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Mia and William Are on the Hunt for Felicity in Arrow Sneak Peek. The Queen kids are going to the Glades. In last week's episode of Arrow, William (Ben Lewis) and Mia (Katherine McNamara) found a message from Felicity that said, "whatever you do, don't come looking for me." So of course, that's exactly what they're doing in the night's episode, "Star City 2040." E! News has your exclusive first look at their dangerous mission, which appears to involve climbing up a cliff to get into the Glades. Mia's doing fine, but William's having some trouble both with the mountain climbing and with understanding why Mia's so determined to save her mom if she hates her. "No one gets to kill my mom except me," she says. William also doesn't understand why they didn't bring backup in the form of the rest of the team. "They're not a team, they're vigilantes. Their kind ruined Star City," Mia says. We're going t…


Toy Story 4 Releases First Full-Length Trailer. "You've got a friend in me" is how the old song goes. While it's been over two decades since fans first heard the time-honored tune, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang proved its message still holds true in the new Toy Story 4 trailer. Disney's Pixar released a sneak peek for the new film on Tuesday. The new trailer opens up with everyone's favorite sheriff introducing the crew to Forky -- a utensil-turned-toy created by their new owner Bonnie. "Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now," Woody explains. "We all have to make sure nothing happens to him." However, Forky doesn't seem up for living life as a toy and things take a turn during a road trip. As Woody comes to the rescue, and comes across old friends like Bo Peep and new friends like carnival toys Ducky and Bunny, he starts to reevaluate this own life as a toy. "Sometimes change can be good," Bo Peep says in t…


Former Nickelodeon Star Leaves Katy Perry Flustered on American Idol. First there was a 90 Day Fiance star on American Idol, now? A former Nickelodeon actor is giving his all on Idol. Nick Merico, 22, appeared in four seasons of Nickelodeon's Every Witch Way as Daniel Miller. The series, which is about a teenage girl who moves to a new town and learns she's a witch, ran from 2014-2018. Merico told judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan he discovered singing with The Sound of Music, then got heavily in to pop music. He called Every Witch Way his big break, and said the experience was amazing, but "at the bottom of my heart I knew music was always what I wanted to do and that's where my soul lies." Merico sang "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse and played the piano while singing the famous song. "That's what I'm talking about, OK!" Richie told him. "Nick, man, can you prepare him on the girl's screaming?" Bryan asked…


Kate Middleton Steps Out for Her First-Ever Solo Outing with Queen Elizabeth! Kate Middleton joined Queen Elizabeth for a special joint outing on Tuesday -- their first since she joined the royal family in 2011. The future Queen got further insight into the life of the Sovereign when she and the monarch, 92, toured a high-tech university in central London. Kate and the Queen visited King's College's Strand campus, which is housed in the former BBC building, Bush House. The Queen arrived in a Stewart Parvin pink cashmere coat (accessorized with her pink sapphire and diamond brooch!) over a silk printed dress and a matching hat, while Kate opted for a grey Catherine Walker coat dress and a black fascinator. The event marks the first time Kate has had a joint appearance with the Queen without any other members of the royal family in attendance. Almost a year after her wedding to Prince William, Kate made a royal visit to Leicester as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour i…


Rumor has it Kelly Rohrbach is engaged to Walmart heir. Are "Baywatch" actress Kelly Rohrbach and Walmart heir Steuart Walton engaged? Author Cat Marnell tweeted that she sat across from Walton "for 5 hours .?.?. in train from Chur to Zermatt [in Switzerland] listening to him call fiancee Kelly Rohrbach then bitch out .?.?. their wedding planner. Actual quote: 'A $20K sandcastle is not required to have a good time.'" So true. Marnell continued eavesdropping. "They're getting married on Harbor [sic] Island [in the Bahamas] and the budget for the wedding is $1 to $1.5 million. He also called his lawyer .?.?. and worked on his prenup or life insurance policy. 'I don't want to incentivize my death.'" Rohrbach previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio. Reps did not get back to us. (PageSix)

Here's What Lupita Nyong'o Had to Say About Her Secret Collaboration With Rihanna. In case you didn't know, Lupita Nyong'o and Rihanna are c…

LIVE: President Donald Trump URGENT Speech at the Army Tank Plant in Lima Ohio



One in four drivers runs a red light at least once a week.The average teenage girl slams a door about 150 times a year.12% of us don't use prescriptions even after we've paid for them.According to research, people who wrote to-do lists fall asleep 9 minutes faster than those who wrote about completed tasks.62% of women wouldn't date a guy who had a ponytail.70% of 5-year-olds can operate a computer mouse but only 10% can tie their shoe.Meanwhile, the number one rule in most people's houses is no shoes on the furniture.For every 100 miles we drive, we do this about 40 times. Curse.


