize the film before its slated Dec. 22 release. (People)

Kim Kardashian's mission to free Alice Marie Johnson is kicking into high gear ... and the 62-year-old grandmother has expressed her "deep and heartfelt gratitude." According to a thank you note from Alice to Kim, obtained by TMZ ... Alice was floored when she found out Kardashian had enlisted high-powered lawyer Shawn Holley to help with her case. Johnson is currently serving a life sentence for her involvement in a cocaine ring ... her first offense. Alice wrote, "Ms. Kardashian you are literally helping to save my life and restore me to my family. I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope." Johnson also believes Kim's crusade will be a defining moment in history, and will show she was a "key figure in meaningful criminal justice reform becoming a reality." Kim's not just focused on Johnson's case either -- she's also involved in the effort to free Cyntoia Brown, a Tennessee woman who killed a man who was allegedly using her as a sex slave when she was 16. Kardashian and Holley are continuing to communicate with Johnson, Brown and their lawyers in order to develop the best plan for clemency. And as Alice says ... "THE BATTLE IS ON!" (TMZ)

Jennifer Hudson agreed to let David Otunga see their son again, but only because he's out of her house and no longer a physical threat to her ... according to sources connected to the singer. The sources say Jennifer dropped the restraining order keeping Otunga away from 8-year-old David Jr., purely in the child's best interest. Although Jennifer's restraining order docs say, "I am now living in fear for my physical and emotional safety and that of my son" -- we're told she was referring to emotional scarring David Jr. would suffer if he saw his father threaten his mother. She never accused Otunga of physically threatening their child. As we reported, Otunga's been removed from their home, and as a result, we're told Jennifer's satisfied as the emotional risk to their son is no longer present. As for who's been the child's primary caregiver -- our Jennifer sources say she's always made mothering her top priority, even while working to support the family. When she first went to London a year ago to shoot 'The Voice' ... she not only brought Otunga and David Jr., but she also paid Otunga's mom to tutor her grandson. She did the same during her 6-month Broadway run in "The Color Purple." On the issue of custody going forward -- as we reported, David Jr. is with his father right now while Jennifer works in London. However, sources on her side stress David hasn't won anything. The judge hasn't ruled on custody yet, and neither parent's been deemed "primary" caregiver. We're told Jennifer will continue making decisions based on what's best for her son. (TMZ)

Daveigh Chase, the creepy little well girl from "The Ring," just got herself in a hole, 'cause she was busted for joyriding in a car that was reported stolen ... TMZ has learned. Chase was a passenger in a BMW cops pulled over Tuesday around 10 AM in Hollywood. After they quickly ran the plates, the whip popped up as stolen. Law enforcement sources tell us even though Daveigh wasn't driving she was booked for driving in a car without owner's consent ... which is a felony. The driver was booked for the same thing. We're told it's unclear who stole the car, but cops are investigating. Daveigh -- who's also the voice of Disney's Lilo from "Lilo & Stitch" -- is currently in jail on $25,000 bail. We've reached out to her reps ... so far no word back. (TMZ)

Floyd Mayweather's Beverly Hills Mansion got hit in a high stakes burglary ... TMZ Sports has learned. The jacking was discovered Tuesday afternoon when someone on Floyd's team found a broken window at the $26 million crib. According to law enforcement ... the staffer found a bunch of stuff was missing, including luggage, sunglasses and other accessories. That might not sound like much, but this is "Money" Mayweather's place. We're told the minimum value of the stolen property is at least $10k, and likely more than that. They're still taking inventory. These L.A.-area burglaries are an epidemic now with Jason Derulo, Yasiel Puig, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Demi Lovato, Drake, Nicki Minaj all getting hit ... to name just a few. Floyd just bought the 15,000 sq. ft palace in September, and our sources confirm there is a state-of-the-art alarm system. It's unclear if it was on. Floyd is out of the country right now touring China. (TMZ)


The English Mansion With TV Ties Could Be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Future Countryside Home. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...a countryside mansion? Maybe for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! As fans of the royal family remain abuzz over the newly engaged pair, some reports are speculating the two will eventually call this multi-million dollar countryside manor a home. While it has already been confirmed that the future husband and wife will reside at Prince Harry's Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace after their wedding, they may later establish some roots in Cotswolds, near where the prince spent some of his childhood, Prince Charles' Highgrove House residence. The name of the property is Luckington Court, tucked privately into the Cotswolds village of Luckington. With eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and roughly 157 acres of property, the Tudor-style dwelling house sounds perfectly fit for a prince and his bride. Much like the couple, the mansion has both British and TV show roots as the house's exteriors and interiors were used to portray the Bennet family's home in the BBC series, Pride & Prejudice. While there's some speculation that the approximately $10.35 million rural residence reportedly went off the market just as the two announced their engagement, only time will tell if their future includes Luckington. Perhaps it will be a wedding present from Queen Elizabeth II, just like she gifted Anmer Hall to William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for their nuptials. If they do decide to move in at any point, the structure certainly lends itself to starting a family. After all, there are eight bedrooms and plenty of grass for any future youngster to run around in. Of course, there's a wedding to plan first. As Prince Harry said during their first joint interview on Monday, "I think one step at a time and hopefully we'll start a family in the near future." (Eonline)

