• Super Bowl ratings hit a 10-year low, just so you know.
  • "Gone with the Wind" is heading back into theaters soon for a limited run to celebrate its 80th anniversary.
  • Tonight is President Trump's "State of the Union" message.
  • A Hawaiian Airlines flight took off from Los Angeles Sunday and returned 3 times for three separate incidents. They finally canceled it.
  • There's an online movement condemning Mary Poppins for being racist. Remember those scenes where she and Bert have their faces covered by chimney soot? That's blackface.
  • The Iowa caucuses are now less than one year away.
  • Hawaii is considering an all-out ban on cigarette sales!
  • Demi Lovato deleted her Twitter account on Sunday after she said she was laughing at memes of 21 Savage being deported and the critics piled on.
  • An anonymous bettor lost $3.8 million on the Super Bowl Sunday with that Patriots win.
  • Chris Pratt won a blue ribbon for outstanding fiber for his sheep, Cacao, at a Western Washington livestock show that last weekend of January. By the way, Chris says he and Katherine are eyeing a fall wedding date.
  • Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson keep popping up together, holding hands. For those of you keeping score at home, she's 45, he's 25.
  • A guy in New York bought the contents of an abandoned storage locker and among the items inside, an old wallet that apparently belonged to a very young Diane Keaton.
  • A study says the human age ceiling is 114 for men and 115 for women.
  • Actor Kristoff St. John from "The Young and the Restless" has died at the age of 52. They're thinking a "possible alcohol overdose."
  • A Russian woman who said she didn't enjoy a single day in her whole life has died at age 129.
  • Disneyland Paris is going to hold its first official LGBTQ event.
  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed a law that requires schools to teach LGBTQ history.
  • Mark Zuckerberg made $6.2 billion from Facebook stock in one day last week.
  • Randy Johnson's mansion in Arizona sold for $7.3 million. Meanwhile, up in Seattle, Steve Miller is selling his waterfront mansion for just under 10 million.
  • Robert DeNiro's estranged wife, Grace Hightower, is allegedly trying to make their divorce public, a move that's likely to irritate the famously private Oscar winner, who filed for divorce from Grace in December.
  • Jeff Bezos pulled the plug on a $20 million Super Bowl ad for his spaceflight company, Blue Origin, after it was revealed his mistress had helped shoot footage for the commercial. Instead, the Amazon owner had a last-minute commercial created for his Washington Post, with some all-star narration by Tom Hanks.


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