Kenan Thompson's living his best life in 2018 -- he turned 40, earned his first-ever acting Emmy nomination and now he's become a father for the second time to a baby girl. Sweet trifecta!! The 'SNL' star's wife, Christina Evangeline, gave birth to Gianna Michelle Tuesday night in Florida. Little Gianna weighed a healthy 6 pounds, 6 ounces. The couple already has another daughter, Georgia Marie, and the two are already inseparable and obsessed with each other. Christina posted a video on social media announcing her pregnancy only days before she was ready to give birth. TMZ broke the story ... Christina gave birth to their first child back in 2014. Congrats!!! (TMZ)

Joanna Krupa Is Married Again: Real Housewives Alum Weds Douglas Nunes. Joanna Krupa is a married woman again! The 39-year-old former Real Housewives of Miami star and model wed businessman Douglas Nunes in the city of Krakow in her native Poland on Saturday. He posted on his Instagram page a selfie of the two sitting inside a car after the ceremony. "Done deal!" he wrote. Krupa also posted a photo of her and Nunes. The bride wore a white, off-the-shoulder mermaid-style wedding gown with a long train and her hair styled in an updo with a fingertip veil. She carried a bouquet of pink and white peonies. The groom wore a navy suit. "It was a very private and small family gathering," Krupa wrote. "Wish I could have shared it with all the people that I love." Krupa and Nunes, president of entertainment company 451 Media Group, got engaged in May, eight months after she finalized her divorce from nightclub owner and businessman Romain Zago. They were married for four years split in 2017. They have no children together. (Eonline)

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are amused by persistent rumors they're splitting up because they haven't tied the knot ... 'cause going to the altar isn't important and, in fact, it may never happen. It may sound strange if you're older than 35, but sources directly connected to the couple say the formality of marriage isn't important. What they view as important are ... they love each other, they're happy and enjoy each other's company. We asked the obvious question ... why then get engaged? We're told their engagement back in October 2016 was a symbol of commitment, but it was enough of a symbol for them. Miley has actually said she doesn't want to get married, despite the engagement. She doesn't think it makes a relationship better. We're told privately they are as tight as any married couple, with very little drama. As one source put it, "They're both super chill and grounded. They're perfect for each other." As for the breakup rumors ... they literally laugh them off. (TMZ)

