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Fractured Fairy Tale "A Unique Talent"

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On This Day 3 7 23


Music Calendar...

In 1896 Gilbert & Sullivan's last operetta, "Grand Duke," debuts in London. In 1917 The first jazz record, "The Dixie Jazz Band One-Step," was released. In 1939 Guy Lombardo & the Royal Canadians recorded "Auld Lang Syne." In 1960 "Sink The Bismarck" by Johnny Horton entered the U.S. top 40 charts. In 1962 The Beatles made their broadcasting debut on BBC radio. In 1964 "Dead Man's Curve" by Jan & Dean and "Needles & Pins" by the Searchers entered the U.S. top 40 charts. In 1967 Bobby Darin and actress Sandra Dee were divorced. In 1967 The Beatles finished recording "Lovely Rita." In 1969 The Who's single "Pinball Wizard" was released. In 1969 "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe was certified gold. In 1970 "Up The Ladder To The Roof" by the Supremes entered the U.S. top 40 charts. In 1973 "Dueling Banjos" by Eric Weissberg and "Your Mama Don't Dance" b

Today In History...

In 1644 Massachusetts established the first two-chamber legislature in the colonies. In 1778 Captain James Cook first sighted the Oregon coast at Yaquina Bay. In 1801 Massachusetts enacted the first state voter registration law. In 1850, in a 3-hour speech before the U.S. Senate, Daniel Webster endorsed the Compromise of 1850 to preserve the Union. In 1854 Charles Miller patented the first U.S. sewing machine to stitch buttonholes. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone. In 1897 Dr. John Kellogg served the world's first cornflakes to his patients at a mental hospital in Battle Creek, MI. In 1911 Coin-operated storage lockers were patented. In 1911 The U.S. sent 20,000 troops to the Mexican border as a precaution in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. In 1912 Roald Amundsen announced the discovery of the South Pole. In 1926 The first successful trans-Atlantic radio-telephone conversation occurred between New York and London. In 1932 Four were killed when 3

Born On This Day...

In 1707 Judge Stephen Hopkins (signed the Declaration of Independence) In 1707 Confederate army general John Bratton In 1849 Horticulturist/scientist, Luther Burbank In 1850 Statesman, Thomas Garrigue Masaryk (founder of Czechoslovakia) In 1857 Psychiatrist, Julius Wagner von Jauregg (Nobel 1927) In 1862 Inventor, Joseph Lee (pioneered playgrounds for kids) In 1872 Dutch abstract painter, Piet Mondrian In 1875 Composer, Maurice Joseph Ravel (Bolero) In 1908 Actress, Anna Magnani (Rose Tattoo, Miracle) [d: 9-26-73] In 1908 Jazz trumpeter, Nat Gonella [d: 8-6-98] In 1914 Stage director Morton da Costa (Music Man, Mame) [d: 1-29-89] In 1922 Basketball Hall-Of-Famer, Andy Phillip [d: 4-28-01] In 1924 Playwright, Kobo Abe (Woman, The Dunes) [d: 1-22-93] In 1929 Singer, Marion Marlowe (Arthur Godfrey & Friends) [d: 3-24-12] In 1930 Actor, James Broderick (Brenner, Doug-Family) [d: 11-1-82] In 1930 Photographer, Lord Snowdon (Princess Margaret's ex-) [d: 1-13-16] In 1931 Writer, Donal



On This Day 3-6-23