Prince William Hopes Prince Harry Stays Out of His Fridge Now That He's Engaged. Prince Harry, now that you're engaged, stop scrounging food from your older brother Prince William's fridge. Clarence House announced this week that the younger royal and American actress Meghan Markle, who recently left the show Suits and retired from acting, are set to marry in May. "We're very excited and delighted for them both and wishing them all the happiness in this very exciting time," William told reporters on Wednesday during a royal visit to Helsinki, Finland, joking, "And for me personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and will stop him scrounging my food, which he's done for the last few years." "It's a fantastic process to go through -- the engagement and then the buildup to the wedding," William continued. "They've got a lot of happy times ahead of them. I think they're very caught up in the moment and I wish them all the happiness and success in planning the wedding. I hope it goes really well." Hours after Harry and Meghan's engagement was announced, William and wife Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, had said in a statement, "We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together." "William and I are absolutely thrilled, it's such exciting news," Kate told ITV News during a visit to London's Foundling Museum in London on Tuesday. "It's a really happy time for any couple, and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment." William and Harry's stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, said she was "absolutely thrilled" about the engagement. "America's loss is our gain," she said. "And we are all absolutely delighted. As you can see, they're so happy. Sometimes, you know, in a climate where we're surrounded by a lot of bad news, it's a real joy to have a bit of good news for once." (Eonline)

The Weeknd Deletes Selena Gomez From His Social Media. Selena Gomez...who? Almost a month after their "amicable" break up, The Weeknd is slowly taking steps to delete his famous ex-girlfriend (who was recently spotted kissing Justin Bieber) from his Instagram and seemingly his life. The "Starboy" singer has just unfollowed and wiped away all signs of the "Wolves" singer from his Instagram account, so say the rabid looky-loos who notice those sorts of things (and yes, we can confirm that that's true). Where once the two cozied up on each other for all to see, there is no trace of their short-lived love on Abel Tesfaye's 'Gram. So for any of you holding out for a reconciliation -- it may be time to let go. Interestingly enough, Gomez still has plenty of photos of the 10-month twosome on her 130 million-strong Instagram account. One photo was posted as recently as Sept. 5. Although who knows how long those coupled-up pics will stay on her social media now that Abel's wiped his Insta clean of his former lady love? Last month, rumors started swirling of The Weeknd and Selena's split after fans noticed that Abel had unfollowed Selena's mother, family members and other of her friends (which is exactly what he did before his break up with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid). So we could pretty much it coming that the "I Feel It Coming" hit-maker got rid of all signs of his ex now that he's moved on. The singer's been sighted with a bevy of beauties since the breakup. On Nov. 10, the 27-year-old singer hung out with the Bieb's one-time love interest Jovanna Ventura, a 21-year-old model from Miami. The Weeknd and Yovanna were spotted leaving Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles together. As for Selena and Justin, the on-again exes have not commented on the status of their current relationship. "They are exclusive," a source told E! News. "They don't want to date anyone else. They both are very committed to making this work. Justin and Selena have grown up since the last time they were together." For fans who can't get enough of Jelena: look out for those two, who just can't seem to quit each other, to become Instagram official in the future. It's only a matter of time. (Eonline)

Gwen Stefani was hauling ass and avoiding questions about haters hating on BF Blake Shelton's Sexiest Man of the Year title, but it didn't matter because TSA eventually put the brakes on her hustle. Gwen was just like everyone else who traveled Tuesday ... trying to get through security at LAX, only she became one of the unlucky few who got a FULL pat-down and was wanded after her full body scan. She was given the once/twice/thrice over for a full 90 seconds before she was allowed to go on her merry way. (TMZ)

