• Rose McGowan says she's leaving the "Hollywood bubble" behind. She's giving up acting and becoming a full-time activist. 
  • April was the coldest it's been in 20 years across the U.S. 
  • "Black Panther" was a big winner for Disney, but not "A Wrinkle in Time." That film lost the studio $100 million. 
  • A Picasso nude painting "Young Girl with a Flower Basket" sold at an auction Tuesday for $115 million. 
  • For the record, Chris Pratt was paid $2 million more than Bryce Dallas Howard for doing the movie, "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom." 
  • The first wax statue of Madam Tussauds has been unveiled. 
  • Free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel was hospitalized and released in Texas for what he they're calling a reaction to one of his prescription drugs. 
  • Sky News is planning to ID celebrities at the upcoming Royal Wedding using AI. 
  • 28% of U.S. broadband households are very familiar with Amazon Alexa, which leads all surveyed smart home platforms reports Parks Associates. 
  • Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from "Jersey Shore" says he is celebrating 28 months of sobriety. 
  • A pair of twins born in Utah on May 4th, Star Wars Day were named Rowan Luke and Kai Leia after the movie's characters. 
  • A man nicknamed "Captain Jack Sparrow" was arrested in Knoxville for huffing glue and resisting arrest. 
  • Ticketmaster says they could one day replace tickets with facial recognition. 
  • The Mormon church says it will sever all ties with the Boy Scouts of America at the end of next year and place its remaining 425,000 boys into a gospel-focused youth program it is developing. 
  • Katy Perry sent an olive branch and a sweet letter to Taylor Swift as Taylor launched her new tour. Apparently, their bad blood is now behind them. 
  • Last Friday, a man in Wisconsin broke a world record by eating his 30,000th Big Mac. 


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