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See Jordin Sparks' Birth Plan Take a Dramatic Turn in Upcoming Lifetime Special. She may have walked the red carpet just days after giving birth, but Jordin Sparks' road to motherhood was a bumpy one. Cameras rolled as the singer prepared to give birth to her and husband Dana Isaiah's first child together in May, and E! News has an exclusive look at the moment Jordin's water broke. In the upcoming Lifetime special, Jordin Sparks: A Baby Story, the 28-year-old American Idol alum invites fans to witness the latest chapter of her personal life. In the clip, Jordin's loved ones gather at home to comfort the mom-to-be as she experiences the intense pain of contractions. They initially agree to wait a few more hours before heading to the birthing center, but plans change when the midwife suggests Jordin is seriously dehydrated and in need of an IV. "I don't want to go! I don't want to go!" she screams as Dana guides her to the car and promises to "d


Nicolas Cage Named Talent Ambassador for Macau Film Festival. The prolific actor will walk the red carpet and participate in a master class at the growing Asian film event, which celebrates its third edition this year. The Macau International Film Festival, holding its third annual edition in December, has named international film icon Nicolas Cage as a 2018 talent ambassador. Cage joins Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok as the event's celebrity envoys this year. Organizers said the pairing reflects the festival's "ambition to bring together local and international industry professionals, to highlight Macau's East-meets-West culture and to introduce local audiences to the best in international cinema." Cage follows Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner who served as a Macau ambassador in 2017. No stranger to Asia, Cage recently made a colorful appearance at the Shanghai International Film Festival in June. Relentlessly prolific, Cage has appeared in over 75 films in his 37-year s


Taylor Swift Honors Aretha Franklin With a Moment of Silence at Detroit Concert. Taylor Swift honored Aretha Franklin on Tuesday by holding a moment of silence for the late Queen of Soul during her concert in Detroit. Before the tribute, Swift paused her Reputation Tour show at Ford Field to say a few words about the legendary singer. "She did so much for music. She did so much for women's rights. She did so much for civil rights," Swift said, as seen in a video captured by WXYZ Detroit's Brad Galli. "She was one of those people, where no matter what you said, no matter what glowing, positive thing you said about her, it would be an understatement. Words could never ever describe how many things she did in her lifetime that made our world a better place. And this is for her." The "Delicate" singer then asked the audience to hold the moment of silence so everyone could "reflect on our life and respect for her and everything that she did in her


Philly better not boo this Santa ... Meek Mill's doing right by the city of Brotherly Love and spreading cheer early to a bunch of kids just in time for back to school. Meek Mill's teaming up with Puma, sports apparel Fanatics, United Legwear and Philly's luxury store Milano Di Rogue to donate more than 6,000 backpacks to students in the city. We're told there will be 3 types of backpacks -- for elementary kids, middle school and high school students. The kiddos get pencil sharpeners, rulers, glue sticks and crayons -- while it's dry erase markers, notebooks and pens for high schoolers. Meek tells TMZ he knows firsthand what it's like for families to struggle financially around back-to-school time. He says, "Those memories stay with me and that's why I'm committed to giving back to families in my hometown, putting smiles on kids' faces and helping them start the school year on the right note with the right supplies." And, get this ... we


Salma Hayek's Husband Surprises Her With Vow Renewal On Island Getaway. Salma Hayek is one lucky woman. The Mexican actress revealed the sweet and romantic surprise her husband organized for her while on vacation by the beach. In a series of photos shared on Instagram, the producer shared the adorable photos of herself and husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, renewing their vows in an intimate ceremony, with their daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault as a witness. "The summer is coming to an end and my best moment was when my husband surprised me with a vow renewal," the 51-year-old gushed. Clad in a red casual dress, the actress joked, "it was not what I would have chosen to wear to my wedding but I was told I was going to the spa!" And while the Mexico native would've liked a mariachi band to perform, her husband got the next best thing. "There were no mariachi band on the island but my husband found this one-man band," she shared. The pair was first ma