When it came to planning her Nov. 21 wedding to Ben Domenech, Meghan McCain was not in the mood to stress. "I was not really caught up in the details," she tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week's issue, on stands Friday. "I just wanted everybody to have a good time." But when her father, Sen. John McCain, tore his Achilles tendon in the days leading up to the ceremony, the bride had to figure out a new plan for getting down the aisle. Enter her brother, Army guardsman Jimmy, 29. "He stepped in to walk me down the actual aisle and then my dad gave me away at the very end," Meghan explains. "I had nerves right before I was going to walk out, but Jimmy was making me laugh the entire time." Mom Cindy, 63, who sat in the front row, says her daughter's joy was palpable. "She was very calm and very positive," she says. "here and her dad was here, which was the most important thing." Tragically, her father's presence hadn't necessarily been a given. In July, 81-year-old McCain, the six-term Arizona senator and former Republican presidential nominee, was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a rare and highly aggressive form of brain cancer that has a median survival rate of 14 months. (Only 5 to 10 percent of patients make it past five years.) "I felt like a nuclear bomb went off in my life. I was a mess. I was barely functioning," Meghan says. Her father launched into an immediate round of radiation and chemotherapy to treat a brain tumor, followed by a second round six weeks later, when doctors found another tumor had appeared in its place. Four months later, "it's still a fight, but I'm doing fine," the senator tells PEOPLE in an exclusive phone interview from the family's ranch outside Sedona. "I'm getting treatment, and my progress is steady and good. People are saying, 'I hope you can get over this.' I believe I will." Meghan says her father's devastating diagnosis made her own life come into focus. The 33-year-old conservative co-host of The View had been dating Domenech, 35, cofounder of the website The Federalist, for two years, and "we were already talking about getting married, but this made it official," she says. "There was something about Ben being there for me, at my father's treatments. I was like, 'This is love.' I felt this overwhelming sense of time and my own mortality. We ended up saying, 'Let's do this now.'" "We were originally going to elope before everything happened with my dad, but obviously all these things have taken on new meaning," Meghan says. Adds her new husband: "This brought into focus how important it was for Meghan to have her dad see her get married, and to have that happen while he was still fully there and fully able to participate. This was something that she needed." The pair set about inviting 117 close friends, family members and former campaign workers for a Thanksgiving-week soiree with a western hunting-lodge theme. "We pushed everything up," Meghan says. "My dad is doing really well right now, but it's a deeply unpredictable cancer. You're really just living scan to scan. I wanted to make sure that he was -- that we were all -- there. Why wait?" The festivities took place at the McCain family ranch in Cornville, Arizona. "This beautiful valley has some special meaning because that's where we spent all our time with our kids growing up," Senator McCain explains. "The wedding was a celebration of life and also a chance for us to revisit and celebrate the past." For the reception, "we wanted it to be very Arizona, very Americana," says Meghan. Wedding planner Jim Bullock of Sedona's Events by Showstoppers decorated three Nordic kata tents with taxidermy, antlers, animal skins and a vintage American flag so it would look "like if Teddy Roosevelt had a hunting lodge," Meghan says. The senator says he teared up watching Meghan's first dance with Ben as Clay Aiken sang. He had to forgo a planned father-daughter dance because of his ankle, but Meghan says she didn't mind. "I'm not disappointed, and I genuinely mean that," she says. "I felt really blessed and loved, and I don't feel like I missed out on anything." Besides, adds her mom Cindy, it might have been for the best: "When John had a good leg, he still couldn't dance. So it was a good thing!" (People)


Eminem Announces Release Date for Revival Album. Guess who's back, back again? After dropping hints about the name of his new album, Eminem confirmed Revival will be released Dec. 15. Back in October, music manager Paul Rosenberg posted an Instagram photo featuring an ad for Revival, a phony drug company claiming to treat "Atrox Rithimus." Reddit users quickly learned the fake advertisement was part of a larger campaign to promote Eminem's new album. The campaign even featured a website, commercial and phone number -- all littered with clues tying back to Marshall Mathers. Playing off of the campaign, Eminem posted a video about Revival on Twitter and Instagram along with the album's release date. "Today I have great news for all of you suffering from AR," a man said in the video. "You see, Revival isn't a medication at all. Revival is the name of the new album for Eminem and it's coming out December 15. On behalf of everyone who took part in the Revival campaign, thank you. Don't worry, you won't be seeing us again." The man in the video, who went by Trevor, also said, "If you happen to run into me out on the street, please don't ask me anything about the album. Em, told me he likes to keep people guessing. Just kidding, I don't know sh-t. I've never met Eminem." The last album Eminem released was The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in 2013. The rapper has clearly been busy. In addition to working on Revival, the artist dropped a new song with Beyonce called "Walk on Water" earlier this month. (Eonline)

Blink-182 and Steve Aoki are both known for playing loud music to packed crowds, so seeing the band unplug for Aoki in a living room with only about 100 others is quite the sight. Aoki turns 40 Thursday, so Blink serenaded him with a couple songs. The band went with a non-traditional birthday jam, "What's My Age Again?," and added a personal touch for Steve by changing the lyrics from "Nobody likes you when you're 23" to ... "when Aoki's 40." The intimate get-together went down at billionaire Ron Burkle's. (TMZ)

Famed Bono & Chris Martin Cover 'One For My Baby' for AIDS Charity on Kimmel Sean Penn makes a cameo in the (RED) Shopathon special performance. For the third year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel donated some air time to (RED)'s Shopathon for a special episode filled with celebrity appearances, all in the name of fighting AIDS. Tuesday night's (Nov. 28) edition featured (RED) co-founder Bono offering up his take on Frank Sinatra's classic, "One For My Baby." The performance was lit in black and white, similar to Christmas specials of the past, with the singer sitting beside a bar with a red cocktail. The famous face serving up drinks was none other than Sean Penn, making a cameo for the charity event. Later in the song, the camera cut away from the black and white scene, and Coldplay's Chris Martin took over the vocals, sitting at a red baby grand piano. Bono also announced he would be breaking a massive pact he made in his teens for a charitable cause. (RED) has partnered with Omaze to raffle off incredible experiences with your favorite stars for a $10 donation, and Bono has contributed a chance to play mini-golf with him and his band - a sport he swore he'd never, ever play, because he was a true rock 'n roll guy. Make your contribution to (RED) and have a chance to play putt-putt with Bono and more here. (Billboard)