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko Break Up: Inside Their New Reality as Co-Parents. Another Hollywood couple has decided to call it quits. Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have chosen to end their engagement and break up. "At this point, Hayden is single and she and Wladimir are co-parents to Kaya. Kaya is primarily with her dad and his family in Europe and Florida. They also spend time together as a family with Hayden," a source revealed to E! News. "Hayden and Wladimir are on great terms and friendly. They are a big part of each other's lives and will continue to be. Hayden is back in Los Angeles and figuring out what's next." The news comes just one month after the couple was spotted enjoying a summer vacation in Greece with their daughter. In fact, a local source saw no signs of trouble in paradise. "Hayden was not wearing a ring, but they are definitely a couple," our source shared at the time. "They were affectionate and smiling as they walked around town. They had dinner by the water and he had his arm around her." But throughout the relationship, the couple faced their share of split rumors. In fact, Hayden had to set the record straight on Instagram back in 2016. "Missing rings don't mean the end of relationships," she wrote on social media. "Blessed to be with my beautiful family." Besides, the Nashville star had always made it clear that she was in no rush to walk down the aisle and make things official with a ceremony. "We are very laid-back about the wedding plans; we don't want to rush anything," Hayden once shared with British Cosmopolitan. "We want the day to be fun, happy and stress-free. Growing up, the thought of not getting married never crossed my mind. It was always: I'm going to get married and then I'm going to have a family." But as many people know, love stories have an interesting way of taking twists and turns. In fact, the couple would welcome a baby girl in December 2014. "I look forward to having my life change for the good," Wladimir previously shared with E! News. "I heard, just recently, somebody said, 'You don't know what love is until you have your first baby, then you know what love is.' So I think I know what love is, but I look forward to getting more knowledgeable about that." While parenthood brought joy to both Wladimir and Hayden's life, it also brought along some struggles. In January 2017, Hayden opened up about her battle with postpartum depression. She also revealed that she had previously checked into rehab to receive treatment in order to become a "better mom." "Women are so resilient, and that's the incredible thing about them," she explained on Good Morning America. "I think I'm all the stronger for it. I think I'm a better mom because of it because you never take that connection for granted." Hayden and Wladimir first started dating in 2009. According to the Hollywood actress, they first met at an event for a mutual friend's coffee table book launch. "I know that I'm small, but he's large. That's how we met," she recalled on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I said, 'You're huge.' And he said, 'You're tiny.' And that was it." Radar Online was first to report the news after Hayden's mom confirmed the breakup news to the outlet. (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian Reveals What's Holding Her Back From Having More Kids. Khloe Kardashian definitely wants more kids, but she's going to take some time before giving True Thompson a sibling. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star just welcomed her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson back in April, so she's not ready to get pregnant again just yet. But, she told to E! News' Justin Sylvester during a recent interview that she would "love" to have more children in the future. "Let my uterus shrink down again!" Khloe joked when asked if she has baby fever. "I honestly think I would love to have more kids, but I think I just don't know if I'm ready to get pregnant again, it's a lot!" "But I definitely want more kids, I just don't know when that is gonna be," Khloe continued. "I heard that you should wait at least a year." Khloe also gave us some insight into True's personality, telling E! News that she's "so sweet" and "so girlie," and sharing that she loves to put bows on her baby girl. "I'm just doing exactly what I hated that my mom did to me, I'm basically doing it to True," Khloe said, explaining that she used to see pictures of herself, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian dressed as triplets with "huge metallic bows." "I was like, 'What the f--k?'" Khloe recalled. "And now I'm doing it to her." Khloe and Good American co-founder Emma Grede also shared their advice for moms who are trying to get into shape after having a baby. The Good American performance line is out now. (Eonline)

How Dylan and Cole Sprouse Avoided the Child Star Curse While Becoming More Than the Suite Life Twins. The Suite Life sure doesn't have to end once you leave the Disney Channel. It's no secret that some young, childhood stars have found it difficult balancing fame, fortune and growing up in the Hollywood spotlight. While being a young actor or actress can bring about plenty of fun, positive experiences, it has also proven to be a bit too much for a few famous stars. Not the case for Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse. The birthday boys found huge success thanks to Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And while some would argue that the two kept a low profile in recent years, the pair is busier than ever with separate projects. Cole continues his role as "Jughead" Jones in CW's addictive series Riverdale. As for Dylan, he recently return to acting in the short film, Carte Blanche, and has several other projects in the works. "I'm interested in roles that are human, that have some sort of empathic quality," Dylan previously shared with the New York Daily News. "A role I would not do: cool jock. That's not something I'd be interested in doing." So how did these two get through their adolescent years without receiving front-page headlines for all the wrong reasons? While there is no secret to success or magic path, the brothers have provided some theories based on their own experiences. For Cole, he's thankful that he was able to enroll in college and have a normal experience with peers across the country. "Part of the reason I went to college was that I wanted to fade out peacefully, show everybody I had gone through something that was quite challenging and difficult, but did so with grace and poise and got an education," he explained to Vanity Fair. "By the end of it what I hadn't interpreted was the rise of social media, which kind of kept my brother and I alive in strange, underground subcircles." In a separate interview with Elle, Cole reinforced the importance of getting an education and staying on a healthy path. "I think regardless of success, all those kids were dealing with a similar dilemma when it came to their maturity and their publicity and fame, and how they were viewed in the public eye. Some people choose sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll to come to terms with it. Some people find religion," Cole explained to the publication. "[College] seemed like the most productive way to prove to people we were coming into ourselves. I was finding out my identity and growing by going to an institution where I could evolve and become more adept at understanding why I was thinking certain things, and how society viewed me." And when Dylan and Cole weren't in front of the camera, fans were always asking about their next project. While some questions were more constant than others, Dylan once wrote on social media that he was living his life on his own terms. "'I'm enjoying myself by relaxing, traveling, consuming media, and continuing to learn,' but the truth is that unless I'm doing something bigger and better than what I've previously done, people deem it regressive," he once wrote. As Dylan and Cole celebrate their 26th birthday Saturday (Aug 4), the young men have much to be proud of. In fact, they join a long list of childhood stars who turned out a-okay when they became older. Happy birthday, Dylan and Cole! Here's to another year of great success. (Eonline)

