On this date in 1609, Henry Hudson discovers Delaware Bay. He decided to name it after the future state. Such foresight! Ironically, the same day that Henry Delaware discovered Hudson Bay. Or, so I'm told. You'd think they would have swapped.

In 1839, a freak weather event took place when a hurricane moved up the east coast and caused a snowstorm in the Catskill mountains. Snow in August! For the first time, there was a back-to-school sale on snow skis! That was also the year they offered Back to School snowshoes.

On this date in 1907, United Parcel Service (UPS) began service in Seattle, Washington.
They didn't stick with their first slogan, for good reason. We're ups. If you need a delivery service, make Ups yours.
Since they started late in the summer, it's no wonder their colors are brown. Gets that way in Seattle by August. Had they waited a few months, their color probably would have been whatever color wet is.
Their motto: "Neither rain, nor more rain or even more rain will ever deter us from delivering your package." That was much better than their original slogan, "We'd love to handle your package!"
Way back when, no one knew they needed brown to do anything for them.

The very first radio commercials were aired on this date in 1922. It was for an insurance company called, "Some States," the good hands people. Oh wait, I believe it was for little Tommy Shane's Jewelry Store.

On this date in 1974, "Chinatown" opened in theaters. In an amazing coincidence, that same day, a movie called "Theaters" opened up in Chinatown.

In 1978, Don Vesco set a land record for riding a motorcycle 318 miles per hour. But in spite of it, he was still ten minutes late for work.


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