Bruno Mars Talks Going 'Live at the Apollo' for First TV Special. Bruno Mars will be traveling between concerts on the South America leg of his world tour when CBS Television Network premieres Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at the Apollo Wednesday night (Nov. 29, 10:00 p.m.-11 p.m. ET/PT). But the multi-tasker has already viewed the telecast multiple times during the last several months as co-executive producer of his first primetime special. "We didn't want this to be just a television show where the Hooligans and I sing three songs and go to commercial then sing three more songs and go to another commercial," Mars tells Billboard during a day off from the tour. "The band and I wanted to create a vibe that translates what we felt at the Apollo Theater. As soon as we walked in there, we said this is the only place to do this special. Hopefully, the audience will feel that vibe at home." Before Mars stood on the legendary stage, the Apollo Theater already meant something special to him. Among his favorite childhood memories are watching the television series Showtime at the Apollo and listening to Brown's groundbreaking 1963 album Live at the Apollo. "You can feel an aura," says Mars of the venue. "There's definitely some kind of magic going on inside there." Like Brown, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and others before him, Mars also rubbed the theater's fabled "Tree of Hope" stump for good luck. "Of course, I had to do that," he says with a laugh. Mars and the Hooligans also rubbed elbows with the residents of the Apollo's surrounding Harlem, New York neighborhood. "We wanted everybody in the community to come out to the show," says Mars. "So we passed out tickets as we met people in different locations. You'll see them in the audience at the Apollo." Teaser trailers promoting Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at the Apollo follow Mars and the Hooligans as they cruise the streets, visit a local park, hang out in a restaurant kitchen and jam atop the Apollo marquee. Bruno Mars performs at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Besides the CBS television special, Mars is also celebrating the six nominations he received for the upcoming 60th Grammy Awards. Those nods -- including record of the year ("24K Magic"), album of the year (24K Magic) and song of the year ("That's What I Like") -- bring his total of career Grammy nominations to 27. Following his Nov. 28 performance in Chile, Mars will bring his world tour to Peru (Nov. 30), Ecuador (Dec. 2), Colombia (Dec. 5) and Costa Rica (Dec. 7) before returning to the U.S. for another North America run beginning with a two-night stand in Washington, D.C. (Dec. 20-21). (Billboard)

Rob Zombie Narrates Charles Manson Documentary 'The Final Words'. Following the death of cult-leader-slash-mass-murderer Charles Manson earlier this month, a documentary surrounding his story slated for 2018 has been pushed up and is slated to premiere this weekend. Charles Manson: The Final Words is filled with chilling clips of Manson ranting about his own assumed infamy, with narration by macabre rocker Rob Zombie. The film also further examines the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders with graphic re-creations, as well as interviews with other Manson family members. Charles Manson: The Final Words will premiere on Dec. 3 on Reelz. Following a series of hospitalizations in 2017, Manson died of natural causes on Nov. 20 at age 83 after more than 45 years in prison. (Billboard)

Mick Rock, Nikki Sixx, & More To Tell Personal David Bowie Song Stories at Sonos One Event. David Bowie's life will be celebrated through stories told by a diverse lineup of artists next week. Sonos is hosting a free event on Dec. 5, which will give a platform for never-before-heard personal stories to be recounted about the late star's songs. So far, four storytellers have been listed to share at the event. Legendary British photographer Mick Rock -- famous for shooting many iconic stars, including Bowie -- leads the lineup. Mötley Crüe co-founder Nikki Sixx is also scheduled to speak, along with Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh and MTV anchor/punk rocker Meredith Graves. RSVP here for the sure to be memorable event, which will take place at Sonos Store in New York. (Billboard)

German TV Drops Roger Waters Concerts Over His Support for Israeli Boycott. The ex-Pink Floyd frontman supports the Palestinian-led boycott, which calls on artists to refuse to perform in Israel. German public broadcasters have dropped plans to air concerts next year by ex-Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters, citing what they call "accusations of anti-Semitism against him." Waters is among the most prominent supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, or BDS, a Palestinian-led group that calls on artists to boycott Israel to protest the country's occupation of territories where Palestinians seek statehood. Waters, along with other supporters of BDS, have been accused of anti-Semitism for their protest. Five television and radio affiliates of Germany's national ARD network have dropped plans to broadcast concerts by Waters in Berlin and Cologne scheduled next summer. RBB, a regional ARD affiliate in Berlin and Brandenburg, said by dropping Waters it wanted to send a message to other artists who refuse to perform in Israel. "Taking a clear position here is an important signal for RBB to the Jewish communities in Berlin and Brandenburg," RBB director Patricia Schlesinger said in a statement. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, supported the move, calling the "quick and decisive reaction" by the public broadcasters "an important signal that rampant antisemitism against Israel has no place in Germany." Marek Lieberberg, Waters's tour director (and the son of Holocaust survivors) called the broadcasters' decision "absolutely ridiculous." Speaking to Germany's Mannheimer Morgen newspaper, he said the surge in support for the far-right Alternative for Germany party showed German Jews were right to be concerned about "clearly visible and growing antisemitism" in the country but argued that Waters "has a right to freedom of opinion." The BDS movement was launched in 2005 as a non-violent campaign to try and pressure Israel to comply with international law and end the occupation of territory it has held since the 1967 war. But while the movement has gathered momentum in recent years, it has also drawn sharp criticism from artists who say it unjustly punishes Israeli's artistic community. Australian singer Nick Cave said his recent tour of Israel was in direct, deviant response to the BDS movement which he said has tried to "bully" and "silence" musicians. Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren has also rejected calls to boycott Israel. ARD in Germany was recently accused of anti-Semitism itself after one of its affiliates refused to air a documentary exploring discrimination, media bias and rising violence against Jews in Europe. ARD claimed the film: Chosen and Excluded -- The Hate on Jews in Europe was one-sided and did not meet its journalistic standards. But after the film was leaked online via a local tabloid, ARD broadcast the documentary, albeit in an highly-edited form with additional on-air commentary. (Billboard)