Is your boss telling you the truth? Is your lover lying? If you pay close attention, you can probably tell if you're hearing the truth or a lie. Call it your own personal lie detector. Lying is actually fairly common. University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman says 60 percent of us lie at least once in a typical 10-minute conversation. talked to several experts, including Nick Morgan, author of "How to Read Body Language"; Phil Houston, CEO of QVerity and co-author of "How to Spy the Lie"; and Lillian Glass, author of "The Body Language of Liars" to get tips on how to spot a lie. 1. Look at body language in context If you ask a pointed question and the other person starts fidgeting, you could be hearing a lie. Tapping a foot or drumming a finger on a desk can indicate a lie in progress--unless the person doing that fidgeting does this sort of thing all the time. Body language will tell you a lot about whether someone is tellin


Glamour  offers these "weird" things that are very normal about gossip: 90% of women like gossiping about other women more than about men 57% of women say they feel kind of bad about blabbing 36% of women have tired to quit or cut back on gossiping 54% of women in one survey said they are more likely to betray a confidence when they've been drinking 26% of women shared the last piece of gossip they heard with three or more people 27% of gossip is about purely positive stuff 39% of women say false gossip has been spread about them having sex or doing something in bed that they did not do 91% of women say they have never revealed dirt about someone online not even one tweet


If you're older than 50, a simple 12-question quiz could give you a clue as to whether you'll still be here in 10 years -- or whether you should start getting your affairs in order. (Or change your bad habits.) Developed by doctors at the University of California, San Francisco, the so-called "mortality index" was created to help patients understand the pros and cons of costly health screenings or medical procedures. That is, if you're not likely to live another 10 years, why have those expensive, and often invasive, tests? Led by Dr. Maria Cruz, the San Francisco researchers created the mortality index by analyzing data on almost 20,000 Americans, all of whom were over the age of 50 and took part in a national health survey in 1998, reports The Associated Press. During the 10-year follow-up period, nearly 6,000 of the participants died. The test follows below, but do note it's best to take it with your doctor or, at the very least, discuss the results with hi


Divorced and a single mothers don't have much of a social life as expectations and standards for a potential boyfriend are much higher now that she's divorced with children. Delaine Moore, a divorce and dating coach and founder of shared her three top picks: 1. Online. "With over 50 million people now online dating, there's no excuse not to be a part of the action! You can multitask and scope for dates, all from the privacy of your home. This one was my saving grace," says Moore. There are sites specifically aimed at parents, she adds. Score! Except I haven't warmed up to online dating. Call me old school or call me scared, but I'm just not ready to go there. 2. A Golf store or the driving range. "Trust me on this one, men galore," she says. I could get on board with this one. I prefer one-on-one interaction, and with a few YouTube videos I can be golf conversant in a few hours. 3. Get set up. Ask everyone you know for set-


A recent study says what you read reveals your personality. Here's what the study found: If you read... Romantic Novels You're sensual and extremely intuitive. You're also optimistic and quick to bounce back from disappointments. Biographies Inquisitive, cautious and ambitious, you investigate many options before making a decision. Detective Books You enjoy mental challenges. An excellent problem solves, you'll tackle problems most people wouldn't touch. Horror Stories Everyday life can be boring to you, so you seek excitement. Science Fiction Highly imaginative and creative, you are fascinated by technology and like to plan for the future. Westerns Extremely nostalgic and patriotic, you take pride in your self-reliance and go for the simple life. The Bible Honest and hardworking, you respect authority and find it easy to forgive people. Classics If you are well mannered, poised and gracious. History Books You're a productive person wh


( Give us a furry chest or give us death. We yearn for the good ol' days when hairy chests and full beards were celebrated on men instead of, well, the rigorous manscaping that's going on nowadays. Not on our side with this one? Here are 5 reasons -- proven by science -- why hairy men make awesome life partners: 1. They're masculine. It's true! Research shows 54 percent of women prefer a masculine man with facial hair over a guy who's clean shaven. (And if the majority of women agree on this, then they can't all be wrong, can they? We think not.) 2. They're smart. Find doctors and geniuses sexy? Chances are they're hairy under those white coats. Research shows that body hair is connected to intelligence. Still not convinced? Another study found that the majority of members in Mensa -- the largest IQ society in the world -- also have thick body hair! 3. They're hilarious. Jason Mantzoukas, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Robin Will


