Just because Americans, Canadians and Britons all speak English, it doesn't mean we use the same words. Confusion and sometimes comedy reign when vastly different words are used for the same thing. For example, Americans call it a cell phone, and Brits call it a mobile. That's easy enough to figure out, but things can get trickier. Here's the top ten most confusing words with the same meaning between Americans and Brits:

Cell phone vs. mobile
Pantyhose vs. tights
Subway vs. tube
Soccer vs. football
Fanny vs. bottom
Suspenders vs. braces
Trunk vs. boot
Coat vs. jacket
Faucet vs. tap
Diaper vs. nappy
The top 10 most confusing words with the same meaning between Canadians and Brits:

Washroom vs. toilet
Chesterfield vs. sofa
Entree vs. starter
Hydro vs. electricity
Runners vs. trainers
Serviette vs. napkin
Touque vs. beanie hat
Knapsack vs. backpack
Pogey vs. dole
Pants vs. trousers


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