On this date in 1776, the Americans were defeated by the British in the Battle of Long Island.
  • The British planned on the fact that the Americans would be unable to find a place to park.
  • Yep, too man Long Island Ice Teas before the battle.
  • The battle was decided by who could hail the most cabs.
  • Oh, it wasn't a war... it was a race to see who could get a taxi and get across town first.

In 1907, UPS was born in Seattle, Washington. How did something so brown come out of a place so green? Actually, that "What can brown do for you?" slogan was a lot catchier than their first one: "Same shipping, different day."

On this date in 1912, "Tarzan of the Apes" by Edgar Rice Burroughs first appeared as a magazine article. As you know, there were no winners in the contest "What to name 'boy'."

In 1921, the Green Bay Packers were born. The team was created and they joined the NFL.
  • Fans immediately put on their training cheese heads to get ready for the season.
  • Up until that time, people in Wisconsin thought you stayed inside during the winter.
  • Even though it would call a small town in Wisconsin home, the NFL knew it would go Favre.

On this date in 1922, WEAF in New York aired the first-ever radio commercial. So blame them, they're the ones that started it.

In 1942, Cuba declared war on Germany, Japan and Italy. To which Germany, Japan and Italy replied, "Who?"

On this date in 1955, the Guinness Book of World Records was published for the very first time... which, of course, set the World Record for the book with the most world records in it. It sold 70 million copies, which, of course, was a record, so they had to reprint it.

In 1964, the movie "Mary Poppins" debuted in theaters... in a most delightful way.


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