Christopher Plummer Replaces Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World Trailer. Christopher Plummer has replaced Kevin Spacey in the new All the Money in the World trailer. Plummer took on the role as J. Paul Getty after Spacey faced a series of sexual harassment allegations. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film is about the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III. The new trailer shows Plummer playing the role of the billionaire oil tycoon asked to pay his grandson's ransom. Scott revealed Plummer would replace Spacey earlier this month -- giving the cast and crew only a few weeks to reshoot all of Spacey's scenes before its Dec. 22 debut date. According to Scott's exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director was finalizing the music for the film when he heard about the Spacey allegations. "I sat and thought about it and realized, we cannot. You can't tolerate any kind of behavior like that. And it will affect the film. We cannot let one person's action affect the good work of all these other people. It's that simple," he said. Still, it looks like Scott may make his deadline after all. Entertainment Weekly reports that the director finished filming the movie Nov. 29. "I'm so very proud to be a part of this -- we're all here for Ridley," Michelle Williams, who plays the kidnapped boy's mother, told Entertainment Weekly. "When this idea was hatched, I immediately started to feel better. This doesn't do anything to ease the suffering of people who were all too personally affected by Kevin Spacey, but it is our little act of trying to right a wrong. And it sends a message to predators -- you can't get away with this anymore. Something will be done." So, how did Plummer feel about taking on the role? "I think it's very sad what happened to him," the 87-year-old actor told Vanity Fair earlier this month. "Kevin is such a talented and a terrifically gifted actor, and it's so sad. It's such a shame." He later added, "It's really not replacing him [Spacey] -- it's starting all over again. Although the situation is very sad. I'm very saddened by what happened to Kevin, but what can I do? I've got a role. I admire Ridley Scott and I'm thrilled to be making a movie for him. And so I thought, that was it. Ages ago I was in contention for [the role], way back. So I was familiar with it, and then Ridley came to me and I agreed. I wanted to work with him. He's very good. I loved the script. The script is wonderful." Watch the trailer to see a sneak peek of Plummer's performance. All the Money in the World isn't the only job Spacey lost following the allegations. Netflix also cut ties with the former House of Cards star. "Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey," a statement from the company read. "We will continue to work with MRC during this hiatus time to evaluate out path forward as it relates to the show. We have also decided we will not be moving forward with the release of the film Gore, which was in post-production, starring and produced by Kevin Spacey." (Eonline)

First 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer Unleashes Thanos' Wrath. The Russo Bros. team-up opens May 4. The Avengers are calling everyone they know for this one. The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is basically a roll call of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all the players have one goal: to stop Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his Infinity Stone-powered rampage across the galaxy. The film from the Russo Bros. is written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who penned the three Captain America movies. Pre-pandemonium was at an all-time high ahead of the release, with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland causing a stir with a creative way to reveal the film's new poster, while a retrospective video showing fans reacting to old trailers is closing in on 500,000 views on YouTube in a matter of hours. Marvel Studios is opening the film May 4. (Hollywood Reporter)

