Men's Health offers us "Three Words to Live By." The best advice is brief, and yet it resonates throughout your life. Plus, it is easy to remember and makes a tone of sense. Open your ears. Because: Life is simple:
  • Keep her happy 
  • Chew your food 
  • Drink more water 
  • Don't steal stuff 
  • Ferrets aren't pets 
  • Check your spelling 
  • Always say goodbye 
  • Invest in shoes 
  • Don't be creepy 
  • Finish your swing 
  • Keep your word 
  • If late, call 
  • Stop shaving naked 
  • Hit the cutoff 
  • Count to 10 
  • Don't hit people 
  • Ask more questions 
  • Make out more 
  • Practice the toast 
  • Eat more protein 
  • Study the loss 
  • Say you're sorry 
  • Don't get sloppy 
  • Make your point 
  • Listen, don't talk 
  • Tell the truth 
  • Do your homework 
  • Lose the earbuds 
  • Salt pasta water 
  • It's not "ginormous" 
  • Bring her flowers 
  • Consider the source 
  • Stop the whining 
  • Go all in 
  • Use vacation time 
  • Eat more hummus 
  • Same for guacamole 
  • Think before posting 
  • Don't do drugs 
  • Take a honeymoon 
  • Clean your tools 
  • Facebook isn't real 
  • Maintain your focus 
  • Floss every day 
  • Hold the door 
  • Get up early 
  • Start with layups 
  • Congratulate the winner 


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