Demi Lovato has agreed to go to rehab, and plans have already been made with the facility ... TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell us, Demi's family has squarely raised the issue of rehab with her ... something they delayed for days because of the many complications resulting from the OD. Demi was very sick and her family did not want to upset her with something that might trigger conflict. We're told she's still at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but one source says, "She's getting out any day now." Our sources say there will be no transition ... it's right from Cedars to a live-in rehab facility. We do not know which facility Demi will enter and whether it's in California or another state. As we reported, the situation is so dire, at least one member of her team said they would quit if Demi rejected rehab. (TMZ)

Pro Golfer Jarrod Lyle Decides to End Cancer Treatment and Enter Palliative Care. The wife of Australian pro golfer Jarrod Lyle announced he will cease treatment in his more than two-decade battle with acute myeloid leukemia and enter palliative care at his home. In a heart-wrenching Instagram post on Tuesday, Bri Lyle said her 36-year-old husband "has reached his limit," and doctors have "agreed that they can no longer strive for a positive outcome" in this third bout with cancer. "My heart breaks as I type this message," Bri wrote in the July 31 post. "Earlier today Jarrod made the decision to stop active treatment and begin palliative care. He has given everything that he's got to give, and his poor body cannot take anymore. We'll be taking him closer to home in the next couple of days so he can finally leave the hospital." Lyle was initially diagnosed with leukemia when he was 17, but the cancer resurfaced twice more in 2012 and 2017, according to Fox News. While Lyle continued to play in the PGA tour and in Australia in between each diagnosis, last year's reoccurrence caused his health to worsen over the past several weeks, CNN reports, and he has had trouble keeping food down and speaking. "Jarrod knows he is loved, and the thousands of prayers and well wishes that have been sent his way have kept him going through some incredibly tough times," Bri wrote in the message, which was posted on Lyle's account. "My focus as of today is on our girls and doing whatever I can to get them through the challenges ahead. Jarrod will be closer to them very soon and will spend as much time as he can with them." The announcement sparked an outpouring of support from the golfing world and beyond, as many took to social media to pay tribute to the beloved athlete. "Man this is a tough one," Dwayne Johnson wrote on Twitter. "Sending so much love, light and strength to Jarrod and his Lyle family." South African professional golfer Ernie Els also voiced his support. "Life is very precious and you have been so strong," he tweeted. "We are thinking and praying for you and your family now more than ever." "Jarrod has fought with the heart of a lion, always with dignity and a smile surrounded by his loving family. We Love You," wrote Ian Baker-Finch, a golf commentator for CBS. "Please rest peacefully knowing how inspirational and beloved you remain in all our hearts." Family friend Mark Hayes told ABC Australia that Lyle has been reading the kind messages sent his way, and plans to continue as long as he can. "He takes every word on board, still reads them all, I think that will continue until he can't," Hayes said. "He's eternally grateful to everyone." (People)

Johnny Manziel is about to make his first pro football start since 2015 ... and the woman he credits with saving his life is opening up on his battle back to the field. TMZ Sports spoke with Bre Tiesi -- Johnny's wife -- on the eve of his first career start for the Montreal Alouettes ... and she admits that there were some dark days on the path to Johnny's sobriety ... and she questioned whether this day would ever come. "It was just one of those things where it's like, 'Are we ever gonna get out of this?' Like, 'Are you gonna pull it together?'" Bre says knowing what they've been through makes it that much sweeter to see him get another shot on Friday night ... and Johnny's poised to make the best of it. But, Bre's not the only person in the ex-Cleveland Browns QB's corner ... she says he's been getting massive support from one of his friends -- Drake. "Since day one, honestly. Since Johnny started getting better, he always gave a shout-out with love for that. And, same with the rest of the team and other people he's worked with and like, the guys. Everybody's shown their support the whole time and it means a lot." "So, it's really exciting because I know everyone's watching and he can't wait to get in there." (TMZ)

