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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Born On This Day...

In 1792 Congressman, Thaddeus Stevens

In 1802 American social reformer, Dorothea Dix (mental inmates)

In 1821 American painter, Linus Yale (invented Yale dial-operated lock)

In 1823 Inventor, Karl Wilhelm Siemens (laid undersea cables)

In 1826 Inventor, Zenobe Theophile Gramme (electric motor)

In 1881 Linguist, Charles Funk (Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia)

In 1885 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Tristram Speaker (record 793 career doubles)

In 1895 Dance instructor, Arthur Murray

In 1900 Inventor, Gilbert Van Kamp (canning foods)

In 1906 Actress, Bea Benaderet (Kate-Petticoat Junction) [d: 10-13-68]

In 1906 Broadcaster, John Cameron Swayze (Timex, Hindenberg) [d: 8-15-95]

In 1914 Singer/actress, Frances Langford (Bob Hope USO tours) [d: 7-11-05]

In 1915 Blues guitarist, Muddy Waters (Hoochie Coochie Man) [d: 4-30-83]

In 1916 Actor, David White (Larry Tate-Bewitched) [d: 11-26-90]

In 1922 Conductor/composer, Elmer Bernstein (over 60 soundtracks) [d: 8-18-04]

In 1924 Baseball player/manager, Gil Hodges (Dodgers, Mets) [d: 4-2-72]

In 1925 Actress, Elizabeth Wilson (9 to 5, Quiz Show, Nobody's Fool) [d: 5-9-15]

In 1926 Broadcast journalist, Bill Ryan [d: 2-18-97]

In 1928 Writer/actor, Maya Angelou (Nyo Boto-Roots) [d: 5-28-14]

In 1932 Actor, Anthony Perkins (Psycho, Fear Strikes Out) [d: 9-12-92]

In 1936 Singer, Margo Sylvia (Tune Weavers) [d: 10-25-91]

In 1938 Baseball Commissioner, A. Giamatti (banished Pete Rose) [d: 9-1-89]

In 1939 LPGA golfer, JoAnne Carner (U.S. Open 1970, 76) (79)

In 1939 Singer/guitarist/composer, Hugh Masekela (Grazin' in the Grass) [d: 1-23-18]

In 1941 Singer, Major Lance (Money Time, Hey Little Girl) [d: 9-3-94]

In 1942 Biographer, Kitty Kelley (Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan) (76)

In 1944 Actor, Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist, Hayden Fox-Coach) (74)

In 1945 Actress, Caroline McWilliams (Sally-Soap, Marcy-Benson) [d: 2-11-10]

In 1946 Guitarist, Dave Hill (Slade) (72)

In 1947 Actor, Luke Halpin (Sandy Ricks-Flipper) (71)

In 1948 Bassist, Berry Oakley (Allman Brothers) [d: 11-11-72]

In 1948 Drummer, Pick Withers (Dire Straits) (70)

In 1950 Actress, Christine Lahti (And Justice for All, Chicago Hope) (68)

In 1951 Country singer, Steve Gatlin (The Gatlin Brothers) (67)

In 1951 Guitarist/singer, John 'Pete' Haycock (Climax Blues Band, ELO) [d: 10-30-13]

In 1951 Guitarist, Mick Mars (Motley Crue) (67)

In 1954 Actress, Julie Carmen (Gloria, Last Plane Out) (64)

In 1954 Singer/guitarist, Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy) [d: 2-6-11]

In 1956 Prima ballerina, Evelyn Hart (Royal Winnipeg Ballet) (62)

In 1958 U.S. relayer, John Wesley Jones (Olympic-Gold-1976) (60)

In 1959 Actor, Phil Morris (Young and The Restless) (59)

In 1959 Football player, Rohn Stark (Colts) (59)

In 1960 Actress, Lorraine Toussaint (Dangerous Minds, Any Day Now) (58)

In 1960 Actor, Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith-The Matrix, Lord of the Rings) (58)

In 1962 Bassist, Craig Adams (The Cult, Sisters of Mercy) (56)

In 1962 Actress/playmate, Ava Fabian (August-1986) (56)

In 1963 Football coach/former player, Jack Del Rio (Jaguars, Raiders) (55)

In 1963 Guitarist, David Gavurin (Sundays) (55)

In 1963 British TV host, Graham Norton (55)

In 1964 Actor, Anthony Clark (Boston Common, Yes Dear) (54)

In 1964 Actor, David Cross (Tobias-Arrested Development) (54)

In 1964 Actor, Robbie Rist (Oliver-Brady Bunch, Battlestar Galactica) (54)

In 1965 Actor, Robert Downey Jr. (Chaplin, U.S. Marshals, Iron Man) (53)

In 1965 Singer/songwriter, Black Francis (Pixies) (53)

In 1966 Actress, Nancy McKeon (Jo-Facts Of Life, Can't Hurry Love) (52)

In 1966 Bassist, Mike Starr (Alice In Chains) (52)

In 1970 Actor, Barry Pepper (Battlefield Earth, The Green Mile) (48)

In 1971 Country singer, Clay Davidson (47)

In 1972 Singer, Jill Scott ("A Long Walk," "So Gone," "So in Love") (46)

In 1972 Actress, Xenia Seeberg (Xev-Lexx) (46)

In 1972 Bassist, Magnus Sveningsson (The Cardigans) (46)

In 1973 Magician/illusionist, David Blaine (45)

In 1973 Singer, Kelly Price ("Friend of Mine," As We Lay") (45)

In 1974 Singer, Andre Dalyrimple (Soul For Real) (44)

In 1976 Actor, James Roday (Nick-Miss Match) (42)

In 1979 Actor, Heath Ledger (The Patriot, The Dark Knight) [d: 1-22-08]

In 1979 Actress, Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Kate & Leopold) (39)

In 1985 Singer, Todrick Hall (American Idol) (33)

In 1988 Guitarist, Phil Manansala (Of Mice & Men) (30)

In 1991 Singer, Alex Koehler (Chelsea Grin) (27)

In 1991 Actress, Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101) (27)

In 1992 Actress, Alexa Nikolas (Zoey 101, The Walking Dead) (26)

In 1996 Singer, Austin Mahone (22)

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