If you need to know, Chrissy Teigen hates chicken breasts.Sam Smith says he's considered having a sex change.Former Democratic Party Chair Donna Brazile is now a contributor on FOX News.The Angels Mike Trout is said to be getting ready to sign a $430-million, 12-year deal with the club.Starting April 16, Starbucks Rewards loyalty program is getting a makeover, allowing members to earn Stars - aka rewards points - sooner, and use those points to buy more items than before.It's Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen today, to celebrate the first day of spring.American Idol ratings have hit a new low.The final Super Moon event of the year is four years after the official arrival of spring.The family of the alleged mass shooter in New Zealand are saying he should be executed.Burger King is offering a coffee subscription plan. For $5 a month, get a cup of coffee every day of the month.On Monday, President Trump announced he has donated a quarter of his 400,000 salary to the Department of Hom…

National Proposal Day -- Cosmopolitan's ten ways NOT to get him to propose:

Gain 35 pounds to show him how sexy you'll look pregnant.Freak out whenever he utters "Will you...," then act all depressed when the words "...marry me" don't follow. Practice on these: "Will you... pass the remote?" or "Will you... stop staring at me like that?"Surreptitiously change his ring tone to "Chapel of Love."Since the theory is that all guys are looking for their mother, start wearing pleated elastic-waist jeans, appliquéd vests, and jewelry that looks like fruit.Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and place it by his bed. Tell him that this is your biological clock. Make sure it ticks - loud.Constantly call his best friend "excellent best-man material."At a family party, tap your spoon on your glass and say, "Everybody, I think Pete wanted to ask me a special question while you were all here tonight. Sweetie?"Not that you'd ever bribe anyone, but explain to your man that if you were to get engage…


Spring arrives this afternoon at 5:58pm EDT.

Bathing suit model turned furniture salesperson Kathy Ireland turns 56 today. She Missed a St. Patrick's birthday by 3 days. How perfect would that have been? When I say, "Some day, I'd like to visit Ireland," that's who I'm referring to.

David Thewlis turns 56 today. Who? Let's bring a face into focus: Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies and the bad guy in one of seasons of TV's "Fargo."

Holly Hunter turns 61. She still looks great. Of course, I'm basing that on the "Incredibles" movies. She's at the stage of being an actress where the best jobs are on TNT.

Spike Lee turns 62 today. Had hoped for an Oscar for his birthday. He plans an enjoyable night court side at Madison Square Garden because the Knicks are out of town.

Basketball coach Pat Riley turns 74 today. Nothing special planned. Just going out and having the oil changed on his hair.

Carl Reiner is still going and alive and…


On this date in 1616, Sir Walter Raleigh was released from the Tower of London.
I'm no history expert, but I believe that was an attraction at Disneyland: London.
After getting everyone hooked on cigarettes.
Ironically, the Tower was non-smoking.
Oh, sure, let the guy who introduced us to cigarettes, walk.

In 1760, the "Great Fire of Boston" burned down 349 buildings. Technically speaking, Boston has had six "Great Fires", with the biggest being in 1872. It's like there's a competition.

It was on this day in 1815, Napoleon entered Paris. I think I've seen that video on the Internet.

On this date in 1885, John Matzeliger patented the shoe lacing machine. Oh, for Pete's sake, how lazy can you be if you have to have a machine tie your shoes? Oh, for manufacturing shoes? Never mind.
Ironically, because he was such a loafer.
Because, heaven forbid, we'd have to bend over and lace our own shoes.
It was for those who can't reach there anymore.
It was for …

Music Calendar...