Jack Osbourne was immediately regretful for decking his estranged wife's new boyfriend ... and he's already trying to smooth things over with the guy. Sources close to Jack tell TMZ ... right after he delivered a head punch to Lisa Osbourne's BF, Michael Gabel, Jack called to say sorry. We're told Michael accepted the apology, which definitely worked in Jack's favor. As we first reported, Michael decided not to press charges against Jack. Our sources say Jack was blindsided when he saw Michael at the house with Lisa, because he had no idea she was dating anyone. We're told he just let his emotions get the best of him. As we reported ... Lisa filed for divorce in May, just months after the couple had their third child. Days later, it looked like they were keeping things copacetic. We're told Jack thought he and Lisa were trying to work things out ... so, he's not thrilled about Michael, but he's not going to war over him, either. (TMZ)

Angelina Jolie is fighting Brad Pitt so hard and nasty in their divorce and child custody dispute, her lawyer is quitting her ... sources tell TMZ. Sources familiar with the matter say Angelina has been out for blood. As one source connected to Brad tells us, they believe she wants to kill any relationship he has with his kids. We're told there has been a lot of screaming on Angie's part ... as one source said, "She's fueled with anger and has gotten ridiculously unreasonable." Our sources say her lawyer, Laura Wasser, is going to quit and made that known to her, because it's gotten too venomous. It seems like this was not a good match, because Wasser has made a name for herself in divorce circles by promoting settlements and co-parenting. We're told Angelina has hired another law firm to take over when Wasser officially leaves, but for now the divorce is nowhere near settling ... it's more like all-out war. (TMZ)

Little Big Town keeps getting the shaft, but in the latest case ... at least the perps who jacked their stuff got a heavy dose of karma. The acclaimed country band's trailer was stolen Tuesday night in Nashville, but instead of the thieves making off with a load of guitars, amps and expensive band equipment ... they got a bunch of children's gear. Sources close to LBT tell us a police report was filed with Nashville Metro. The items in the band's trailer include 3 kids razor scooters, 3 bikes, a homemade lemonade stand, a unicorn kiddie pool with a unicorn sprinkler, pool toys, bubbles, chalk, kickballs, basketballs, baseball gloves and bats ... and some workout gear. Probably not exactly what the criminals had in mind. For the country band, the burglary news comes on the heels of another unfortunate situation. TMZ broke the story ... Little Big Town's 4 AMA trophies accidentally got sent to Lil Wayne. Just call it a lil mix-up. Hopefully they'll get their trophies soon, but as for the stolen trailer ... we're told cops haven't located it yet. (TMZ)

Britney Spears' legal team is about to square off with Kevin Federline's in an L.A. court, and the central issue is going to be whether Kevin needs additional child support for the 2 kids he had with Britney or whether it's because he's trying to get her to support his other 4 kids. As TMZ first reported, Britney has been paying Kevin $20k a month in child support for years. In addition to the support checks, we're told Britney pays for the kids' tuition and related school expenses, clothing, extracurricular activities (including sports), and various other expenses. In all, she forks over around $35k a month. Kevin's lawyer has reportedly demanded $60k a month ... which Britney and her conservator, Jamie Spears, have refused to pay. We're told Jamie is agreeable to raising child support by around $10k a month, despite the fact he believes Kevin doesn't really pay for anything related to the kids. Friday's hearing, we're told, could get contentious because Britney wants to cut to the chase and figure out what, if anything, Kevin really needs for the kids. We're told Kevin's lawyer wants to comb through all of Britney's contracts to determine exactly how much she makes and spends. We're told Britney's team thinks it's ridiculous Kevin's lawyer wants to go through the time-consuming and expensive exercise of figuring out what she makes because everyone knows she makes a fortune, so the only issue is how much more the kids need. Her team believes the only people who benefit from dragging this out into an expensive process are the lawyers. (TMZ)

