It's Pi Day. Mathematical pi, as the date is 3.14. Have some mathematical ice cream with that pi.

Steph Curry celebrates a birthday today, 31, which is way below his game average. His actual full name is Wardell Stephen Curry II.

Taylor Hanson turns 36 today. Back in the day, he became famous with a group called "Taylor."

Prince Albert of Monaco's celebrates his 61st. I called to wish him a happy birthday, but he was in the can.

Adrian Zmed of "TJ Hooker" and "Bachelor Party" fame turns 65 today. If you need help figuring out a gift for him, how about a vowel for his last name?

Rick Dees, the guy who gave us "Disco Duck" and won't take it back, turns 69 today.

Billy Crystal clocks in at 71 today and still looks MARvelous! Marvel is a registered trademark of Marvel Comics.
He wants to have a party but, ironically, can't find anyone to host it.
Oh wait, this year, his birthday party is being hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.
Can't we come up with something for him to host?

Michael Caine and Quincy Jones both turn 86 today. You never do see them together.

Popcorn Lover's Day -- the second Thursday in March. Did you know that shaking extra salt on this treat means your happiness depends on having a safe and secure environment. But eating it with little or no salt reveals both your independent streak and your ability to take charge of any situation.


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