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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


The anniversary of Elvis' death is tomorrow.

Jennifer Lawrence turns 28. Doesn't it seem like it should be at least 38? She's been around forever.

Ben Affleck turns 46 today. His first acting job was in a PBS series called, "The Voyage of Mimi."
I'm going to assume he wasn't Mimi.

If your a Jennifer Garner fan, the moron is turning 46 today.

Debra Messing turns the big 5-0 today. As they say, "Where there's a Will, there's a Grace." "Will and Grace" is a show with a straight woman and two gay roommates. It was basically "Three's Company" in reverse.

Larry Mathews, who played the little kid Ritchie on the old "Dick Van Dyke Show," turns 63 today. Man, that seems like more than half a century ago... wait! It was!

Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Anne (If you watched The Crown, the unhappy party girl) turns 68 today. That would make her eligible to retire, had she ever started working.

Pat Priest, one of the Marilyn's from The Munsters, turns 83 today. She's closer to Grandpa's age, although he was 236. She looks more like Lilly these days.

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