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Friday, June 22, 2018

Born On This Day...

In 1757 Explorer, George Vancouver (surveyed Pacific coast)

In 1837 American chess champion, Paul Morphy (1857-61)

In 1856 Novelist/attorney, Sir Henry Rider Haggard (King Solomon's Mine)

In 1882 Businessman, Dr. William Scholl (foot products)

In 1887 Scientist/author, Sir Julian S. Huxley

In 1898 Novelist, Erich Maria Remarque (All Quiet on the Western Front)

In 1902 Actor, David Burns (Music Man, Hello Dolly!) [d: 3-12-71]

In 1903 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Carl Owen Hubbell (Giants) [d: 11-21-88]

In 1903 Drummer/bandleader, Ben Pollack [d: 6-7-71]

In 1904 Actress, Patsy Ruth Miller (Hunchback of Notre Dame) [d: 7-16-95]

In 1906 Author/aviator, Anne Morrow Lindbergh (wife of Charles) [d: 2-7-01]

In 1906 Film director, Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot) [d: 3-27-02]

In 1909 Actress/comedian, Mary Livingstone (Jack Benny's wife) [d: 6-30-83]

In 1916 Actor, Richard Eastham (Wonder Woman, Falcon Crest) [d: 7-10-05]

In 1920 Cartoon voice, Paul Frees (Boris-Bullwinkle) [d: 11-1-86]

In 1921 Choreographer, Gower Champion (42nd Street, Showboat) [d: 8-25-80]

In 1921 Producer/director, Joseph Papp (A Chorus Line) [d: 10-31-91]

In 1922 Fashion designer, Bill Blass [d: 6-12-02]

In 1929 Actor, Ralph Waite (Cool Hand Luke, Waltons, NCIS) [d: 2-13-14]

In 1933 Senator, Dianne Feinstein (ex-San Francisco mayor) (85)

In 1936 Actor/singer, Kris Kristofferson (A Star Is Born, Amerika) (82)

In 1941 Broadcast journalist, Ed Bradley (60 Minutes) [d: 11-9-06]

In 1941 Actor, Michael Lerner (Barton Fink, Mel-Clueless, Godzilla) (77)

In 1943 Actor, Klaus Maria Brandauer (Out of Africa, Never Say Never Again) (75)

In 1943 Pianist, Eumir De Almeida Deodato (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (75)

In 1943 Broadcast journalist, Brit Hume (ABC, Fox) (75)

In 1944 Singer, Peter Asher (I Go To Pieces-Peter and Gordon) (74)

In 1946 Actor, Andrew Rubin (Policy Academy, Little Miss Marker) [d: 10-5-15]

In 1947 Saxophonist/singer, Howard Kaylan (Turtles) (71)

In 1947 Actor, David L. Lander (Squiggy-Laverne & Shirley) (71)

In 1948 Basketball Hall-of-Famer, "Pistol" Pete Maravich (Hawks) [d: 1-5-88]

In 1948 Singer/songwriter, Todd Rundgren (Hello Its Me) (70)

In 1949 Bassist, Larry Junstrom (.38 Special) (69)

In 1949 Guitarist, Gary Moffet (April Wine) (69)

In 1949 Singer, Alan Osmond (Osmond Brothers) (69)

In 1949 Actress, Meryl Streep (Out Of Africa, Sophie's Choice) (69)

In 1949 Actress, Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman, Paper Chase, Scruples) (69)

In 1950 Actress, Murphy Cross (Phyl-Phyl & Mikhy, Annie) (68)

In 1952 Actor, Graham Greene (Thunderheart, Maverick, Die Hard III, Defiance) (66)

In 1953 Singer/actress, Cyndi Lauper (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) (65)

In 1954 Actor, Chris Lemmon (Brothers & Sisters, Richard-Duet) (64)

In 1954 Comedian/actor, Freddie Prinze (Chico & the Man) [d: 1-28-77]

In 1955 Singer/songwriter, Green Gartside (Scritti Politti) (63)

In 1956 Bassist, Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) (62)

In 1956 Actor, Tim Russ (Mr. Saturday Night, Tuvok-Star Trek: Voyager) (62)

In 1957 Bassist/singer, Gary Beers (INXS) (61)

In 1958 Actor/producer, Bruce Campbell (Adventures of Briscoe County) (60)

In 1958 Singer, Ruby Turner (60)

In 1960 Actress, Colleen Devine (Irreconcilable Differences) (58)

In 1960 Actress, Tracy Pollan (Ellen Reed-Family Ties) (58)

In 1961 Singer, Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat, Communards) (57)

In 1962 Actor, Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) (56)

In 1962 Basketball player, Clyde Drexler (Rockets) (56)

In 1962 Drummer, Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) (56)

In 1964 Swing performer, Dicky Barrett (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) (54)

In 1964 Actress, Amy Brenneman (NYPD Blue, Judging Amy) (54)

In 1968 Actress, Paula Irvine (Lily Blake-Santa Barbara) (50)

In 1970 Singer, Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies) (48)

In 1971 Football player, Kurt Warner (Rams, Cardinals) (47)

In 1973 TV host, Carson Daly (TRL, Last Call) (45)

In 1973 Actress, Tracy Lindsey Melchior (Sunset Beach, Bold & Beautiful) (45)

In 1973 Guitarist, Chris Traynor (Helmet) (45)

In 1974 Actor, Donald Adeosun Faison (Remember the Titans, Scrubs) (44)

In 1979 TV host, Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) (39)

In 1982 Reality star, Porsha Williams (The Real Housewives) (36)

In 1985 Actress/singer, Lindsay Ridgeway (Morgan-Boy Meets World) (33)

In 1994 Actress, Amanda & Kerrianne Harrington (General Hospital) (24)

In 1995 Singer, Gabriel Morales (IM5) (23)

In 1997 Singer, Dinah Jane Hansen (Fifth Harmony) (21)

In 1995 Latin singer, Danna Paola (23)

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