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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1755 Inventor, Oliver Evans (pioneered the high-pressure steam engine)
   In 1819 Composer/pianist, Clara Wieck Schumann
   In 1851 Scientist, Walter Reed (proved mosquitos transmit yellow fever)
   In 1857 U.S. chocolate manufacturer, Milton S. Hershey
   In 1860 General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing (World War I)
   In 1874 Austrian composer, Arnold Schoenberg (12-tone music system)
   In 1876 Author, Sherwood Anderson
   In 1895 Actress, Ruth McDevitt (Jo-All in the Family, Night Stalker)
   In 1903 Actress, Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night) [d: 7-30-96]
   In 1908 Cartoon voicist, Mae Questel (voice of Betty Boop) [d: 1-8-98]
   In 1911 Singer/guitarist, Bill Monroe (father of Bluegrass) [d: 9-9-96]
   In 1912 Actress, Reta Shaw (Martha-Ghost & Mrs. Muir) [d: 1-8-82]
   In 1913 Actor, Roy Engle (Police Chief-My Favorite Martian) [d: 12-29-80]
   In 1914 Composer, Leonard Feather (Encyclopedia of Jazz) [d: 9-22-94]
   In 1916 Author, Roald Dahl (Over To You, Taste, Two Fables) [d: 11-23-90]
   In 1916 Actor/singer, Dick Haymes [d: 3-30-80]
   In 1922 Blues singer/pianist, Charles Brown [d: 1-21-99]
   In 1924 Actor, Scott Brady (The China Syndrome, Gremlins) [d: 4-16-85]
   In 1924 Composer, Maurice Jarre (Dr. Zhivago) [d: 3-29-09]
   In 1925 Singer/actor, Mel Torme (Comin' Home Baby) [d: 6-5-99]
   In 1928 Educator, Ernest L. Boyer (New York State University) [d: 12-8-95]
   In 1928 American artist, Robert Indiana [d: 5-19-18]
   In 1930 U.S. freestyle swimmer, James McLane (Olympic-Gold-1948) (88)
   In 1931 Actress, Barbara Bain (Cinnamon-Mission Impossible, Space 1999) (87)
   In 1933 Actress, Eileen Fulton (Lisa-As The World Turns) (85)
   In 1933 Drummer, Lewie Steinberg (Booker T & the MG's) [d: 7-21-16]
   In 1937 TV producer, Fred Silverman (81)
   In 1938 Author/journalist, Judith Martin (Miss Manners) (80)
   In 1938 British labor leader, John Smith [d: 5-12-94]
   In 1939 Actor, Richard Kiel (Jaws-The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker) [d: 8-10-14]
   In 1939 White House spokesman, Larry Speakes (1981-87) [d: 1-10-14]
   In 1941 Singer, David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears) (77)
   In 1944 Actress, Jacqueline Bisset (Class, The Deep, Secrets) (74)
   In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Peter Cetera (ex-Chicago, Glory of Love) (74)
   In 1948 Actress, Nell Carter (Gimme A Break) [d: 1-23-03]
   In 1948 Actor, Clyde Kusatsu (Bring 'Em Back Alive) (70)
   In 1949 Bassist, Craig MacGregor (Foghat) [d: 2-9-18]
   In 1951 Actress, Jean Smart (Charlene-Designing Women, High Society) (67)
   In 1952 Actress, Ann Dusenberry (Little Women, Jaws II, Lies, Basic Training) (66)
   In 1952 Singer, Randy Jones (The Village People) (66)
   In 1953 Actress, Taryn Power (Maria) (65)
   In 1957 Singer, Joni Sledge (Sister Sledge) [d: 3-10-17]
   In 1961 Country singer, Bobbie Cryner (57)
   In 1961 Guitarist, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) (57)
   In 1962 Golfer, Neal Lancaster (56)
   In 1965 Drummer, Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) (53)
   In 1966 Reality star, Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting) (52)
   In 1966 Actor, Louis Mandylor (Louis Malone-Martial Law) (52)
   In 1967 U.S. runner, Michael Johnson (Olympics-2 Gold-1996) (51)
   In 1967 Drummer, Stephen Perkins (Porno For Pyros, Jane's Addiction) (51)
   In 1968 Actor, Roger Howarth (Todd-One Life To Live) (50)
   In 1969 TV producer/actor, Tyler Perry (49)
   In 1971 Actress, Christina Brascia (Santa Barbara) (47)
   In 1971 Tennis player, Goran Ivanisevic (47)
   In 1971 Fashion designer, Stella McCartney (47)
   In 1973 Country singer, Aaron Benward (45)
   In 1975 Country singer, Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flats) (43)
   In 1977 Singer, Fiona Apple (41)
   In 1980 Actor, Jason Cook (Days of Our Lives) (38)
   In 1980 Actor, Ben Savage (Cory-Boy Meets World) (38)
   In 1993 Singer, Niall Horan (One Direction) (25)
   In 1994 Actor, Mitch Holleman (Jake Hart-Reba) (24)
   In 1995 Actor, Robbie Kay (Fugitive Pieces, Pinocchio) (23)
   In 1996 Actress, Lili Reinhart (The Kings of Summer, Riverdale) (22)
   In 1999 Actress, Zoey Burger (Every Witch Way) (19)

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