'Star Wars': How Captain Phasma Ended Up With Her Own Nissan. Tie-ins get complicated when there's no product placement in a film: "Telling my own executives that we can't put a Rogue in the Death Star was a hard part of the initial conversation." In a nondescript warehouse next to the Burbank Airport, there is a one-of-a kind, multi-million-dollar Nissan Maxima in the middle of room with a team of automotive customizers scrutinizing every square inch. What makes this Maxima so special? It's one of seven custom show cars Nissan has produced with the team at Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's helping build off of 2016's Nissan/Rogue One: A Star Wars Story partnership. While that crossover's limited-edition Nissan Rogue came with an exclusive Death Trooper helmet, this time around, Nissan and ILM wanted to take it a step beyond and build seven custom cars that echo characters in the film. The Maxima is an homage to the villainous Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie in the film. And creating it took hundreds of hours of handwork by Burbank's Vehicle Effects shop, best known for its work on the Fast and the Furious series. Phasma's Maxima is covered in high-gloss silver armor and the front fascia is shaped to form the character's mask. Both the fascia and hood are hand-crafted from aluminum and a custom red accent line runs the length of the car, all the better to match Phasma's cape and armor. Eric Shimp, project manager at Vehicle Effects, tells Heat Vision it took at least 100 hours to turn Phasma's mask from 2D into 3D and then more than 200 hours for the metal fabrication on this car alone -- never mind there are six more vehicles. "The detail work is insane," says Shimp, "Phasma's car is the most artisan of the bunch." The Captain Phasma Maxima is also a celebration of female strength. The Nissan's Maxima team us led by a female engineer, while ILM's vehicle designer is a woman -- as is the vehicle's brand director. All seven cars will be on display at the LA Auto Show Dec. 1-10 at the LA Convention Center. If you can't make it, Nissan is planning a full digital blitz around the The Last Jedi -- from in-dealer VR activations to regional auto show events, a digital microsite and, of course, a car giveaway and tickets to the Last Jedi premiere. When asked how a partnership like this makes sense -- as there is no product placement the film -- Nissan's Jeremy Tucker responds with a laugh. "Telling my own executives that we can't put a Rogue in the Death Star was a hard part of the initial conversation, but once I explained clearly to my team that there was no product placement, that instead of putting our cars into the movie and having the characters driving the cars, we would play with the themes and mythologies from the films for the creative, they were all on board," says Tucker, Vice President, Marketing Communications & Media for Nissan. "We weren't just going to do a logo slap and a product placement. Star Wars ... has millions of fans and if you piss them off, you are done." Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens Dec. 15. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oscars: Family Ties Are Tested in Croatia's 'Quit Staring at My Plate'. Director Hana Jusic Marijana says her debut feature attempts to subvert the typical story of rebellious youth escaping from a small town. Not long ago, when people talked about Croatia, it was often in the same breath as the breakup of Yugoslavia and its attendant war and bloodshed. Now, 20 years later, Croatia is a member of the European Union and, with its historic architecture and miles of coastline, a top vacation destination. But Quit Staring at My Plate, the country's entry in the foreign-language Oscar race, depicts neither of those Croatias. The multilayered debut feature from director Hana Jusic shows a side of Croatia that most people will never see. Here, a hodgepodge of historical architecture and post-industrial decay takes a backseat to the small everyday life of Marijana, an unremarkable young woman in a deeply patriarchal society who might -- or might not -- want to break free from her unremarkable existence. The film is set in Sibenik, the picturesque seaside town where Jusic grew up. But in Marijana's world, beautiful vistas are crowded out by the details of her dingy home life and meddlesome family. "I wanted to make a film that wouldn't be a postcard of this town. This town is really beautiful when you see it, but I didn't want to show it in this way that people were used to seeing it. I wanted to have this 'verfremdungseffekt' (distancing effect), for people who live there to watch it anew from a different angle," says Jusic, referencing Berthold Brecht's estrangement effect where an audience is kept at an emotional distance from the material to remain a critical observer. Occasionally one spies a patch of blue -- a flash of the Adriatic Sea, like a glimpse of freedom -- at the end of a medieval alleyway, but it quickly disappears and the walls of the family's tiny two-bedroom apartment close-in. In a play on horror vacui, a horror of empty spaces, ugly piles of clutter fill every corner, from tchotchkes and plastic food containers to unwashed bedclothes. "I wanted to make the apartment a character in the film, like it's alive with them and it's pushing them inside toward each other," Jusic. "In Croatia people often buy too many things that are really cheap. They kind of bury themselves under these things and they never throw things away, so you have layers of lives that are being forgotten that are here, but you don't see these objects anymore. You're just walling yourself in with your stupid meaningless things." Every morning, Marijana leaves the apartment, which she shares with her tyrannical father, do-nothing mother and mentally disabled brother, and goes to her uninspiring job as a lab technician. And every evening, she returns home to their minuscule kitchen for a tense family meal where uncomfortable moments abound. In a rare outburst, Marijana talks back to her father, and he slaps her across the back of the head with a napkin. And yet, family dinners remain sacrosanct. "Family meals are rituals that give the impression that everything is going on fine in the family," Jusic explains. "These meals that are symbols of familial life are actually sometimes places where people are being the worst toward each other. Over these meals, you're facing each other and some conversations that are not very nice spring up. So these meals were actually twofold, a means of operation and means of closeness." The idea of closeness -- most of the time a suffocating physical proximity, but sometimes a familial tenderness -- is central to the film. Marijana and her family practically live on top of one another; privacy is nonexistent. (The film's title is a Croatian expression meaning "mind your own business.") But when her father suffers a stroke, she becomes the head of the family and starts doing as she pleases -- staying out all night and sleeping with strangers -- as a means of exerting control over her life. Marijana tries to leave it all behind, but her freedom is not sweet, and the bonds of home and family keep pulling her back. She is still a woman in a society dominated by men. She is neither wealthy nor beautiful. Realistically her options are few. If Plate were an American movie, Marijana would likely leave her small town and make it big. But Jusic wanted to subvert that idea, opting for a different conclusion, one where the protagonist can go home again and that might be OK. "(The idea) that you really have to do something with your life and you have to achieve something, you have to try hard not to waste your life -- sometimes for me, for my generation, this seems really oppressive," Jusic says. "And it seems very consoling sometimes that you just live your life from day to day and don't really try hard to do anything with it. "Sometimes you have a feeling that if you're at least a bit talented in something, you have to use it up," she adds. "So we are being commodified. We commodify ourselves in a way. And I don't think it's wasting [your life] if you live a simple life. It's not wasting anything, you just live." (Hollywood Reporter)