In 1936 Benny Goodman and his Orchestra record "Christopher Columbus."
In 1948 The first live televised musical, "Eugene Ormandy" is seen on CBS.
In 1954 Decca, Columbia and MGM records introduce "high fidelity" records.
In 1958 Elvis Presley reports for U.S. Army duty.
In 1959 Bobby Rydell makes his first TV appearance on "American Bandstand."
In 1961 Ricky Nelson records "Hello Mary Lou."
In 1961 "Surrender" by Elvis Presley hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.
In 1965 "Game Of Love" by Mindbenders and "I Know A Place" by Petula Clark both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1967 The Supremes' single "The Happening" is released.
In 1967 "Penny Lane" by the Beatles is certified gold.
In 1968 Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Richie Furray and Jim Messina are arrested in Los Angeles for "suspected marijuana use."
In 1969 John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibral…

Today In History...

In 1413 England's King Henry IV dies and is succeeded by Henry V.
In 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh is released from the Tower of London.
In 1727 Physicist, mathematician and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton dies in London.
In 1760 The "Great Fire of Boston" destroys 349 buildings.
In 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte enters Paris, beginning his "Hundred Days" rule.
In 1816 The U.S. Supreme Court, in its Martin vs. Hunter's Lessee ruling, affirms its right to review state court decisions.
In 1833 The U.S. and Siam (now Thailand) conclude a commercial treaty in Bangkok.
In 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," is published.
In 1885 John Matzeliger patents the shoe lacing machine.
In 1899 U.S. Marines land in Nicaragua to protect U.S. citizens in the wake of a revolution.
In 1899 Martha Place of Brooklyn, New York, becomes the first woman to die by electrocution for the murder of her stepdaughter.
In 1922 The first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley, is commissio…

Born On This Day...

In 1811 Napoleon II, king of Rome
In 1828 Dramatist, Henrik Ibsen (Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler)
In 1856 Inventor, Frederick Winslow Taylor (scientific management)
In 1903 Actor, Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe-Petticoat Junction) [d: 4-4-79]
In 1904 Novelist/psychologist, B.F. Skinner (Skinner box) [d: 8-18-90]
In 1906 Actor, Ozzie Nelson (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet) [d: 6-3-75]
In 1908 Actor, Sir Michael Redgrave (The Lady Vanishes) [d: 3-21-85]
In 1913 Actress, Judith Evelyn (Rear Window) [d: 5-7-67]
In 1918 Game show host, Jack Barry (The Joker's Wild) [d: 5-2-84]
In 1920 Editor, Lenore Hershey (Ladies Home Journal) [d: 2-27-97]
In 1920 Jazz pianist, Margaret "Marian" McPartland [d: 8-20-13]
In 1920 Actor, Patrick Troughton (Dr. Who, 1966-69) [d: 3-28-87]
In 1922 Bandleader/saxophonist, Larry Elgart (Hooked On Swing 1982) [d: 8-29-17]
In 1922 Comedian/disc jockey, Ray Goulding (Bob and Ray) [d: 3-24-90]
In 1922 Actor, Jack Kruschen (Webster, Busting Loose) [d: 4-2-02]
In 1922 Writer/di…

Best of the Glenn beck Program | Guests: David Steinberg & Arthur Herman | 3/20/19

Best of the Glenn Beck Program | Guests: Ben Shapiro, John Smith & Jason Nobel and Susan Crockford | 3/19/19

Music Calendar...

In 1859 The opera "Faust" by Charles Gounod premieres in Paris.
In 1941 Jimmy Dorsey & Orchestra record "Green Eyes" and "Maria Elena."
In 1955 "Ballad Of Davy Crockett" by Tennessee Ernie Ford enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1957 Elvis Presley buys the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.
In 1958 Simon & Garfunkel's first single "Hey Schoolgirl" is released under the name Tom & Jerry.
In 1962 Elvis Presley records "She's Not You" in Nashville.
In 1966 Nancy Sinatra sings "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" on TV's "Hollywood Place."
In 1966 "Gloria" by Shadows of Knight enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1966 "19th Nervous Breakdown" by the Rolling Stones peaks at #2 on the U.S. top 40 chart.
In 1968 Donovan travels to India to study transcendental meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
In 1968 Dean Martin's album "Houston" and Jimi Hendrix's albu…

Today In History...

