• 28% of workers have committed this fashion faux pas by forgetting to remove a tag from a new clothing purchase.
  • During your life, you'll blink about 513 million times, sneeze 70,000 times, laugh out loud 290,000 times, sweat out 74,000 gallons of water and spend over 27 years of your life sleeping.
  • Women's Health says that women who hold onto clothes that are too small too long and it can cause overeating or skipping the gym.
  • 40% of homes that have trouble selling when the number 13 is in the address.
  • 14% of bosses have driven by a sick employee's home to see if their car was there.
  • One out of 11 people claim they actually don't have a friend.
  • 30% of adults admit they've gotten dressed while driving to save time.
  • 82% of women say that a guy over 30 should never wear this. What is it? An earring.


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