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Monday, November 6, 2017


Men's Health offers us "Three Words to Live By." The best advice is brief, and yet it resonates throughout your life. Plus, it is easy to remember and makes a tone of sense. Open your ears. Because: Life is simple:
  • Keep her happy 
  • Chew your food 
  • Drink more water 
  • Don't steal stuff 
  • Ferrets aren't pets 
  • Check your spelling 
  • Always say goodbye 
  • Invest in shoes 
  • Don't be creepy 
  • Finish your swing 
  • Keep your word 
  • If late, call 
  • Stop shaving naked 
  • Hit the cutoff 
  • Count to 10 
  • Don't hit people 
  • Ask more questions 
  • Make out more 
  • Practice the toast 
  • Eat more protein 
  • Study the loss 
  • Say you're sorry 
  • Don't get sloppy 
  • Make your point 
  • Listen, don't talk 
  • Tell the truth 
  • Do your homework 
  • Lose the earbuds 
  • Salt pasta water 
  • It's not "ginormous" 
  • Bring her flowers 
  • Consider the source 
  • Stop the whining 
  • Go all in 
  • Use vacation time 
  • Eat more hummus 
  • Same for guacamole 
  • Think before posting 
  • Don't do drugs 
  • Take a honeymoon 
  • Clean your tools 
  • Facebook isn't real 
  • Maintain your focus 
  • Floss every day 
  • Hold the door 
  • Get up early 
  • Start with layups 
  • Congratulate the winner 

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