In 1687 French explorer Robert Cavelier, the first European to navigate the length of the Mississippi River, is murdered in Texas.
In 1831 Bank employee Ed Smith grabs $245,000 in America's first bank robbery at the New York City Bank.
In 1865 A plot to kidnap Abraham Lincoln falls apart because of last minute schedule changes. Would-be kidnapper John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln about one month later.
In 1883 Jan Matzeliger invents the first machine to manufacture entire shoes.
In 1917 The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the eight-hour work day for railroads.
In 1918 The U.S. Congress approves Daylight-Saving Time to save fuel in a country at war.
In 1920 The U.S. Senate, for the second time, rejects the Treaty of Versailles, 49-35.
In 1928 The radio program "Amos and Andy" debuts.
In 1931 The state of Nevada legalizes gambling.
In 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders men between 45 and 64 register for non-military duty.
In 1945 800 people are killed as Japanese Kamikaze planes at…

Born On This Day...

In 1589 Pilgrim father, William Bradford (governor of Plymouth County)
In 1734 Attorney, Thomas McKean (signed the Declaration of Independence)
In 1813 Scottish physician/explorer, David Livingstone
In 1821 Explorer/actor, Sir Richard Burton (The Arabian Nights)
In 1848 Law officer, Wyatt Earp (gunfight at OK Corral)
In 1860 American political leader, William Jennings Bryan
In 1871 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, "Iron" Joe McGinnity (New York Giants)
In 1871 Golf Hall-of-Famer, John H. Taylor
In 1891 Businessman, Frederick Coolidge Crawford (co-founded TRW)
In 1891 Earl Warren, 14th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1953-69)
In 1894 Comedian/novelty singer, "Moms" Mabley
In 1897 Actress, Betty Compson (Millionaire Kid, Mad Youth, Street Girl)
In 1900 French physicist, Frederic Joliot-Curie (Nobel, 1935) [d: 8-14-58]
In 1900 Actor, Roy Roberts (Bewitched, Petticoat Junction) [d: 5-28-75]
In 1904 Watergate judge, John J. Sirica [d: 8-14-92]
In 1907 Actor, Kent Smith (Peyton Place, …

Best of the Program | Guests: Joe Liebermann & Luke Rosiak | 3/18/19

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The Glenn Beck Program Best of the Program | 3/15/19

Islamists & Socialists Unite? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Joel C. Rosenberg | 3/14/19


St. Patrick's Day is observed on March 17 because that is the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17 in the year 461 AD. It is also a worldwide celebration of Irish culture and history. St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland, and a provincial holiday in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
The actual color of St. Patrick is blue. Green became associated with St. Patrick's Day during the 19th century. Green, in Irish legends, was worn by fairies and immortals, and also by people to encourage their crops to grow.St. Patrick did not actually drive snakes out of Ireland; the snakes represent the pagans that he converted to Christianity.The very first St. Patrick's Day parade was not in Ireland. It was in Boston in 1737.In Chicago, on St. Patrick's Day, the rivers are dyed green.In Seattle, there is a ceremony where a green stripe is painted down the roads.Most Catholics attend mass in the…


The U.S. now has more millionaires than Sweden has people!

Beto O'Rourke has thrown his hat into the 2020 presidential race.

A man was arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania. His last name: Sober.

It looks like Major League Baseball is going to pony up some cash to get the big hitters to take part in the annual Home Run Derby at the All-Star game. This year's prize for the winner--$1-million.

The government is planning to start scanning faces at 20 top airports by 2021.

Rosie O'Donnell says now that she was sexually assaulted as a child by her father.

Lori Louhglin's daughter was celebrating spring break on a yacht owned by a USC board of trustees member the same day her mother was arrested in the college admissions scam.

Luke Perry was laid to rest in Tennessee this week.

Then there's high school senior Michael Love of Detroit, who applied for 50 different colleges and got accepted to 41 of them-including some scholarship offers -- without a penny of bribe money.

Tesla founder E…


Twitter erupts over Jussie Smollett's return to 'Empire'. "Empire" returned with Jussie Smollett for its midseason premiere on Wednesday, and fans went wild over his onscreen persona dealing with public drama as the actor in real life faces 16 felony counts for his alleged hate crime hoax. On the episode, Smollett's character, Jamal, had to end his engagement when his fiance, Kai, couldn't agree with his family's illegal actions. Eventually, Jamal's family became involved in some high-profile drama, which he had to address. "I don't know if y'all been reading the blogs and all the foolishness, but it's kinda been a tough week," Jamal said. Twitter couldn't get enough of the irony. "LeeDaniels is a psychic," one fan tweeted about "Empire's" creator. "Jussie Smollett watching #Empire right now," tweeted another, who included a gif of Anthony Anderson crying. However, some viewers were uncom…