The UFC will not discipline Conor McGregor for the bus attack at Barclay's Center in New York -- with Dana White explaining that his punishment through the legal system is good enough already. TMZ Sports spoke with the UFC honcho about the upcoming superfight between Conor and Khabib Nurmagomedov and how he put things together behind the scenes. "Obviously, I've been telling you guys forever we had to wait until Conor's stuff was handled in New York. [That] got done. It was very favorable for Conor. Time to roll." As we previously reported, Conor was sentenced to 5 days community service and ordered to complete an anger management course as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. We asked Dana if the UFC had considered slapping Conor with a suspension as well. "Suspended? He hasn't fought in 2 years. How much longer should we suspend him?" "He's obviously lost lots of money. Millions of dollars in what went down in New York. What more could we do to him? He went through the legal process and got what he got. That's it!" We also asked Dana if the Khabib fight meant any talk of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather is out of the question, and he answered that too. (TMZ)

'Bachelor' contestant accuses 'Bachelorette' contender of sexual harassment. Former "Bachelor" contestant Bekah Martinez is accusing recent "Bachelorette" contestant Leandro "Leo" Dottavio of sexual harassment. Martinez, 23, took to Instagram Wednesday to post a series of screenshots she collected from her fanbase, all of which claim the 31-year-old Dottavio acted inappropriately toward women. The screenshots begin with an Instagram post by Dottavio, dating back about four years, saying "you need my big dk." Martinez discovered the screenshot when browsing Bachelor and Bachelorette Reddit pages. She says that the screenshot of the comment has been floating around online since May. Dottavio told The Post that the screenshot of his comment is photoshopped and was asking his lawyer to look into it. Martinez says she has seen multiple versions of this comment and believes it is real. After Martinez shared it, many women responded by sharing what they say were their own experiences. "I started posting the screenshots [of their messages] because to me, it's not a coincidence that multiple women would be saying similar things about the same person, Martinez tells The Post. "There's no way these women happen to be lying about the same thing before seeing what other women are saying." One Instagram user who claims to have attended college with Dottavio and performed in theater productions with him there says he'd acted "creepy" to her and other women, some of them, she charged, "barely legal." Another user says Dottavio constantly pursued her friend and sent her multiple "unwanted" pictures of his genitals. Martinez says she received about a dozen messages detailing "specific examples" of sexual harassment but has shielded the identity of Dottavio's accusers. She also posted a video saying his lawyer has reached out to her to remove her posts and issue a public apology or be sued for defamation. Dottavio, a stuntman, appeared on the current season of "Bachelorette" vying for Becca Kufrin's heart, which he didn't win. Promos for the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise" show Dottavio, though he is not part of ABC's official cast announcement. Martinez and Dottavio have never met. But she says, "hearing first hand from other cast members about his behavior definitely did not lend to his character." Dottavio has since responded to Martinez through Instagram with graphic claims from his own followers about her, all of which she denies. "[His response] is so toxic," she says. "This is why women don't come forward." Martinez, a nanny and Instagram personality, appeared on the most recent season of "Bachelor," which featured Kufrin and Arie Luyendyk. She's called out other players in the "Bachelor" universe for their off-screen behavior. A representative for ABC says they have no comment on the allegations. (PageSix)

'Bachelorette' contestant Leandro Dottavio says former 'Bachelor' contestant Bekah Martinez should have done some research before publicly accusing him of sexually harassing women more than a decade ago ... when he was in college. We got Leandro out in Encino Friday and asked him about Bekah posting a bunch of screenshots alleging he behaved inappropriately with several women. The claims are numerous and pretty sordid -- Leandro ran through them with TooFab. As for the allegation he sent unsolicited d**k pics -- Leandro says it's a flat-out lie, and he has a theory on Bekah's motives. Leandro was eliminated from Becca Kufrin's season, but the other Bekah's clearly cut him even deeper. (TMZ)

