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In 1950 Frank Sinatra makes his TV debut appearing on NBC's "Star-Spangled Review" with Bob Hope. In 1957 Buddy Holly & the Crickets' single "That'll Be The Day" is released. In 1961 Johnny Cash appears on the NBC-TV drama "The Deputy." In 1962 Bob Dylan's album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan," containing the track "Blowin' in the Wind," is released. In 1963 The Beatles' single "From Me To You" b/w "Thank You Girl" is released in the U.S. It wouldn't chart until the following March. In 1964 Eleven boys are suspended at a Coventry, England, school for having hair styles like Mick Jagger. In 1966 John Lennon and Bob Dylan appear in a TV documentary "Eat The Document" on New York's educational TV station WNDT. In 1967 Columbia Records and RCA Victor announce they would raise the list price of mono albums by one dollar on June 1. It's the first increase since 1953. In 19

Chuck Berry: The Father of Rock & Roll Who Still Makes You Wanna Roll Over Beethoven

Chuck Berry. The name conjures up images of a grinning man in a duckwalk, a cherry-red Gibson slung low, and a sound that lit the fuse for a musical revolution. More than just a performer, Berry was a songwriter, guitarist, and innovator who laid the foundation for rock and roll, earning him the well-deserved title of "The Father of Rock & Roll." From St. Louis Streets to Rock & Roll Royalty: Born in St. Louis in 1926, Berry's musical journey began with blues and R&B influences. But he wasn't content with simply imitating existing styles. He infused his music with a raw energy and a storytelling prowess that spoke directly to a generation yearning for a new sound. Tracks like "Maybelline" and "Roll Over Beethoven" perfectly encapsulate his early sound. Infectious guitar riffs,driving rhythms, and Berry's signature raspy vocals delivered lyrics that celebrated teenage life, cars, and rock and roll itself. These weren't just songs

The Evolution of Taylor Swift: From Country Darling to Pop Icon

Taylor Swift. A name synonymous with catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and a career trajectory that has defied expectations. From her country music roots to her global pop domination, Swift has become a cultural force,captivating audiences with her storytelling and ever-evolving sound. From Wide-Eyed Teen to Heartbreak Queen: Emerging in the mid-2000s as a fresh-faced teenager, Swift took the country music scene by storm. Tracks like "Teardrops on My Guitar" and "Love Story" resonated with a young audience, chronicling teenage love and heartbreak with a heartfelt sincerity. Her ability to capture the complexities of adolescence, wrapped in catchy melodies and twangy guitars, made her a country music darling. Genre-Bending and Experimentation: But Taylor Swift never settled for staying in one lane. Albums like "Speak Now" showcased her growth as a songwriter,tackling mature themes and experimenting with pop sensibilities. This willingness to evolve continued

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In 1544 Physician/scientist, William Gilbert (magnetism) In 1686 Physicist, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit temperature scale) In 1743 King George III of Great Britain (1760-1820) In 1743 French politician/writer, Jean Paul Marat In 1816 Painter, Emanuel Leutze (Washington Crossing the Delaware) In 1819 Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1837-1901) In 1882 Silet film actor, Creighton Hale (Cat & Canary) In 1893 Writer/columnist, Elsa Maxwell (Hotel For Women) In 1895 Publisher, Samuel I. Newhouse (Parade, Vogue, Glamour) In 1904 British singer/comedian, George Formby [d: 3-6-61] In 1909 Congressman, Wilbur D. Mills (Fanne Fox scandal) [d: 5-2-92] In 1914 Actress, Lilli Palmer (The Boys From Brazil) [d: 1-27-86] In 1918 Civil rights leader/mayor, Coleman Alexander Young [d: 11-29-97] In 1925 Actress/director, Mai Zetterling (Hitchhiker) [d: 3-15-94] In 1927 Olympic athlete, John Kelly Jr. (Olypmic-Bronze-1956) [d: 3-2-85] In 1928 Writer/correspondent, Roger Caras [d: 2-18-01] In

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Music Calendar...

In 1941 "The Band Played On" by Guy Lombardo debuts on the U.S. charts. In 1944 Country singer/songwriter Jimmie Davis becomes governor of Louisiana. In 1962 The Beatles sign a contract with EMI's Parlophone Records. In 1964 "P.S. I Love You" by the Beatles and "A World Without Love" by Peter & Gordon both enter the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1964 "Hello, Dolly!" by Louis Armstrong is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1965 Bob Dylan meets the Beatles and Donovan backstage after performing at London's Royal Albert Hall. In 1970 "Ride Captain Ride" by the Blues Image enters the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1970 "American Woman" b/w "No Sugar Tonight" by Guess Who is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart. In 1973 Mick Jagger donates $350,000 to help the victims of the Nicaragua earthquake. In 1974 Bruce Springsteen plays Boston's Harvard Square inspiring critic Jon Landau to write, "I have seen rock 'n roll's futur

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In 1502 Christopher Columbus leaves Cadiz, Spain, on his fourth and final trip to the Western Hemisphere. In 1689 English King Willem III declares war on France. In 1754 The first American newspaper cartoon is published in Benjamin Franklin's "Pennsylvania Gazzette." In 1899 The lawn mower is patented. In 1913 The 17th Amendment to the U.S constitution is ratified providing for the election of U.S. senators by popular vote rather than selection by state legislatures. In 1925 The cornerstone for Hebrew University is laid in Jerusalem. In 1926 Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett become the first men to make an airplane flight over the North Pole. In 1936 Italy annexes Ethiopia as Benito Mussolini celebrated in Rome. In 1940 Vivien Leigh makes her American stage debut starring with Laurence Olivier in "Romeo & Juliet." In 1945 U.S. officials announce that the midnight entertainment curfew, issued during World War II, would be lifted immediately. In 1947 Th