Just because Harvey Weinstein is out of the Oscars picture, it doesn't mean there won't be the usual dirty tricks, smear campaigns and intense awards jockeying behind the scenes. In a bombshell Hollywood Reporter interview, Armie Hammer -- who starred in last year's front-runner turned awards-poison "The Birth of a Nation" -- accuses an unnamed industry player of sinking that movie by leaking details to the media about director Nate Parker being accused of rape. The actor predicted he'll be hammered again this year for his latest film, "Call Me by Your Name," a gay romance set in 1980s Italy. Hammer claims the timing of headlines about rape allegations made in 1999 against Parker "was orchestrated for sure .?.?. There was another person in the industry, who had a competing film for the Academy Awards, who decided to release all of the phone records and information. I've been told who did it -- by several people." Hammer declined to name the culprit, but speculation has swirled that the competing leaker was uberproducer Scott Rudin, another awards mastermind, who had "Fences" up for the 2017 Oscars. But another source insisted of the speculation, "It had nothing to do with Scott. It was literally on Nate Parker's Wikipedia page. It was simply [distributor] Fox Searchlight's mistake." (Parker was acquitted in 2001.) Yet Hammer was expecting more subterfuge this season, adding: "Given my history .?.?. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop." By Tuesday, perhaps it already had. BuzzFeed had posted a critical piece on Hammer, asking, "How many second chances does a handsome white male star get?" after failures including "The Lone Ranger." Hammer tweeted in response: "Your perspective is bitter AF .?.?. Maybe I'm just a guy who loves his job and refuses to do anything but what he loves to do?" Then he deleted his Twitter account. Rudin, who declined to comment, gave Hammer his big break in "The Social Network." He also produced Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird," which is rivaling Hammer's movie for Oscar buzz. (Page Six)


Meghan Markle Officially Leaving Suits After Season 7. Meghan Markle is hanging up her TV law degree and saying goodbye to Suits. The actress, who has spent seven seasons as Rachel Zane, a paralegal-turned-attorney, will exit with the seventh and final season after announcing her engagement to Prince Harry. USA Network confirmed the news just a day after Meghan's engagement was announced. "From all of us at USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, we want to send our most heartfelt congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement. Meghan has been a member of our family for seven years and it has been a joy to work with her. We want to thank her for her undeniable passion and dedication to Suits, and we wish her the very best," USA Network and Universal Cable Productions said in a statement. During their first joint interview Prince Harry and Meghan acknowledged she was moving on from the series. "I don't see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change," she said. "It's a new chapter, right? And also, keep in mind, I've been working on [Suits] for seven years. We were very, very fortunate to have that sort of longevity on a series... I've ticked this box, and I feel very proud of the work I've done there, and now it's time to work with [Harry] as a team." Over the years, Markle's Rachel Zane became romantically involved with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and grew professionally at Pearson Specter Litt. "Through the toughest of times -- whether professional or personal -- Rachel has proven to Suitors around the world that it's always worth it to fight for what you believe in and never lose faith in yourself," USA said in a blog post. Suits returns in early 2018. (Eonline)

Arrow's Oliver and Felicity Were the Worst Wedding Guests Ever in the CW Crossover. If there's one thing we learned from this year's CW crossover, it's to not invite Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak to your wedding. Or we guess we might be calling her Felicity Queen now, since she and Oliver tied the knot in what was probably the most obnoxious way possible, after the proposal happened in the most obnoxious way possible, and then they were all obnoxious about it while there were actual nazis (including a nazi version of Oliver!) roaming around trying to kill everyone. And to top it all off, they were among Barry and Iris' many friends who didn't RSVP for the wedding until the day before, which is just plain rude! But let's start with that proposal, which was barely a proposal. At the rehearsal dinner, Oliver just started talking about how he wanted his and Felicity's rehearsal dinner to be just like that, and Felicity got all "what are you talking about?" Finally he did actually ask her to marry him, and she said no, eventually declaring to the entire room of people focused on the happiness of Barry and Iris that she did not want to marry you, Oliver Queen. Whenever Oliver had a moment during any of the nazi-fighting, he brought up the fact that Felicity didn't want to marry him, either to Felicity or to Barry and Iris, and wanted to talk about it constantly. He had a nazi doppelganger married to nazi Supergirl, and all he wanted to do was talk about Felicity rejecting his proposal. Then, Barry and Iris were literally in the middle of an adorable impromptu ceremony with Diggle officiating (which was already awkward because it was right after Stein's funeral, still in funeral clothing, but whatever). Oliver and Felicity were supposed to be the best man and maid of honor, the silent witnesses to this beautiful event -- silent being the key word. Instead, Felicity stopped Diggle while he was pronouncing man and wife to ask if she and Oliver could SHARE THE CEREMONY. She realized right then and there that she did, in fact, want to marry Oliver, and they should do it now! Right now! While another couple was also getting married! She and Oliver didn't even have their own vows, because they couldn't compete with Barry and Iris. So they not only stole their ceremony, but also essentially stole their vows. Barry and Iris just stood there, saying nothing, while Oliver and Felicity blabbered on about what they were doing, with no one ever pointing out that Oliver and Felicity could have Diggle marry them literally any time they wanted, any other time that was not during the post-funeral wedding of someone else. But since no one pointed that out, they just continued on with it, and both couples were married together for some reason. And it was clearly supposed to be cute and heartwarming but instead it was just SO RUDE. And another thing: Barry and Iris' second wedding did not include the phrase "I do," which might not be such a big deal in a casual setting, but remember the waitress who was most likely Barry and Iris' future daughter? "Remember to say 'I do,'" is the last thing she said to him. Does this mean we should be worried?! Of course, it's The Flash and we should always be worried, but honestly, WestAllen has had enough wedding drama to last them a lifetime, which Oliver and Felicity should have realized, which is why they should have just let them have this one to themselves, gosh darn it! Anyway, don't invite the Queens to your wedding because they will most definitely make it all about them. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and Arrow airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. (Eonline)