'60 Minutes' exec named in misconduct article delays return. The executive producer of the CBS news show "60 Minutes" is delaying his return from vacation until a probe into sexual misconduct claims wraps up. Allegations against Jeff Fager and CBS CEO Les Moonves appeared in a New Yorker article last month. CBS hired two outside law firms to investigate claims of sexual misconduct from several women spanning three decades at the company. While most of the article focused on Moonves, the article also contained allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fager. Fager has denied any wrongdoing. CBS is keeping Moonves in place during the investigation and he conducted a call about CBS' quarterly earnings Thursday without mentioning the investigation. But on Sunday, the network said Fager will not return from his scheduled vacation Monday as planned. CNN first reported the delay. (PageSix)

The emails Harvey Weinstein received from his alleged rape accuser -- many of which read like love letters -- aren't enough to absolve him in the case ... according to a source with the NYPD. A law enforcement official tells us ... a person can be raped and still write a love note to their rapist after the fact. In the same vein -- there are cases where husbands rape their wives and boyfriends rape their girlfriends ... and the relationships continue. As for the emails Weinstein received from his accuser -- which were filed in his criminal case Friday and obtained by TMZ -- our source points out that none of them describe or refer to what happened on the specific date she claims she was raped. We're told if they did, it would be problematic for her case, because it could show her mindset or convey consent during the incident in question ... but her emails don't do that. Our NYPD source also says Weinstein's team's claim of prosecutorial misconduct for withholding the emails is unsound ... because the messages aren't exculpatory. Still, Weinstein's lawyer is asking the judge to dismiss all the criminal charges against him. (TMZ)

Rick Genest -- better known as Zombie Boy due to the corpse tattoos covering his body -- has died from an apparent suicide ... according to reports. The Canadian artist and fashion model was well known in the body art world for obvious reasons, but gained mainstream fame in 2011 when he appeared in Lady Gaga's music vid for "Born This Way." This led to more high-profile fashion work on the runway, including helping relaunch Jay-Z's label Roc-A-Wear in Europe in 2012. He also modeled for magazines like GQ and Vanity Fair. Zombie Boy held the Guinness World Record for most insect tattoos with 176, and another for most bone tattoos with 139. He had also reportedly been working on an album of original songs with ex-Rob Zombie guitarist Mike Riggs before he died. According to Canada's iHeartRadio ... Montreal cops say Genest was found dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide. He was 32. UPDATE: Lady Gaga just responded to the sad news, calling the suicide of her friend "beyond devastating." She also urged anyone suffering from mental health issues to reach out to friends and family, adding ... "We must save each other." (TMZ)

Zombie Boy's death by apparent suicide came as a complete shock to those close to him, because he was very excited about things to come ... so says his manager. Karim Leduc tells TMZ ... Zombie Boy -- real name Rick Genest but known as Rico to friends and family -- was very focused on a couple of upcoming projects and had a "very positive mindset." Karim says these projects included shooting a music vid for his single called "Monster Inside" ... and working on a book of his poems. Leduc says Rico was especially stoked about the music vid, so it makes no sense he would end his life before it got made. Zombie Boy's manager also says he wasn't a drug user and was sober at the time of his death. There is this though -- Karim tells us Rico did mention to him recently he was going through a rough patch but was "uplifted" by all the future projects. Leduc insists he didn't think twice about Rico's comments, and doesn't believe it was a suicide warning sign. We broke the story ... cops say Zombie Boy jumped to his death, but his loved ones believe it was an accident. (TMZ)

L.B. Bonner -- who appeared on "My 600-lb Life" and ultimately dropped over 300 pounds -- was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound ... TMZ has learned. Police were making a welfare check Thursday night when they found him in a park in Lexington, South Carolina ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The circumstances surrounding his death are now under investigation. L.B. appeared in last season's "My 600-lb Life" that documented his incredible weight-loss journey. He started at 642 pounds and trimmed off a whopping 316 pounds but kept shedding the weight even after filming the show. L.B. had posted a cryptic message Thursday night on Facebook saying, "I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support throughout my journey...I've realized a few things over the last few days and its time that, I face my demons head on." He went on to say, "No matter what you change or the efforts you put forth in life, sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and deal with things your own way...Again, thank y'all so much... Please don't ever let people you care about not know how you feel." Cops have not yet officially ruled Bonner's death a suicide but tell us they're not looking for any other persons of interest in the case. L.B. was 30. (TMZ)


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