The Couple That Drinks Together, Stays Together! A new study, published in The Journals of Gerontology, says couples who drink together are generally more happy. The study found that: "Concordant drinking couples reported decreased negative marital quality over time, and these links were significantly greater among wives." To paraphrase, basically couples who drink together in moderation are happier than those who don't, or if only one drinks. Study author Dr. Kira Birditt notes the study shows that it's not about how much they're drinking, it's about whether they drink at all and says, "We're not suggested that people should drink more or change the way they drink." Dr. Fred Blow, from The University of Michigan, also pointed out that problem drinkers are an entirely different story noting, serious heavy drinkers have disruptive relationships with people, particularly their partners. Well, whatever it is you take from this study, please drink r


Around 31% of us believe we've landed a job (in part) because we were wearing our lucky underwear. 85% of women surveyed said they have flirted in order to get a better deal while shopping. Americans spend a billion dollars a year on slippers. Tests prove when it comes to hammering nails, women are more accurate than men. When asked what advice they'd give newlyweds to ensure a happy life together, 19% of people said don't live near family or in-laws. Studies show women are most likely to wash the dishes at night, men in the morning.


Did you know that actress Daryl Hannah and singer Neil Young have been dating for the past two years? She's 57 and he's 72. Now we're hearing they got married last weekend in California. The town of Mayo, Florida is temporarily changing its name to "Miracle Whip." A federal appeals court on Tuesday said printing "In God We Trust" on U.S. currency is constitutional, citing its longstanding use and saying it was not coercive. Bob Costas and his representatives are in discussions with NBC about terminating a contract that runs through 2021, the New York Post and USA Today reported this week. Usain Bolt has signed to play with an Australian soccer team. A new study from the U.K. indicates that goats are attracted to people who appear to be happy. Las Vegas has dethroned Seattle as the nation's hottest housing market after a two-year run. By the way, Seattle home prices have passed up Los Angeles, New York and San Diego over the past four years. S


Tennis player Andy Roddick turns 36 today. One of the few people in the world whose name rhymes with neurotic. Lisa Ling turns 45 today. She was on "The View" years ago. To give you an idea how long ago it was, that was back when they talked one at a time. Cameron Diaz turns 46 today. She told CNN that she's "actually retired." She hasn't made a movie since 2014. For all she's done, I still think of her as Fiona in "Shrek." Actor Timothy Bottoms turns 67 today. Even though he's not working much these days, he's still an early riser. In fact, I'll bet you anything that right now, Bottoms' up! Peggy Lipton, years ago in TV's "Mod Squad" and once married to Quincy Jones, turns 72 today. Warren Buffett, or "Uncle Warren" as I like to call him, just in case, turns 88 today. (I'm going to keep calling him uncle until he believes me.) What do you get for a guy who not only owns everything, but he als


On this date in 30 BC, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, died after being bitten by a snake. She committed suicide by allowing an asp to bite her. It had gotten close to her disguised as a lawyer. Yes, he was such an asp. It bit her on her asp... while playing the game, "You bet your asp." I'm a little rusty on my ancient history but I believe she killed herself because Marc Anthony left her for J-Lo. In 1645, Dutch settlers and American Indians signed a treaty of peace at New Amsterdam, New York. It was known as the Fuggetaboutit Treaty. The Indians agreed to allow the Dutch to settle in New York, as long as they didn't allow skyscrapers and the New York Yankees. Well, we know how well that worked. On this date in 1780, Benedict Arnold became a traitor after declaring himself a free agent. In 1797, author Mary Shelley was born. She wrote "Frankenstein," but he never wrote her back. On this date in 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth patented the vacuum cleaner. Oh, wait. No,

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In 1922 The New Orleans Rhythm Kings record "Tiger Rag." In 1947 "Near You" by Francis Craig is #1 on the charts. In 1957 Buddy Holly plays "Alan Freed's 3rd Anniversary Show" at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater in New York. In 1963 The Beatles' collarless Nehru jackets go on sale in England. In 1967 Frank Sinatra opens a 2-week run at the Sands in Las Vegas. In 1969 The Texas International Pop Festival opens 3-day run at a race track near Dallas with Janis Joplin, Santana, Chicago and Grand Funk. In 1969 Dean Martin's album "Gentle On My Mind" is certified gold. In 1969 Johnny Cash appears on the cover of TV Guide. In 1971 "Sweet & Innocent" by Donny Osmond and "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band are both certified gold. In 1972 John Lennon makes his solo debut at a charity concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. In 1973 The D