Monica Lewinsky didn't shy away from sharing her thoughts about a forthcoming HLN special titled The Monica Lewinsky Scandal. The 44-year-old author took to Twitter on Tuesday, November 28, to offer her insight on the name. "Fixed it for you. You're welcome," the former White House intern captioned a screenshot of an article promoting the two-hour special airing on Sunday, December 2, at 9 p.m. ET. on CNN's sister network. The Monica: Her Story author replaced the title with her own correction, suggesting it be called The Starr Investigation or The Clinton Impeachment instead. Lewinsky received a great deal of support on Twitter following her Tweet on Tuesday. As previously reported, Lewinsky engaged in a sexual affair with then-President Clinton while she was an intern in 1998. Lewinsky has since spoken out about being publicly shamed and ridiculed for years after the news of the relationship went public. "I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity were ripped off of me in '98 and '99," the fashion designer told the Guardian in April 2016. "It's a skinning of sorts. You feel incredibly raw and frightened. But I also feel like the shame sticks to you like tar." While giving a TED Talk in Vancouver, Canada, in March 2015, Lewinsky further opened up about the scandal and revealed that it will always affect her. "Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of my mistake, and I regret that mistake deeply," she said at the time. "In 1998, after having been swept up in an improbable romance, I was then swept into the eye of a political, legal, and media maelstrom like we had never seen before ... I lost my reputation and my dignity. I lost my sense of self." Although Bill and Hillary Clinton have refrained from publicly supporting Lewinsky in the past, their view on the affair has changed as numerous allegations of sexual assault against men in Hollywood have surfaced in recent months. Hillary's communication director Jennifer Palmieri, who also worked for Bill's administration, spoke out about the repercussions of the affair during an interview with MSNBC earlier this month. "Monica Lewinsky was my intern and the relationship the president had with her was very inappropriate," Palmieri said. "It was a consensual relationship, but he was the President of the United States and she was a 24-year-old intern -- that is taking advantage of a power dynamic on a historic scale." (US Weekly)

HBO Launches Standalone Streaming Service in Seven More European Countries. "We are making it even easier for consumers to become HBO subscribers," says the CEO of HBO Europe as the service hits Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. HBO is expanding its standalone, or direct-to-consumer, streaming video service to seven more Central European countries. Viewers in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina will have direct access to HBO Go on a standalone basis starting Wednesday. The move follows the launch of such an offer two weeks ago in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. HBO Go offers HBO's entire library of original series, films and documentaries, along with HBO Europe's locally-produced drama and documentaries and a wide selection of the best content from other premium TV services. Available over the internet, HBO Go enables subscribers to enjoy top original content, such as Game of Thrones, Westworld and Silicon Valley alongside popular classic series like Sex and the City, The Sopranos and The Wire. Subscribers will also get access to HBO Europe local programming, such as Shadows (Romania), Burning Bush (Czech Republic), The Pack (Poland) and Golden Life (Hungary). The service will be available across a range of internet-enabled devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Herve Payan, CEO of HBO Europe, said: "With the further expansion of HBO Go into seven additional territories we are making it even easier for consumers to become HBO subscribers." (Hollywood Reporter)

ESPN Cutting 150 Employees. Network president John Skipper announced the cuts in a memo to employees Wednesday morning. ESPN is parting ways Wednesday with 150 employees, mostly from the studio production, digital content and technology departments, network president John Skipper announced in a memo Wednesday morning. The cuts, Skipper said, "generally reflect decisions to do less in certain instances and redirect resources." "We appreciate their contributions, and will assist them as much as possible in this difficult moment with severance, a 2017 bonus, the continuation of health benefits and outplacement services," Skipper said of the employees impacted. "They will also appreciate your support." The cuts represent less than 2 percent of ESPN's 8,000-strong workplace, and the network is still hiring. Summing up ESPN's operating strategy, he said, "We will continue to invest in ways which will best position us to serve the modern sports fan and support the success of our business." The cuts were widely expected, with most outlets reporting that 100-plus staffers would get the boot. Earlier, it was expected that on-camera talent would be targeted, but that narrative shifted, and the majority of employees impacted largely worked behind the scenes. ESPN parted ways with about 100 employees in April, mostly more high-profile, on-air talent. (Hollywood Reporter)

NBC is scrambling to meet with talent and production staff from its news shows to go over various issues related to Matt Lauer's firing. We're told Noah Oppenheim, President of NBC News, will be leading the meetings. Our NBC sources say Oppenheim and other execs will be addressing staff from each of its shows, including "Today," "NBC Nightly News," "Meet the Press" and "Dateline." There will be a series of meetings ... one for each show. Our sources say virtually everyone at NBC was in the dark that Lauer was on the chopping block. The lawyer for the woman whose complaint triggered Lauer's firing told The New York Times he and his client met with NBC Human Resources and the legal depts. Monday at 6 PM and lodged her complaint. As we reported, we're told NBC had been investigating Lauer for weeks and wanted to get ahead of The New York Times and Variety which were preparing stories on Lauer and alleged sexual misconduct. (TMZ)