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Thursday, September 20, 2018


This visualization exercise was developed by a Japanese psychologist Tadahiko Nagao, who believes it offers insights into your character:

First - imagine, you're walking alone in a desert and you come across a cube. How large is the cube? What is the cube made of? How far is it from the ground?

Near - the cube, you see a ladder. How far is the ladder from the cube? What is the ladder made of?

Picture - a horse next to the cube and ladder. Is it wearing anything like reins perhaps a saddle?

Now - imagine flowers somewhere. Is there one flower or many? Where is the flower or flowers?

Last - there's a storm starting. What is the distance between the storm and the cube? Are you afraid of it?

Remember all of that, now:

The size of the cube - represents the size of your ego.

The transparency of the cube - shows how open or closed off you are with others.

The closer the cub is to the ground - the more grounded you are.

If the ladder is leaning against the cube - it means your friends tend to lean on you for support.

The sturdier the ladder's material - the stronger your bonds to other people.

A saddled or tied-up horse - means you want control in a relationship.

The freer the horse - the freer you like your relationships.

The more flowers - the more kids you desire.

The closer the flowers are to the cube - the more you're thinking about kids.

The storm - represents your stress or obstacles.

The closer and more violent the storm is - the more stressed you are.

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